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  1. come on dd hand on heart, there is not one stunner among them, even all the guys look like fucking geeks.
  2. The recruitment sucks like fuck, they really do pick the dregs of society, they can't even select half decent looking guys let alone the girls, what a desperate bunch!
  3. I don’t get this twin fantasy, if I’m going to have two chicks in bed with me, I won’t be picking fucking twins, as for the majority of you pervs, lets cut the crap, your not interested in seeing these two get fucked, your more interested in seeing them in a martina & nelly show, sick fucks🤢
  4. if anyone has blue balls here its you fucking guys, your so obsessed in seeing nana get fucked🙃
  5. lol in the uk folk just like to walk around with their coffees on the way to work, you know my life is so fucking hectic i don't have the time to put the kettle on when i wake up, all for fucking show🙄
  6. To even know a song like that exists staggers the imagination🙄, although the chicks would be more welcome to replace these boring fucks.
  7. Michael is a cunt and he doesn't even exist, if i hear that bloody name again🙄🙃
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