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  1. yeah she is far away she is hot but too much skinny and her face is not to much beauty
  2. the girl that fucks with a guy now looks like Sharon Stone a litte bit.
  3. yeah. this taked a long time to happen but was uncontrollabe stiff cumming inside her pussy. now everyday will be fuck.
  4. you made a joke here. everyone can draw this conclusion, that you try to make a joke question. but ok i will leave this site now. have a good night.
  5. man you make a idiot conclusion about my dead ex wife and how do you want that i answer someone who desecrate a very important person to me ? you make a joke about a dead person that i never made cry.
  6. hahahahah scared ahahhahaha ahahah. skyping you again its what you deserve.
  7. another idiot manifestation. who are you insignifcant human being to say me to stop anything ? skip section skip section. in 1, 2, 3
  8. perfect! i am about to say the same thing.
  9. my god you have problem to understand the things. total brainless. its not only for her, nobody wants to see violence, sad and cries three time at week it is not good for anyone audience and tenants. its a horror show that could comes in tragedy. I am married for 12 years and my wife never cried by my fault . good peoples dont want to see this. brainlesss, only you and Alec like this. now i am going. bye
  10. you are wrong again i am realy worry about her , so i vote for the termination of this apartment. its done to me.
  11. i quite . i will do something more usefull than convince old guys that now what to do. but i vote for the termination of this apartment.
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