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  1. @Thestarider Your preaching to the choir here....
  2. EDIT: sorry for triple post, posting from 1st page didn't even take me to post on the last page and I thought it wasn't working....
  3. Dammit, why won't this thread open to last page like all the others? Does same thing on my iPhone using Safari - opens the first page. I can't believe I'm the only one having this issue.
  4. Nothing will EVER happen in this apartment. Rachael at first would get naked, now she showers in her underwear ? Linda is even worse, has shown very little anywhere.
  5. Am I the only one having trouble opening this apartment and getting it to open to the last page ? Everytime it goes to page 1 This is the ONLY apartment that does this and its been this way since the creation of Sara-Jeka page. EDIT: I have now tested with IE11 and Edge & Firefox.... all behave same only opens to page 1
  6. Interesting, Jeff & Violet also have a pet 'Rat' .... Play-toy for the cat ?
  7. I have serious doubts any foursome is going to happen here...
  8. Misty in the last picture has that look of 'He's cute, I may have to just rock-his-world'
  9. What's up with this thread... everytime I click the link I'm taken to page 1 instead of 'most recent post' like in all other threads here
  10. There is something in the bedroom but can't see exactly what on the LR cam
  11. Only thing so far is playing with cat, a short game of cards, and licking some whipped cream - then they disappeared... where are they >? EDIT: now they re-appear is the bedroom off the LR, and are naked, so guess VH lied again and they took the action elsewhere rather than in LR, just another teaser in the LR earlier.
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