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  1. As a New Yorker who knew what Trump was, I was stunned by his victory in 2016. Soon after, I thought it should be clear to everyone how unfit he was to be POTUS and asked here whether his supporters had buyer's remorse. He didn't have the support of a majority of voters in the election and never had a favorability rating of 50%. Non-Americans I imagine are puzzled how Republicans continue to win the presidency without gaining the most popular votes. Well, he did have a large majority of those who chose to answer the question. I don't plan on continuing the debate, but I am curious as t
  2. You can just look at his tax returns. They're all linked to on his website.
  3. As a freeloader I'm happy that there's activity outside of the bedroom. I've speculated about that, too. It would make some sense if that was the only room with a TV. Would a paid subscriber let us know whether they have TVs in the bedrooms.
  4. As an old time actual voyeur I couldn't agree more with you. Real voyeurism took patience and being satisfied with a tiny success rate. I'm amused when paying voyeurs complain about the exact angle of a camera. I guess they're entitled to get what they're paying for, whatever that is. It seems to me that it's simpler to use Google to specify exactly what you want to see and get it free. Oddly, being a free viewer has some voyeuristic elements. Finding something worth watching is just as rare as real life.
  5. Don't you have friends with whom "nothing happens?" It's called life.
  6. The topic is International Travel. Unless you are not American, the post so far have been about domestic travel. After my wife and I traveled the world we finally got around to exploring the American west. There's so much to see. Just fly to some mid-size city, rent a car, and explore the region. For example, fly to Durango Colorado and, among other things, visit Mesa Verde and Littleton. Use Flagstaff Arizona as a base and be overwhelmed by the Grand Canyon. Our favorite foreign trips were Galapagos, Greek Islands and an African safari --- ours was in Tanzania but there are
  7. I've been gone for a while, and am surprised at the increase in apartments. The preview panel in the lower third of the image is helpful in finding active apartments. However, it sometimes obstructs your view of the interesting activities occurring. So, is there a way for free users to turn the preview banner off or on?
  8. More than feeling sad, I fear for your mental health. Goodbye.
  9. I was a latecomer to my atheist beliefs --- I was ten. The belief in one of the hundreds of creation myths is mostly an accident of what your parents believe. It's hard to accept but you were brain-washed in the classical sense to accept the Judeo-Christian-Muslim myth formulated long ago by men who were ignorant of simple facts that we take for granted now.
  10. Where do you get the idea that you are subsidizing our progressive states? In fact, the ones I'm familiar with pay more in taxes than they receive in Federal benefits. Maybe you're thinking of red states like Alabama. Yes we pay more in local taxes because we demand better services and know we have to pay for it. I guess that's why the blue states in question have more educated voters and better health care among other benefits. You know why the population centers expect fair representation? Because they are part of the majority and resent the unfair voting benefits that go to
  11. Again, I'll point out the problem with averages. If you are at least middle class whose major income is from wages and who lives in a high tax state, you will have a SHARP TAX INCREASE from day one.. Of course, that also means that you live in a blue state and deserve to be punished. I do not give my consent to be raped.
  12. As a CPA, I'm surprised at an important mistake in explaining this. It compares "a married couple MAKING $200,000." These charts show the tax on TAXABLE income which will varies considerably comparing current deductions versus either the Senate or House bills. I live in a relatively high tax state --- Connecticut. My property taxes are $16,000 plus I pay substantial state income taxes. The TEMPORARY reduction in the tax rate will not offset the deductions that I lose. It should surprise no one that losers like me happen to live in states with high local taxes and who happen to t
  13. Either you're kidding or you have little knowledge of female anatomy. The fetus is in the uterus. There is a cervix between the vagina and the uterus.. There is no way that a penis can reach the fetus.
  14. Oneclickchicks has a better way of showing quotes in their forum. There is a blue arrow to the right of the "posted by" name. If you click on it, it takes you to the message quoted which may be pages earlier than the one you're on. I imagine it would be difficult to implement unless it is part of the software package CC uses.
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