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  1. Sounds like splish -slash they were taking a bath--Who needs lube when she is so dripping wet?
  2. Stop the presses she is doing the impossible--She might get a cock to ride yet.....cancel that thought
  3. He really needs to fall on his sword--She is so pretty and those amazing tits --great ass!
  4. Sabrina is so hot and he cant even get half a boner --but she can get off big by herself--she gave it up --he is so sorry assed
  5. Who is the new couple that fucked on their couch--Slim little girl but something about her was kind of hot..
  6. I would hope you are correct but she has never had the slightest bulge around her tummy-- I have been trying to make excuses and rationalize what i am seeing but i really fear she is pregnant
  7. One thing that stands out no matter how many years go by no other girls that come to this apt hold a candle to Mira --She remains so beautiful and unique...
  8. Is this the same little girl Henry was fucking her brains out yesterday? The one that looked about 12 years old--
  9. It does look like Stephie is pregnant --It is such a downer to see one of the most perfect girls on vhtv to lose that fabulous body --Scott you are a fucking idiot to put her in that condition....
  10. Evidently they have found a new blind spot at the back of the Garden House where Lyla and Jr are now talking to Ben
  11. Ben tried but got nowhere with Lyla--He was in bed with her and she only was wearing a thong --Most guys that far with her would manage to get a finger in and she could not resist fucking them then
  12. Damn -She is so fucking hot!!! and so luscious!!!
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