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  1. Kira - Have a GREAT Birthday!! (and click on this link) 🎂 JibJab WWW.JIBJAB.COM
  2. It looks like Nina is headed out for a HOT night... Video will be posted in a sec.... Suit good for 2000° F / 1093° C
  3. And then there is FUBAR 😈
  4. \ Actually, the term is a little more universal. See this: What does the British expression 'went tits up' mean, and where did it originate? - Quora WWW.QUORA.COM
  5. I thought the image looked like a painting and was sure I could find something more famous - but I couldn't. Great detective work @jouandomy (and search instincts) to find that.
  6. This great machine gives new meaning to Pachinko.
  7. @letsdothis @disneykid Regarding this discussion about the quoted post: I have at least one post that I made yesterday that has disappeared. I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. @sturmchaser - We need to get you on a field trip out west. Not only was the Arizona's "Carefree Highway" that inspired Gordon Lightfoot's eponymous song, but this can be found on Route 66 in New Mexico: The road that @letsdothisposted the link to appears to be in Hungary. There's even one in Denmark. Wonder [email protected] Carlsenhad anything to do with it.
  9. Bask in the day. people used to do sometihing similar with dot matrix printers.
  10. The white bag is from 𝄞Stradivarius so it is undoubledly an item of clothing. BTW - the girls look really good today. Especially Kira's look with the football jersey. Stradivarius - World Wide Page WWW.STRADIVARIUS.COM Descubre las últimas tendencias en moda. Colecciones, lookbook y novedades en ropa, accesorios y zapatos.
  11. Nina and Kira present a cooking and baking clinic. Video posted.
  12. And here's where that photo came from... Adelaide Hills students take school's pet insects home for sleepovers - ABC News WWW.ABC.NET.AU Chances are you have hosted a critter or two at your house, but have you ever willingly invited a giant cockroach to stay?
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