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  1. strange because everyone else who has been involved in any violence towards any the of ladies have been removed more or less immidiataly
  2. Hi Nath - Thank you for all the hard work and time putting the videos and pictures together, great to see

    Forget the tonks who criticise - they should be grateful for the effort you go to for them

  3. Emptying the living room ! they were never in there, may as well left the stuff in the boxes waste of time and space glad to see the back of them
  4. I know more than most She lives in Russia and her name isn't Leora
  5. It's job dome for RLC, love em or hate em they have pulled in the viwers It's job done for Leora - she has probably earned enough money to move on to a better life Shame as they are one of the few couples that lived their lives in the view of the cameras. Never the less, life moves on and a new couple will be here soon to watch and discuss.
  6. She spends 90% of the time rejecting any advance he makes, no wonder he loses interest and goes for the quick easy option If that is her seduction technique then she needs to improve big style
  7. why do people complain about how long Paul lasts ? Look at the facts, Paul is getting sucked off on a fairly regular basis by a young hot lady, while those that complain are sitting at home watching him on their computers ! I bet he laughs himself to sleep
  8. Thats one hell of a black eye that he has there
  9. while you sit here watching him get a BJ I know who i'd rather be
  10. There is a fair chance this may have been discussed before, but as a newbie I haven't seen it, nor may any other newbie I'm sure that in exchange for their accommodation they have to live to certain rules. What rules do the residents have to live to ?
  11. Give the lad some credit A - he has the hottest girl and B - He ges more action than all the others put together
  12. if you could mix the couples up who would you put with who ? Leora and Marcelo would make great sex together. Paul would give Nora more attention who else
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