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  1. She fucked hell out of Matthew that night
  2. I cant get voyeur house ---it says "bad gateway"
  3. So thats why Matthew violently threw and kicked pillows at her?
  4. sr71gn

    Patrik & Clair

    So we have not established the girls relationship to Patrik
  5. So our boy does the only natural thing to do
  6. Nice to have this waiting at the end of the battle and she pulled them halfway down
  7. sr71gn

    Patrik & Clair

    This is not a bad view
  8. I still wonder what the huge fight was between them --It has not been their nature to fight
  9. They were having words and she left-- He went after her and when they came back he was mad at her kicking and throwing pillows at her -- He needs to leave her alone before she does take off somewhere and get hurt
  10. He wont let her sleep so she got up and left the house naked --He brought her back but wont leave her alone
  11. She is smoked and Matthew wont leave her the fuck alone --he is being an asshole
  12. She would have fucked him tonight--or any other guy who was there --Dean would have torn up both girls
  13. Why is Matthew so mad at Cindy --did he catch her flirting with another guy outside somewhere
  14. she cant hardly stand up and she is going out somewhere---she should go climb on this guy's face