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  1. I love Maya she is gorgeous with dark skin and curvy figure, I am waiting to get my membership so I can see her tits ass and pussy in the shower and maybe more in the bedroom when they have sex or if she masturbates. I have been looking at other couples and they are often naked around the house or wearing something see-thru, Maya would look fantastic if she dressed in something more skimpy than blue jeans, then she could sit with her legs open if she were wearing a skirt, whether her son is watching or not.
  2. I love how Zozo loves to show her pussy around the apartment and sits and lies around without panties putting her pussy and asshole on full display.
  3. She is gorgeous very nice body, nice tits and ass and hairy pussy and she loves exposing herself. I love the dark Latina women. I am surprised it took so long for this apartment to come back online after the last couple departed. Maybe these apartments are occupied without the cameras being turned on because there are other apartments that we have not seen occupied again.
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