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  1. Well I speculate that they will be home late,,and then come home and go to sleep,,then wake up tomorrow and do the same thing all over again I need to go get some sleep,,,, by the way I hope that everyone who lives in the United States had a chance to see the Eclipse today like I did.
  2. I don't even see anyone mentioning Anna on here anymore,,,the only time I hear Anna's name is when Noldus says "Anna just left or Anna just arrived" Lola is not my type and she may be a little bit too old for me,, I need a hottie not a mommy. Polya is another older girl that I don't really find any interest in either,,,hopefully they will leave soon,,, I need fresh meat not dried up beef jerky I need some fresh faces,,no more recycling for at least the next 6 months,,, It's like rebuying the same old junky car over and over again. I need a new Sports car that I can take out and see what she's made of underneath the hood.
  3. I swear they probably saying these assholes make us work too hard,, but it had to be done to stop these guys from roaming freely and just saying stuff that they know will piss people off and ruin the fun on the forum. Sorry Mods,,please forgive me for I have Speculated and Sinned. Now we can go back on topic and talk about RLC and what's happening,,although it's kinda dead lately.
  4. They would have been home earlier but Traffic was a Bitch,,to many idiots on the road.
  5. Yes,, because I told her that if she ever showed anything I would put her over my knee and spank her ass
  6. I don't care what they do outside the Apt,,they are not family,,they are not my girlfriends or wives,,,so I don't care what they do or who they do it with. I only care about RIta,,if she ever cheats on me I will divorce her and take everything.
  7. They thought that she would have been able to recreate the magic of Lola's first visit, but she has failed to accomplish anything her second time around,, I know my Princess Lyree loves her, but I don't see the purpose behind her still being here,,,,she has almost become a squatter now,,, just hanging on until someone comes and gives her the boot. We need some fresh new faces in this Apt. I think that Lola and Anna being here is hurting RLC more than it's helping them,,because a lot of people have canceled their subscription because they are tired of seeing them and are just waiting for new fresh faces to show up before they pull that credit card back out again.
  8. I don't have to imagine any of that Spock,,,it already exists right now,,,it's called the "Kamila and Kristy along with their Angels Penthouse in Moscow"
  9. I want Caro on her Back, while Anna eats her like a Snack
  10. Lol,,, I'll let Zink speak his mind,, I defend RLC like he says while he defends the right to complain and give us an earful of what he thinks. He joined RLC when K&K first arrived and then CC later,,,that statement alone makes me know that he has absolutely no Idea what he's talking about. But hey it's his opinion so he has all the right to say whatever he wants. Everyone who knows the actual facts about RLC knows what's really going on vs people on here just making stuff up to fit their narrative. I'm on my way to collect my huge RLC check right now,,,defending RLC and these women is a very hard job,,and I get paid big money to do so
  11. When the tenants left for the day,,,those pets were the only ones keeping us company.