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  1. Despite all the criticism I think Ken and Barbie get along great together and are obviously very loving ---
  2. What in the h is wrong with your brain --I pointed this out as a good and unique quality of hers --You are the one arguing that she is like all the other girls --You are a waste of time on this forum--I love Stephie and she is my favorite and the point of my post was her modesty-- I went to alot of trouble to post picture after picture after picture backing this up --You tried to post naked pictures of her that were only available when she was about to have sex--
  3. Since I am watching and talking about Stephie I am comparing her with other girls in this apartment but talking about Goldie it all depended what moo she was in --She had very wild naked displays at times --Who else do you want to compare with Stephie?
  4. You will never see her walk across the kitchen into the living room with her tits hanging out like Diana or see her dancing wildly in a skirt in the living room with no panties on like Lyla
  5. The only time you will see her naked pussy is when she is minutes away from having sex or in the shower--You have to hurry though as even after her shower she will cover up quick--In the guest room she is naked under that yellow gown and he keeps trying to nudge it up but she takes evasive measures and covers up completely
  6. She was in the living room all morning alone with Scott and she had a blanket completely covering her with a rare glimpse of her black panties --All the other girls would have had their tits and/or asses hanging out naked
  7. You ought to get glasses or re watch all scenes --she does it countless times vs the other girls -you are only pointing out times when she is obviously into sex such as this morning--All the time she was laying in the guest bedroom you can not find anytime she showed anything--normally she always goes for her panties first before anything else after drying off from shower
  8. I for the life of me cant understand it but she does seem to really like this guy
  9. One thing that always stands out when i am watching this is how modest Stephie is --Even though she has world class beauty--She seems to keep as much of her tits and pussy covered at all times as she possibly can-- Every other girl on here lets everything hang out and never makes an effort to keep anything covered---This is a rare moment for her and she is really in the process of covering everything up
  10. Im thinking that is Kiara and if it is we do have pictures of her fucking Dylan--She is really red hot --gorgeous
  11. Do we have any of this very pretty girl with very hot long legs Naked?
  12. So fucking cruel! Voyeur-House.tv watermark is required on all images
  13. Thank God for President Trump-He made us energy independent and fossil fuels will be fueling us for at least 50 more years --I dont care about gas mileage and dont care to be driving a horse and buggy--my car has 650 hp and still gets 22 mpg--top speed is 215 mph --In 1974 you energy freaks were saying we were going into an ice age--Then Al Gore was saying we would be under water by now--
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