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  1. Married to Kira Nina sleeps a lot with her phone in her hand don’t ask me who Kira is she’s the gorgeous one Ive got to go now to make my hot chocolate 😊
  2. If you don’t know I’m not going to tell you😀
  3. Just to remind you in case you forgot ,yesterday was Nina s birthday (only joking)😀
  4. .Do these girls ever slow down ,in one minute ,quick change of clothes and out within the hour.
  5. Where is the big piss up being held .sorry I should have said party?
  6. Please girls can we have peace and harmony in the bedroom tonight. The trouble is we don’t know where to find you☹️
  7. Join at the end of the line ( it’s only a mile long) you’ll get there one day😊
  8. Kira needs her sleep as she has work in the morning.Nina can and does sleep during the day It’s always been the same Nina on her lap top in bed while Kira trying to sleep . I don’t know what Nina finds look at . With me half an hour I’ve had enough. Unless I’m watching Kira! They need to find a compromise other wise thing s won’t change.
  9. Why are we talking about Kiras periods on this forum it’s not the sort of thing we should do! Ok I answered a question ,I know wish I hadn’t of bothered Kira also Nina know when it’s that time of the month. It’s private too them, nothing to do with us. So can we please drop the subject now.
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