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  1. I have to agree with you about Kira being too nice and sometimes too soft on Nina but it works both ways Nina is sometimes too hard on Kira But that is marrage you have to compromise
  2. If she wasn’t sleepy why go to bed and keep Kira awake She could have stayed in the living room where it was quiet Letting Kira get her much needed sleep
  3. I think Nina is a bit selfish sometimes playing games all night , when she knows Kira has. Work in the morning Maybe that was about the upset, we will never find out ,that’s between the girls
  4. What’s happened to cam1 has butch dive bombed it as it has moved
  5. Watching two long faces eating Chinese I decided to go to bed, i thought nothing is going to happen tonight how wrong was I a bit of slow start but wow, I hope that puts the smile back on Kira s face! I think it’s Nina s turn to satisfy Kira next time About changing sides in bed ,they did it a lot in the other apartment i wonder if the girls can move cam 6 to the other end of the window ledge it might give a little more close. Up as cam 8 is a little too far away Thank you. girls you were great, ps what were the bits of paper Kira was tearing up for/?
  6. What ever the problem things will sort itself out in the end,.
  7. What’s up with Kira tonight doesn’t look at all happy!
  8. It makes sense I have to agree with you,
  9. Why have they turned the screens round in the kitchen so we can’t see them looking at VH & CC s? Lets face it we all do it. ,so it’s no different that they can’t do it
  10. Watching the girls in the living room last night Kira was trying every trick in the book to get Nina going. But to no avail its a case of when Nina wants it Nina will have it tough on horny Kira
  11. I bet Kira loves working from home .Longer in bed, Doesn’t need to dress up. Drinks and food anytime. But the best bit she can have a cuddle with Nina anytime she wants!
  12. If the lockdown goes on til summer it would be very hot in the apartment they might not need any clothes on Now that’s a thought!
  13. Is that new light in the bedroom causing problems for the cameras. They were ok till Nina put the light there.
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