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  1. Oh okay Because she is crazy he must missed alot
  2. Okay That apartment is getting packed at this point they should just move all the girls into one big place
  3. Tina & ginger must be #1 and #2 when it comes to this parties?
  4. So with the night vision issue that just occurred RLC must not be to happy with the amount of emails they probably just got which is why they all went straight to bed😂
  5. Also I'm a member of VHTV when this type of shit happens on there website which they have some serious fucking issues of there own usually they would remove the apartment from the list for several days as punishment I wonder how often does RLC have issues like this if so what do they usually do if they do anything at all?
  6. Someone unplugged the night vision in ulyana&julia room with blair and her boyfriend So no one could see anything
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