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Beggars can't be choosers

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As a long time actual voyeur I am pretty aware of how "careless" people behave in real life.  I realize that casually viewing a voyeur site where the participants are compensated requires a suspension of disbelief, but that requires that the viewees do things that are consistent with what most people really do.

At first, VH had a few locations that had realistic voyeur possibilities.  Over time, however, they are moving towards group nudity and group sex situations.  Members complain if the participants miss one day of lengthy sex sessions.  I get it.  VH is a business and, as such, gives their buyers what they want.

But, in my opinion, you can't consider that a plausible depiction of voyeurism.  If you want to  watch posed sex acts, a simple Google search can keep you busy for the rest of your life.

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Not to beat this to death, but VH is continuing to make changes that make it less likely that I will check out their free cameras.  I'm a lost cause but I question whether that's a good strategy for attracting new customers.

Most of the new realms have cameras in places where romantic things are less likely to occur  --- like kitchens and hallways.  In Penthouse Forum fantasies I guess you can imagine that will lead to multiple couplings.  Not too likely in the real voyeur world. 

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3 hours ago, Amy3 said:

I think all of the voyeur sites have cams in kitchens and dining rooms. The idea is cover the whole apt so thst the viewer can see all sorts of behavior, not just sex. Plus, it eliminates hiding.

That's fine for subscribers.  To attract new business, you should tease them with a limited view of areas more likely to have some nudity and displays of affection.  The Chloe and James apartment is a good example of that. 

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