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  1. I cant believe somebody isnt going to stick it in that pussy tonight
  2. Mira & Henry

    Its really hard to top the purity of Jeff and Violet xxyyzz.mp4
  3. Mira & Henry

    they definitely have variety
  4. Mira & Henry

    This is really hard to wrap around as Violet has always been my favorite but now Mira is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly a pure sex machine--I love everything about her --She is pushing Violet very hard--I love the way she wore the black short skirt with her pussy only covered by sheer nylon--I think these two are amazing and have a great chance of knocking Jeff and Violet out of first place--They made me sign up for another month which i had no intention of doing as bad as things were looking on VH--The dance and tease she did to Henry would have made most guys blow their loads without her even getting within three feet of them --I know i would--This girl is on fire-everything about her..
  5. Mira & Henry

    Henry is such a dork and Mira is so red hot.....
  6. Violet & Jeff

    I cant believe she doesn't have a huge lineup of guys wanting to pay her big dollars to stay with them a few hours--Violet , do you have a clue how much money you are worth?
  7. Voyeur-House.tv

    Violet of course...
  8. Violet & Jeff

    She is easily the second hottest girl on VH behind Violet--Amazing that she is Jeff's sister...
  9. Violet & Jeff

    Violet is so beautiful and sexy --She gets in this position many times while fucking Jeff --It makes me want to blow my stack....
  10. Violet & Jeff

    Violet is spectacular and VH ought to take cams out on the road whenever she leaves the house-I would love to see people's reaction to her in public places such as the super market--If they had English translation they could be reality stars in America
  11. Violet & Jeff

    She has to spread them wide so he can get it in her super tight pussy
  12. Violet & Jeff

    She is outrageously sexy!
  13. I still cant see how Phil can stand right over naked Lena and not get hard....amazing ---but I still miss this one ___________.mp4
  14. Violet & Jeff

    I sure would like to try that monogamy thing with Violet ....
  15. Violet & Jeff

    IMO Jeff and Violet are cut from a different mould than 99% of the other participants --They have very unique qualities --They are their own CHIP-- They are very special and who would not still be watching Sveta and Vlad if they still were participating--They didn't have a "Chip" --They had very, very , very hot sex just like Jeff and Violet--Jeff and Violet like Sveta and Vlad are their own "Chip"