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  1. On scale of 1 to 10 how weak do you think this orgy will be?
  2. Does anyone recognize any of these people if not then they must be Sonia & paul close friends Stephen likes the blonde
  3. Told you he not done with Sonia yet but I hope he fucking leaves after and don't over stay
  4. It would be better if it was strip beer pong But whatever they suck at it🙄
  5. This apartment won't last they are just like Billy & samantha I give them 2 more months maybe three before they leave the website
  6. It's a miracle she finally went to sleep But the way she laying on her arm its going to be numb ass hell I got one of those this morning shit
  7. Sonia must have insomnia Go the fuck to sleep
  8. Stephen should go hang out with mira & Henry then he can see when Henry tries to fuck the hell out of stella Hahaha
  9. Let's think about this has anyone ever seen stella get fucked by another guy if so send me the link Also at Matilda place he did finger her but she did not want to fuck just like at the party Also before paul left in the morning she was fine nothing wrong what so ever He leaves all of a sudden Stephen & stella would not leave her alone He comes back they stop right away
  10. Knowing your being filmed is one thing but almost passing out on camera is another thing and that ain't no flu in if so why the fuck did Stephen & his protege stella help instead of Stephen fucking her more? What would you do if you seen someone about to fall out
  11. You have a theory But I'm just giving my point of view Just like when samanta fucked that guy then Billy came home realize what had just happened once the guy left Billy was sad they tried to makeup but 2 days later they left the website and samanta was getting passed around at the party like those nasty ass cigarettes they smoke
  12. I shouldn't say this but before paul left she was fine Then after he left they started giving her shit to drink I'm convinced they got her loose then went In Paul surprised they ass though once he came back that shit stop That's why I believe Matilda doesn't have Stephen around like that her and her boyfriend dont play that shit
  13. I'm telling you they would not leave her alone they keep following her giving her shit to drink Check the timeline once paul left the games begin
  14. It ain't over she is in for it but is paul going to be okay with it If it happens with him there he probably knows but if he is not there in one of those guys show up expect to see her getting destroyed
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