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  1. Jasmin bated,,,,and now Sam and Eva in a 3way just like I knew would happen
  2. Anyone here or elsewhere still watching Sofie and Still getting angry and disappointed,,,you can only blame yourselves at this point. I wasn't even watching her crap,, I was busy watching Jasmin bating for 26 minutes straight
  3. I can never believe at this point that anyone here or elsewhere would still fall for Sofie and Naomi's games,,, I will no longer let those ladies fool me,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'll just watch a sure thing with Jasmin right now,,,and then go watch Eva and Sam,,,, Sofie is just gonna lay there for a while and then cover up and go to sleep..As usual
  4. This is the only thing she will ever blow,,,my temper.
  5. Amina and Nica are on A Video Call with Nil
  6. I don't blame them for leaving because I pretty much gave up on the night too,,,,Everyone was expecting a Monica,Rosie and belle team up,,,after Monica went to sleep everyone left. Nobody expected a Rosie,Belle and Amina team up. Rosie and belle weren't even chasing Amina all night at all.
  7. He seems to never know the difference between "There and Their" lol