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  1. It’s not the guys that are the problem with Irma, it’s Irma who doesn’t want to do anything sexual with a guy in front of the cameras for 5 years. If you think it’s the guys the problem, you must be new
  2. She’s been drinking gallons of it for years and there’s never been anything
  3. Ariana doesn’t even make the effort to return. Unfortunately the last 2 girls of RLC are disappointments as often
  4. it’s time for the 150 games of UNO
  5. very frustrating not having sound on the terrace
  6. I know some people like it, personally I got bored I didn’t even see it till the end 😁
  7. Yeah, after Carla and Yanai plan on bringing in other guests they don’t know before, maybe they should put a little more emphasis on having cameras in every room because they didn’t know about cameras in the bedroom and bathroom. There must have been some disagreement, but I guess I wouldn’t have been too comfortable if I were them
  8. She was afraid to find it on the internet and in a conversation in the bathroom she said a sentence or she was talking about launching her career so I think she was uncomfortable being in front of cameras and being naked for both reasons
  9. Even without doing anything, it would have been nice if they stayed a few days, but I think we’re not going to see them again ☹️
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