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  1. If you work from the bottom you pictures are in the right order(ha ha)it s nothing personal just having alaugh!
  2. Has the bear got a name, if not how about Barney
  3. Nice to see the smile back on the girls faces after last nights little upset These little things will happen when you are together 24 hours a day Sometimes you need a little space away from each other, I know it’s hard in lockdown
  4. Must admit it was abit of a shock when I first saw it, but now with their personal touch the girls have made it a nice home , All it wants now is the bedroom cameras reset
  5. What’s Nina done know? She must feel guilty as she now cooking the evening meal, Kira was upset but soon forgave Nina having a laugh at cooking skills
  6. Kira horny , Nina not Nina wins again One day Kira your luck will change
  7. Looking at your design for the living room .If it could be done , I would move the unit under the tv move the sofa where the unit was, then you would b watching straight on without bending your neck
  8. Come on sturm you didn’t think they would put that frame where you surgested, that would mean moving cam7 which they seam very reluctant to do ,
  9. I noticed on voyeurs site it’s only Masha&Lex .Whats going on?
  10. Nina has always been abit me me me abit selfish .she can sleep during the day ,while Kira is working. So at night she is wide awake. As you said Nina could go in the living room to play her games. So Kira could get a good nights sleep! It will never change!
  11. The girls are back in their old app, talking to K /M/L to me the girls shouldn’t have left there But it was their choice!
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