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  1. Blue balls or not I knew he wasn't getting anything from this tease 😂. I don' t think she's ever been penetrated on here
  2. Totally agree. The only thing he's gonna get tonight are blue balls.
  3. I guess it was her excuse to have him over at 2am haha. Or maybe he's just there for her to tease like she normally does
  4. If that guy is going to have sex with Agnia he'd better watch out for bats lol
  5. Vanessa's (Moana) apartment lasted 5 days on RLC before it was shut down. Considering this is day two and they are already doing coke and other stuff out of the sight of the camera, I suspect this won't last for more than two weeks. She's too wild, and not in the good way. Plus she's immature, they should've paired her up with Agnia to balance the house out haha
  6. She's basically a less responsible Sadie.
  7. I loved her on RLC! It was a shame her house got shut down. She always had a lot of guys at her place. It was shut down because a guest girl felt violated and brought the police in the morning. Is the guy her new boyfriend?
  8. I think this was discussed before, but who is the squirter? has it happened ye?
  9. Great! It wouldve been boring if they took her off
  10. Anyone else not seeing Sadie's apartment
  11. Lol yea I don't know who comes up with these androgynous naming conventions VHTV. I assume the people arent native english speakers and don't recognize that most names they use can be uses for males and females haha so it confuses me too 🤣
  12. I think this is the same guy that got the apartment shut down earlier on for the same behavior with Sadie if i'm not mistaken..
  13. Oh i'm definitely not saying fire them forever. They don't do anything wrong and they bring flavor to the apartment. I actually like the sexually dominant flavor they bring with them which is in contrast to Sadie's submissive nature. It balances it out and it's helpful to Sadie in an apartment full of overly horny men haha - One of them was especially helpful to Sadie by taking up for her when the guys were being dicks and all made her cry earlier on. But the amount of space and time they take up in the apartment is a bit much when it's supposed to be Sadie's apartment.They are a bit al
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