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  1. She is an 18 year old college teen who has also stopped there, a further development takes place only in her pussy.
  2. The pictures were placed at my disposal, thanks to the donor
  3. (Inhalt nicht mehr verfügbar)
  4. Armpit breast augmentation has been around since at least 2013/2014. So to speak of a "new way" is questionable. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4179347/ Search by armpit This is just a hint, not a teaching.
  5. I agree with you 100%. If there is a "reasonable reason" a veterinarian may euthanize an animal when it cannot be saved and thus relieves it from pain and suffering. I think M&A is also very aware of this and they will find the right time. They are both reasonable people. Alberto suffers a lot from this. He does not show it but you can see it in his face. At the moment I would give the dog a few days, maybe even weeks. But this is my personal opinion. I am glad about every day that the 4 can "enjoy". When I used to swim with my Labrador for 1 hour, he would look at me and "ask" me "
  6. Must disappoint you, this morning "lucky" puked twice and is only sleeping again. I keep my fingers crossed for M&A&Tacko and hope that "lucky" can still spend happy and painless days.
  7. The whole world is happy that you are happy too. Your reaction is very meaningful.
  8. There is no reason to delete the topic, it doesn't break any rule.
  9. now let him gargle pussy juice first
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