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  1. If you look close enough Nina is giving Kira the finger deep into her pussy 😝
  2. It’s alway worth waiting for 🤪although not often enough❤️❤️
  3. Just look back on some of the old videos, you will find it’s roughly 50/50 in the old days.😻
  4. Kira must be the most frustrated girl on VH every time she makes advances to Nina she gets rejected, the question is Why? Girls of their age should be like the Martini advert Any time Any place Any! where 🙀
  5. I didn’t mean all day sex ,now and again would be nice .maybe it’s me because I think we are all getting pissed off with virus now !👎
  6. I’ve been watching the girls well over 3 years ,I don’t know if it’s me ,but they seem to of got abit boring of late. Nina in or on the bed on her laptop Kira in the living room on the big computer,maybe doing her work. i cant remember the last time they went in the jacuzzi As we are still in lockdown,we need abit of cheering up. sorry for the moan😻
  7. I’ve just thought of a name for the house THE TWO NUNS🤣
  8. Playfull Kira last night Nina as usual wasn’t interested 😧
  9. Bloody awful let’s get Kira back to her normal sexy self😫
  10. What a lovely evenings viewing much better than the tv. you could have saved me abit of that pizza😍 the girls having fun without full sex ( though it would have been nice)
  11. Are the girls on the move again laying on the bed naked looking at apartments on the lap top?
  12. Another disappointment for Kira ,Nina turns over and goes to sleep. Differant last week when she couldn’t get enough of it , back to the old routine,keep Kira waiting till she wants it again 😹
  13. Nina rejects Kira more times than the french fisherman do to the UK
  14. Thank you Kjeld for lightning up the photos,it’s too dark with that light . It would be better with the nightcams
  15. Which one there are 6 pussys in the house ,3 shaved and 3 hairy (ha ha)🤔
  16. I don’t know if anybody has a photo of the cats feeding this evening , but Sundance walked in the kitchen ,looked over at Kira ,as if to say Mum Butch has been eating my tea !😀 plus what looked like a very serious discussion with Lex.
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