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  1. While Masha and Holly are in the villa's exercise room kissing and licking.
  2. Some people keep smoking because they claim it keeps them slim.. In regards to their apartment, for all we know they might have been offered a nicer apartment but they preferred the location of their current one, we'll never know.. One thing is for sure, they need a new couch and higher resolution cameras.
  3. it seems to be a big motivator to get on RLC.. I've lost count of how many girls on RLC started with natural breasts and now have fake ones.
  4. Martina and Alberto on the couch and getting frisky.. it looks like he'll be getting laid for his birthday..
  5. He calls her "cariño" a lot (honey, dear) On the magnetic white board on the fridge door he has written her name and te quiero (i love you) It's been there for over a year.
  6. Is this her first appearance on RLC? I don't think I've seen her before.
  7. Has this turned into a communal flop house for Curly's homeless friends?
  8. Is Bogdan going to forbid Nelly from visiting Martina's apartment? I doubt it.. and I'm surprised Masha and Nelly haven't had an encounter at the villa, it's not like they haven't gone down on each other before. Is Nelly being faithful to Martina but not Bogdan? 😅
  9. Martina's pussy's on fire and had the night lined up to be with Nelly and Nelly got drunker than usual and crashed. This show with Megan is bs.
  10. I don't Megan speaks Spanish, so it's down to basic Russian for Martina
  11. But Megan's been with Holly many times and I think i've seen her with Aleksandra too..
  12. Time to turn the channel to Babi and her guest.. music going strong at 4 am.. and both in living room..
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