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  1. The cameras freeze again when there’s action 🙄
  2. apparently the quarantine does not forbid the sex plan of eletra 🙄
  3. always the cameras that have been freezing for 10 days whenever there is action... great 🙄
  4. Even if they already know, I sent an email to the camera in the room
  5. I think she wouldn’t mind doing more with rus, if she wasn’t like I already think of her as a couple
  6. they spend their lives on that fucking balcony 🙄
  7. impossible to follow the action in the room!!! 🙄
  8. Hi news49, Woof here,


    I saw a post that you had a 40GB+ upload of Alma & Stefan.

    Do you happen to still have that? Have alot of her video's but I still miss a few.

    Would be absolutely amazing if you could share them with me.

    Thanks in advance,



  9. No, 2/3 months in b3 last year Kylie #2 and Rus 11.02.2019 27.04.2019 B3 76
  10. Couple pretty fun during their passage, but again it will be fast boring if no visitors
  11. There are 1 or 2 boring girls available on Barcelona for a 5th pass of 2/3 months 😁
  12. Asia and Hakeem have split up Hakeem keeps the apartment
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