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  1. I think Leora is getting ready to go out again and leaving Malia alone at home again.
  2. I don´t think it´s going to be much better,now that she has set the stage,she is going to do this more and more.She has been dragging out the hours to be longer and longer.It´s only a matter of time till she wont come home at all,you wait and see.And about Malia,I don´t think it was meant for her to stay this long.It´s because that the border to Russia is closed so she can´t go home yet.Otherwise I think she would have been gone after 3 months.
  3. That´s why I said it´s time for RLC to ask the big question to Leora,are you gonna stay or not.If not,then throw her out of the apartment and bring in some new tenants.Put her on the street and let her make her own money and get a new place to live.
  4. She´s been texting with someone else all the time this guy was here,And even show it to Malia and the 2 was giggeling hysterical
  5. I think that they are going out.Leora is ironing a new tshirt
  6. I think she was out dancing,that why she has her sour feet.
  7. If this is going to continue,and I think it will.Shouldn´t RLC then ask her the big question,will she or will she not continue the project.If not then they should close down the apartment,let her move out and take in some new tenants. It´s only fair to us the subscribers,don´t you think.I think that is a big question for her to take on,that would be no place to live,no income etc etc.
  8. I don´t get it.This was a strange evening that I enyoed very much.To sad that Malia couldn´t take part of to the fulleist.She tried atleast and that would she have credit for,but I know she will come back.Keep on rocking.
  9. Remember Jasmine,a slender little girl with long black hair.She was also a stunner that could think of,but nothing to compare to our beautful Queen Leora.I know that I said some harch words about her yesterday but I still love her endlessy.
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