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  1. It´seems that it affected Leora more than Malia when Leonardo Di Caprio drowned,she was crying.
  2. They are watching "Titanic".I saw it whit cam 10 when the Ipad was on Malia´s side.Great movie btw.
  3. I count every bate they do together,side by side or help each other with fingers or dildo.And I can say that I´m very accurate to check before I write on the videofile so I get the correct #.
  4. Wow,I got to say I didn´t expect anything to happen tonight because of all the voicemail and texting that clearly made Leora upset.So it was nice to first see the lotion massage to warm up and then finish it with a nice sensuall bate together,loved it and thank you girls.Love you always and as usual a big kiss to both of you.Oh,btw today it was some kind of jubilee,bate # 40 together.
  5. Now you´ve been reported 3 times posting in the wrong topic thread.
  6. Wow girls,very nice to start out with a Nuru massage where you both got a little excited and then give us another nice bate in an little odd positon but it worked out great,thank you girls.Love you always and big kiss to both of you.
  7. 21-04-28 Home again wink wink.Oh what a lovely sensual bate with a really hard cum,loved it Leora. And this time I heard you really good so you make progress,nice.Love you always my lovely Leora and as usual a big kiss on you fantastic body.
  8. This is for you that complain when Leora is not at home.I´ve made a summary of how much she have slept out in April,not much is it. 20-04-01 Home 20-04-02 Out 20-04-03 Home 20-04-04 Home 20-04-05 Home 20-04-06 Home 20-04-07 Out 20-04-08 Home 20-04-09 Out 20-04-10 Home 20-04-11 Home 20-04-12 Home 20-04-13 Home 20-04-14 Home 20-04-15 Home 20-04-16 Out 20-04-17 Home 20-04-18 Home 20-04-19 Home 20-04-20 Home 20-04-21 Home 20-04-22 Home 20-04-23 Home 2
  9. Wow,this I could see coming,way to go girls.Much better this time than yesterday,thank you girls.But,Malia you must be more engaged in what you do not just look like a robot when you do it,watch and learn girl,watch and learn from a pro like Leora.And to you my lovely Leora,you was really engaged in what you did,up close to see what you were doing,and by the look in your face,you really loved it,nice my love.Love you always and it was a great bate,a big kiss to you both.
  10. Wow damn girls,that was interesting to see you bate each other in a different position,nice.But,here we see the big difference between an amateur(Malia) and a Pro(Leora).Leora was much more engaged in what she did to Malia really tried different angles to stroke Malia´s pussy while Malia was more interested to the Ipad but I loved it anyway.Love you always girls and a big kiss to both of you.
  11. Well it seems that auntie has left the building and Leora seizes the opportunity again to give us a nice bate with her little Mr.Pink and have a hard orgasm,loved it Leora.And you´re almost there, just a little bit louder when you cum,I love to hear you cum.Love you always Leora and a big kiss on your fantastic tits.
  12. Oooh yes,Leora decided to give us a second round because she was horny again,naughty little girl,loved it. Love you always Leora and as always a big kiss on your belly.
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