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  1. You're welcome,,,,I just hate to see good people get punished by RLC,,,but they have been going after us really hard now for the last 6 months,,,,they are trying to stop us from posting anything to CC or anywhere else,,,and making it scary for anyone else who got banned already from doing it again.
  2. Hey Theapplepie There are invisible watermarks and Braille dots that you cannot see,,I don't want you to get banned from RLC,,so I'm warning you to edit and take down that link to the picture,,,and please delete it before RLC SEES IT,,,they will come after you and ban you,,,please be careful my friend. If you want to upload pictures to anyone,,,please do it so through PM only to trusted friends.
  3. Kristy is like a sneaky little kid trying to listen in on people having sex,,,she did the same thing too when Kamila was having sex,,Kristy was watching them through the balcony window lol
  4. Yes she does have those juicy meat curtains of a pussy lip that I love. I do love a girl that does stuff like what she did last night,,,,but to me what makes a girl interesting to watch is when she is fully clothed and yet she is still able to keep my attention and she is still interesting to watch,,That's what I love about K&K and every girl that comes into this apartment.
  5. Lol yes it is People's emotions and likes on CC is mostly being controlled by their dicks,,,and they like or dislike any female on CC just based on which girl makes their dicks happier on a certain day,,,,before last night,,Heidi wasn't even close to being on anyone's radar,,but after last night I see some people saying that she's the "QUEEN" the best thing that ever happened to this apt etc.,,,, PS, If she never does this again,,those same people will bring out the pitchforks and shovels to burn her at the stake and bury her.
  6. And don't forget one of the most important things,,,these girls were high on cocaine that provided by a bearded ape of a man lol.....Thesta buddy we should all know by now that a certain people on CC just love to hate on this apt no matter what happens here,,,,,it's like they have a personal beef with K&K,,,,I still stand by statement earlier. Since the K&K apartment had been launched on February 2 2015,,,,This apartment has seen more sex,,more masturbations than B#1 and B#2 combined during the exact same time periods It's like the hatred that some people have for this place just won't let them bring themselves to admit the facts,,,,Yes these ladies travel a lot and they are absent from the apt frequently,,But that is because Kristy has always had to leave either for School,Work and Dance Class, or just simply to go live life as 23 year old young lady in Moscow. Kamila doesn't do as much as Kristy and doesn't have her kind of Schedule but she leaves on trips quite often too. And I see people still love to say "Fake" on this thread when it comes to anything that happens in this apartment,,,so does that mean that everything that goes on in B#1 and B#2 is 100% real? lmaoo!!! now that makes me laugh What I think it is,,,it's the fact that Kristy masturbates faster than the time it takes me to write this comment,,so if some of these guys were jerking their dicks to her doing so she would cum before they had a chance to bust a nut,,,so they then get angry and yell insults at her and call it fake,,,,,and they get mad at both ladies for covering up because they want to to see the fingers touching the pussy to help them along with the jerking. What is the determining factor for a fake masturbation?,,,,does a girl have to be uncovered,,Screaming loudly,,Using a Dildo,,Using a dildo and a Butt-plug,,Going at it for 45 minutes to an hour for it to considered as Being "REAL"?.,,,,,,,,,Basically as I understand it,,unless K&K masturbate or fuck like it is being done in porn movies or as it's being done in B#1,,B#2,Leora's or at Masha and Sasha's apt it is Fake? Just remember one very important thing,,,,,if it wasn't for Kamila and Kristy,,especially Kamila when she first arrived,, B#1 and now B#2 wouldn't be as popular,,,B#1 never really took off until Kamila went there,,and then it went through the roof when Kristy arrived,,and then it became everyone's favorite place to go,,,,,before her (Kamila),,it was Leora and Maya's place where we all were looking at for anything worth watching.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Damn I haven't wrote on CC in a long time,,I'm just exercising my typing fingers again lol
  7. She seems to have as much Stamina As Sasha and Masha with their Marathon swinger orgies Why you wanna join Silvia too?,,,I'll send you the video too
  8. Well you can either pay cash or we can make other payment arrangements,,,do you own a chapstick and kneepads?
  9. That's the problem with my wrist though,,I always exercised my wrists everyday while watching RLC
  10. I'm suffering from this at this very moment,,,and the doctors can't find out why my wrists hurt so much (nobody better crack any jokes)
  11. Now on her Stomach bating,,,,,going for about 3 hours now,,,she has definitely has had her drink spiked lol