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  1. Masha is definitely patient and focused. I think she loves the thrill of the hunt ... regardless whether she catches her prey or not. Holly loves the attention but you can tell she just isn't sure whether to submit or not.
  2. I agree Cat. What I really really really struggle with is how they can appear to be so close as friends and so happy together ... caressing ... kissing ... being playful ... yet NOT want to give each other an orgasm. At my high school sleepovers, you would be embarrassed and not say anything if you did not cum. Only thing I can think of is that this is a job to them and it is a show.
  3. I tuned into B4 to make a comment about Vivian. What a nice surprise. Why the hell are they in the fitness room a mile away from the cams? My thought on Vivian: When I was scanning the cameras, at first glance, Vivian seemed to me that she could be the cleaning lady's daughter Their looks are very similar especially when they have their hair tied back.
  4. I do agree with this. I agree with you a lot (as others have noted!!!). Just think you are too serious sometimes. But that is what makes you special.
  5. Seriously you need to partner with Noldus ... you two would make a great sportscasting team. For those of you who have seen the movie Dodgeball ... DDHM would be the Jason Bateman character!!! (That sounds like an insult but actually is a comedic compliment).
  6. If you were like a scorer at the Olympics figure skating competition, where they always throw out the high score and low score, you would be the high score they always throw out! Still love ya DD. Someday when you see totally shitty sex, please tell us. Would like to see what that means for you! Might even pay for REPLAY to see that. I think Hannah just had a good orgasm. So that is a positive!
  7. If Aaron gets super hard, at least that would be an improvement over the last guy in that bed. OK that was cruel but if I didn't say it, one of you guys would have.
  8. Oh God. That would be interesting for sure. Honestly when I first joined I thought this apartment was about swinging and foursomes. Except for the Valentine's Day show, which was one of the better "shows" in my opinion ... it was sad that this was really no different than putting Kitty, Smith, Linda, and Tibor into the same apartment. Ahhh ... how impressionable I was in those early days!
  9. Not picking on 'dino as many others apparently feel the same; however, do we really think looks take priority on RLC over all other traits? Two examples to suggest otherwise: Let's stipulate that Martina is equally attractive physically to Lorraine. I know this could be a debate in and of itself but honestly I find both of them super attractive and would love to be in bed with either. But one clearly is hot and sexy and the other is fake and almost dishonest. To me this separates them by a wide margin as to who is more watchable. On the other extreme, I think Claire was not v
  10. I kind of remember hearing something about that now that you mention it. But big difference between Aleks and this lady! Not that I would EVER judge.
  11. OK I bet Noldus hasn't logged sex with the cleaning lady before.
  12. So if you were coaching them DD, what would be your recommendation? Fuck each other's brains out tonight with wild and crazy sex to win over the crowd early??? What is your play here?
  13. I hear you Blue and others who are disappointed at this early stage. But don't we ultimately want real experiences and no fake shows? To me that is important. I did not care for C&C but at least they always kept it real and pushed the envelop with the girls who do the fake shows.
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