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  1. Nina s finger must ache ,all that work on the phone keypad,lying in bed📱 as far as we know she hasn’t used her fingers on Kira ,maybe only at the weekends away from the cameras that we will never know👎
  2. We will have to wait and see tomorrow ,it’s getting a joke now👎
  3. I see Kira is having a nice shave ,must have it clean and smooth for Nina as they will no doubt be going away again at the weekend👎
  4. She wants to be sent to North Pole with a flag up her arse. You know who has no doubt already been there👍
  5. Looks like it’s back to the old routine, long faces and disagreements What’s me me me,done to Kira this time?🤫
  6. Your right there ! I don’t know how to down load photos and send them🙁
  7. When the girls moved into their first VH apartment,which to me was the best one,they were happy ,plenty of action, Bed / bath /and living room ,Every move since things seem To of gone down hill. That’s why I’m always calling the Convent ( ha ha )
  8. Your out of date we know use computers & ipads & smartphones☎️
  9. Same again I won’t tell you my age ,but I have granchildren ,they taught me every thing about modern technology 📱
  10. Only. they know that .I don’t think they should of shared the house with Masha&Lex , Maybe another Lesbisn couple might of been better🌈
  11. I totally agree with these comments ,they were never like this before they moved to this house. Don’t think Kira has a problem, I think it’s stick in the mud Nina trying to save her diva reputation 🤷‍♀️ Let’s hope they will change things around abit..In the old days they red hot sex maniacs ,couldn’t get enough of it👍 What’s changed ,They’ve never been quite the the same since that big argument last Christmas. ,They do say time is a healer .just hurry up and get back to normal 👍 what ever we still love them❤️❤️
  12. This morning Kira and the guest lady were having a laugh in the kitchen . Nina couldn’t get out the bedroom quick enough to take over,may be a bit of jealousy as she thinks she’s number 1👎
  13. No sex again tonight ,they have a guest,unless it’s a 3 some ( that would be nice for a change) imdreaming again👩‍👩‍👧
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