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  1. I almost lost a load here
  2. Dont get much better than this
  3. This girl has Cindys body with much bigger boobs and she squirts --She alone is worth my $40 a month ....
  4. Turns out these two have extremely interesting sex and that she is red hot sexually and squirts all over the place -They seem to know each other very well sexually--one of spots where she squirted
  5. Again you dont answer how you know so much about what is going on behind the scenes--It is not legal and obvious scam on victims --Most of these participants dont even have any clothes to wear let alone enough money to have proper legal help
  6. But unfortunately she isnt 1/20th as sexy fucking as Paisley was......................
  7. They saved my membership by having this incredibly beautiful perfect girl with a perfect pussy take Paisley's place
  8. Again you try to make them sound legit --They are nothing but scam artist pure and simple--taking advantage of young desperate marks--Are you on their pay roll - How do you know so much about what is going on behind the scenes--It certainly is not due to you understanding the language
  9. How can you insinuate without offering proof #1 that they are bad people and then hide behind "but thats just the thing I'd rather not discuss, as it's just gross IMO" By that statement you are trashing them completely --no proof --no their side of the story----give me a break-R-E-A-L-L-Y!
  10. Your know it all attitude is so difficult to stomach Groomy- You for some reason were against this couple from the start--You are wasting your breath defending the ridiculous explanation VH just gave-- We all witnessed what happened back at the compound with Josh and Sylvia -- He never got to tell his side of it - We saw Artur and his buddy absolutely force entry to an inhabited dwelling and push Sylvia around--Thats a very heavy criminal act in this country --But VH defended A+L-- Whatever system they use to tally viewership is obviously twisted and used to make them rich--Sorry it would take a moron not to see how much better Paisley&Cletus were compared to everyone else--A&L have a serious scam going on.........
  11. Paisley is the most beautiful and by far in a class of her own the SEXIEST- I was crushed when I lost Cindy but then Paisley appeared and stopped me from cancelling membership ---but now there is no reason to watch anymore-...…
  12. There is no girl on vhtv that is so into sex like Paisley --She has extremely intense orgasms and lots of them --and she is so beautiful!
  13. Must be an awfully rough life to have to eat and fuck that everyday
  14. Piper is no longer afraid to show her pussy