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  1. Well I guess we won't see the Girl on Girl on Girl on Girl Orgy that's about to happen😛
  2. Wtf,,, hey Adri and Anita,,,when I said I wanted to see you guys snacking in the Bed,, I didn't mean actual food ok 😛
  3. Ready and waiting for Adri's tongue 💓
  4. Oh ok lol They are kinda similar words.
  5. Rosie just took off her bloody panties and showed it to Serena.
  6. Lol,,no Karrui the word that you are looking for is "Subscription" not "Signature"
  7. Darina is definitely the most wasted of all the ladies 😅
  8. It's always difficult watching these girls,,when they are wasted and I myself is sober,,because the whole time I can't enjoy the show because they have me on edge and very nervous with the silly near accidents they have,,especially with those Wine Bottles and Wine Glasses and the dancing on top of tables and slippery surfaces like the edge of the bathtub. The only way they will ever stop is when one of them gets seriously hurt,, like in a Coma hurt.
  9. Wow,,those Kisses between Serena and Darina OMG!!!💞😍
  10. I have a feeling that tonight might be the night we see an Ambulance pulling up to the Mansion with all the dumb shit I see happening,,someone is gonna get hurt.