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  1. i remember her. its another level of girl, but i still think kim bass has a more rare beauty
  2. yeah these are girls of other level. but i dont know Kim Bass maybe is in the first postion for me still, after all Kim Bass has the mystic that never been fucked yet in front of the cams, its make she becomes the holy grail of VHTV
  3. its the first time here that i disagree with you, personally i dont think lyla has a beautifull face, she is sexy, but definity it not my type.
  4. its not only the tits, is the thighs, the butt, goldie and Steph have thighs and butt more big, this is something inquestionable. maybe you like it small, ok i respect, but i prefer a little big, and Sabrina has thighs , tits and butt bigger. therefore for me she is more hot. i agree Lyla is very sexy more than steph and maybe more than Goldie, but not hot. about beauty face, except Kim bass, that has the more beautifull face them all, i prefer Sabrina face, and Stephie face, then Lyla face.
  5. she is sexy, but not hot for me, she is too skinny, for me stphie and goldie are more hot.
  6. he fucked one better than Stephie and Lyla,: Sabrina. The Kim Bass, no one fucked on VHTV yet, maybe only her troglodyte boyfriend with covered cam, or offline in the 4th July party
  7. yes she and goldie looked worse. both look better with blond hair.
  8. i know that i see all the whole party. the last very good party of VHTV, almost a year
  9. ohh man thank you i download it . thank you. it the most concentration of beauty ofr meter square on VHTV.
  10. ok. not from Still place, from Scott and Sabrina Place, please
  11. jawis help us kkkkk, or Jabba too, he must have too
  12. jawis help us kkkkk, or Jabba too, he must have too
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