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  1. My mishion is completed. Dean wen to get Ema back home with all her stuff. Now i will unsubscribed from this tread, so you can have good time fighting between yourself. Bye bye bye.
  2. STARLIGHT 28 BECARFUL FOR YOURSELF, YOURE BE MISTREEATED FROM THIS FORUM. AND good bye and fuck your self 365 days in the year.
  3. Just now Romanian time 20:30h dean fix PC in bedroom and he conected that PC to the TV in bedroom so EMA can chaturbate as much she like, that was her wish today. Dean and his friend went together with dean`s car to bring EMA back with all her luggae.
  4. No way you give it up!!! Are you BLIND!!!!! or wat can`t you see that dean is trying everything to get his EMA back. And that apartment don`t belong`s to dean it`s belong`s to booth i saw the document what was on te table, a zoom it take creenshot nice and celar picture and then my best frend serbian ghy from romania translate everything to me to EMA belongs 50% and to dean 50%.. That`s how the things are. I was witness when deam came from muncipal office of Bucharest and he said to ema tht half of that flat belongs to her., and he show to her new papers with brand new fresh seall.
  5. Yesterday i record talking on phone betven EMA and Dean. EMA told Dean that she is decided to come back to live wiht Dean together, Dan was yesterday night werry happy because of that. Dean this afternon wen to Ema's place to get her back with all staf he caried with her, two suitcases big one and small one, her books and that lovely big horse toy.
  6. If anybody se that beautiful gorgeus girl EMA somewhere on the other wb page let mi know. EMA is the onl gir in the worl with big beautfl tatto of thebir OWL Ho first see EMA pleas pos URL of that web site here.
  7. That's not funny. EMA make dean , withouth EMA dean is (0) ZERO. From now dean will have only bad luck and allways trouble. I was about 100 times in commision when we chose most beautiful girl in yugoslavia, and now in serbia. I was 10 times in commision wen we chose most beautiful grl in europe, and two times fore competition for most beautiful girl in the world. In my age of my 58 years I newer saw girl so beautiful like EMA and with body like EMA hawe , why hi kick EMA from their apartment why he treat ENA LIKE DOG. And to be onest we all watche'd them only because of that "GORGEUS BEAUTIFUL GIRL EMA". EMA wanted to marry him and to give him a their children.
  8. Now it`s 01 -59 AM Romanian time. All camera at Ema & Dean home are offline since 24h this night. I think Ema is getting back with all luggage that she caried when she went off their home. Why camera off they don`t want people to see that they are mooving luggage back in their home.
  9. That was dean filming for EMA. Dean is thinking how to get back EMA to safe place to their home. Because of this CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 who is cilling people, and dean know that EMA like to go outside during night and he want's to stop her and save her life. Dean is scare for EMA that something could happen to her. I was listening his conversation by the phone yesterday.
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