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  1. I was gonna post a gif and photos of guys wearing Lingerie but after looking at them,,,I got so grossed out I almost threw up,,,,so I said never mind
  2. Well that will work too,,,just don't be surprised of their reactions when you get there,,,and the cops haul you away in handcuffs in your birthday suit lol
  3. Just got a text from Rosie and Belle,,they are headed over to B#1 ,,,,,they should be there shortly,,,it's gonna be a Lingerie party
  4. You ladies are looking absolutely beautiful in your outfits tonight,,,I hope that you ladies have a lot of guys are dressed kinda similar to B#1 so maybe that's where you are all headed,,,I guess we will see in about an hour to 45 mins.
  5. Can I borrow some money for a pack of Smokes? How much is the exchange rate between Canada and the US?
  6. Rosie seems fucked up already an she's not even at the party yet,,,,,they do the same thing like girls all over the world love to do.......get a little buzz going before you get to the club,,,but some girls get wasted before they even eace their homes lol
  7. Ladies you are all looking oh so sexy...B2 still has the hottest of the 2 apartments Although I wouldn't mine partying with the ladies of B#1
  8. The thing about my comments is that I never call anyone's name personally,,,,I'm only talking about the people who after reading my comment gets pissed,,,,,if they are over the age of 45 and not get pissed then my comment is not about them. 98% of the people who are my friends on here are over the age of 45,,,,and none of them act and talk like these guys do. Sorry for seeming to beat up on old people but I'm talking to a certain set of guys in "The old Geezer Posse"Plus I know the ages of some of these guys. And just like you said they don't have any common decency because of their upbringing,,,,and it as nothing to do with their culture or where their from,,,no matter where in the world you live,,,it is never ok to bash women and call them any type of names just because they don't perform up to your expectations or doing what you so called signed up for. I don't get why they love talking shit about these women,,,,but as soon as one of us say anything to them...they immediately start crying.,,,it makes no sense. Nichole is looking really sexy naked right now,,,but I'm still looking ohh so sexy right now
  9. After reading through pages and pages of bullshit,,, I am 100% certain that CC has now been overrun by old senile fuckers over the age of 45,,,who most certainly don't have a wife or girlfriend and this is the only way to interact with women that they would never in a million years ever get. They are depressed as fuck in real life,,,so they come here to make our lives as shitty and pathetic as theirs are,,, Just by reading how they talk about these women tells me the exact same reason why they are alone in their Trailer Park,,, With nobody to have and to hold at night, Hence the sexual frustrations and the constant need to bash these women on RLC. I guess if you are in front of your computer with your dick in your hand and ready to start jacking off to some girl on girl action,, and these ladies don't deliver what you were waiting up for hours to see then I could kinda understand the reason why you put your dicks down and start typing insults left and right. It's going on now for over 6 years,,,the same shit, the same group of guys saying the exact same shit about how much they hate these women and how much they hate RLC,,,,yet every freaking day they are still here watching the same women they hate,,on the same website they hate,,,, among the same CC members they hate,,,I guess their motto is "If you hate it you must watch it everyday" My comment will most likely see the Trash Bin anytime now,,,but it's needed to be said you literally have some guys on here who are such cowards that they feel very macho and manly to hide behind a keyboard and just hurl insults at a bunch of women thousands of miles away who didn't do shit to them.You must feel so proud to bash women from behind a computer pick on your own size. As soon as I say anything to any of you, the first thing you do is go running off crying to the Mods like little bitches,,,crying and saying,,," Wahhh wahhhh Mikey took my toy away Daddy could you come and help me get it back Wahh wahhh" None of you got the balls to go toe to toe with me,,,you only got strength for women and children.... This comment will self destruct in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  10. Rosie and Belle are trying to go for the record of the longest time spent in a Kitchen dancing and drinking,
  11. They told me the same thing too,,,wow I guess this is more serious than I thought,,,,, We are going to have to start a Go-Fund-Me account so we can help her out.
  12. Rosie and Belle just finished 4 beers and now they are going for #5,,,,the party has started pretty early
  13. Nichole woke up for about 10 seconds and then went back to sleep,,,she must still be tired from coming home late last night,,I feel the exact same way too.