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  1. They're in there 20's ... growing up still. They will learn from mistakes like we all do that's for sure. Good to see they're ok , but I don't' think they should stay together at all. He's unstable as much as she is... nuclear capable for sure. Someone will get hurt and then it's too late to fix. But sadly to grow up, it takes something really bad to happen to make you realize you're an idiot and don't know a damn thing. As an American, I really appreciate all who participate in the RLC project - I like people from all over naturally, no bias here because I am an American. I don't think I am better than anyone. I just like people , so I love this. To all who watched Efim and Diane - did you ssee how much he changed when he got the right girl? It's that easy for everyone really. Kudos to all the RLC people - they put a lot on the line, i still can't imagine doing such a thing being watched 24/7. It's gotta bend them at times being watched so much... Hmm. ❤️
  2. I truly doubt she'll have a problem meeting a new guy. Best of luck. I just listened to Marat playing some good songs with guitar.. best of luck to you brother. Relax buddy, life is short - be nice.
  3. I have to say one thing , in my 20's i did crazy sh*t ... i drank most of my 20's away.. ,try not to do that...i dont blame either one of them .. i just hope they're ok See ya Marat. Take care.
  4. Maybe he should punch another object and show how much of a man he is.. or a child he is. Pathetic.
  5. I think he should get the fuck out and let her have the apartment. He's a dick. There is nothing good abut that fucker but im not saying she's perfect. He needs to go. Let her have the apartment.I won't even talk about these goofs in her sisters apartment right now. haha WTF from worse to worse? Typical guys though in all countries. They never learn when their stay is unwelcome.
  6. She looks like she's having fun at her sisters but the peeps she hangs out ... hmm questionable. Going from bad to worse? Reminds me of old pasrties i had i my old apartment, not bad!
  7. Thanks Max - I didn't catch what happened either, so thanks for the update. She's over at her sisters tonight and a little get together going on there. Glad to see she's doing ok and in good spirits. I like her hair tonight. What a crazy situation. I knew he was bad news when he went around punching doors... not a good sign. Maybe she'll move in with her sister? hmm!
  8. First off, I never knew she wrote books -Awesome!! It looks like a children's book of some sort due to the cartoon cute character on the front cover. Looks quite adorable actually, I would love to buy one! Kira looked so gorgeous tonight, but hey, when doesn't she!? ❤️ She looked so excited when she was taking pictures of the stacks of books, it was a very sweet moment. Congratulations to Kira! ❤️ 😍
  9. Hey there Stn! You always do such a great job here and I was wanting to post a gif/pic and didn't want to get it wrong in the forum chat. I looked or a help section but couldn't see anything on maybe HTML code or something I would need to post a simple gif/pic. Any suggestions you have would really be appreciated! Thanks so much in advance.



    1. StnCld316


      The easiest would be is  https://lightpics.net/    or   http://keep4u.ru/ .

      When you get to the Copy the Link select from the BBCode Menu and Select Full Image.  ON the keep4u.ru there is a checkmark to go in the Box that will separate the image from being seen in the Family Section.  If it does go there the Server will Remove the Image.


    2. Franklyn


      Hey there StnCld316! Thanks so much for responding. For some odd reason, I never saw that you had responded back to me in

      March, sorry for this delayed response. Great information you gave me it's super helpful. I will try sometime soon to do a first

      picture post. Thanks again!!  - Cheers and have a great weekend. 🙂🍻


      P.S. Are we allowed to know the band name of Nina and Kira? I have been so curious. Although I do agree that their private information should not be public knowledge, I just wasn't sure if their band was something we could know or not. I saw that Kira writes books as well? Very cool! it's so nice to see Kira getting some celebrity spotlight for a change- she's so sweet and deserves it. Thanks in advance for any info. 🙂

    3. StnCld316


      Only if someone wishes to share it through Private Messaging (PM) that's fine but it can't be posted publicly in the open.

  10. That's it.. I want to buy Chloe a 10 years supply of Chocolate covered ice cream bars... WOW! That was hot!! Sexy Chloe - what a hottie. 🔥 😍
  11. I really love this apartment - always filled with super nice couples! Emma and Julio have fine arts in their souls. It's wonderful to see. I miss being their age, but seeing so many young adults stuck in their mobile phones these days, it such a relief of hope to see these two doing what they do. I love when they have their friends over too. Fun! I wish them the very best! That trombone! i have such respect for that ❤️ Cheers to E&J!
  12. That woman dancing is crazy hot with her dancing 😉 They need to make a channel with just her dancing. Those guys are such lazy couch potatoes - yikes. The poor woman just wanted to dance with them and they couldn't even move a muscle. Sad. I wish there was more video on her - nice!
  13. Thanks! I was super curious as to what they were watching. I was thinking Game of Thrones or something. 😉 It's great to see them have guests, especially ones that seem really nice. Cute too!
  14. Something seems amiss around 2AM (around there) their time. Dasha hugging Sasha in kitchen and being super quiet and whispering. Dasha looked like she was upset and didn't want to go back to the bedroom to Masha and wanted to stay with Sasha. I wonder if Dasha is becoming very clingy and possibly in love with Sasha. Hmm. I sense a problem arising maybe? I wish all the best to the three, but like the old saying goes, two's company, three's a crowd. I hope they know what they're doing and no one gets hurt.
  15. Watching Maya and her boyfriend tonight (11pm my time PST , 2pm their time) I really liked what I saw. These two just sharing thoughts and genuinely enjoying each others company while playing a PC game. This may not sound like a big deal, but I remember my last girlfriend back in the 90's playing a game called RIVEN (part of the MYST series). We would play the game together, although it was a game basically for one person to play and figure out. We would take turns and using the mouse and deciding where to go and we would be patient and watch and work together at the tricky puzzles. Simple times like this were the fondest memories I have while being with her, even though it might sound boring to some. We really bonded by doing something together we both enjoyed and working together this way. So it was pretty sweet to see Maya and her boyfriend (wish we had a real name to put there!) doing what I know was quality time with someone you care about. Very sweet. Yes, it may not be the most exciting thing for most to watch from our point of view, but I really loved seeing it. My best to them and I hope things work out for them both. Maya definitely is so much happier now and he looks like he is happy as well. ❤️ 🙂
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