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  1. This girl is fine but she has to be stretched beyond ever feeling good to a normal guy again
  2. As I said before you could not know all you know by listening in on conversation--When are you Groomy ever going to come clean??
  3. look at the difference the difference between what Melissa is working with compared to what Alexandra is stroking
  4. Aaon has been quite awhile now without pussy -- The beautiful one will have to be visiting soon or he will have to fuck Alexanda
  5. I noticed she has lost a few pounds this year which has made her leaner and almost the perfect body
  6. Hard to believe that monster cock will fit in her perfect tight pussy
  7. As the country's vice president he most certainly is for those navy guys
  8. You seem to know nothing but to yak about fantasy land--You really ought to try to pull yourself back into reality--you seem to have jumped the track somewhere
  9. Our president is given certain rights by our constitution and one of them which he didnt exercise was to fire Mueller --Go back to grade school and learn about our system of government before you make such ridiculous statements
  10. Typical lib --When someone calls them on their rhetoric they typically turn tail and run--you have to have facts not rhetoric
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