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  1. Of course, but do not come to me with the hypocritical theory that we pay to see "real life", so I go to the bar in the corner to have a coffee and I get cheaper
  2. I do not understand what comes the insistence of inviting this pair of clowns with whom absolutely nothing happens.
  3. Uff !!! the guest's ass is going to make me sleepy tonight
  4. In a while the four of them will fuck together and nothing has happened here
  5. Herman is giving him his medicine and everything solved, ... one more day in paradise
  6. Herman looks like the guru of a sect
  7. catalonia

    Mira & Henry (2019) Part #1

    They have made us spend great moments and surely they will manage to do it again. Besides, they have always seemed good people to me, that's the most important thing.
  8. catalonia

    Mira & Henry (2019) Part #1

    The return of this couple is being a big disappointment
  9. catalonia

    Nicole & Karl (2019) Part #1

    No fue una crítica, lo dije en tono jocoso siguiendo la broma de los compañeros ...y feliz año a ti y a tu chica!!
  10. catalonia

    Mira & Henry (2019) Part #1

    With this couple the only games we will see will be cards
  11. catalonia

    Nicole & Karl (2019) Part #1

    Then you end up like Nicole in the pictures we can see below
  12. Well, where the eye puts the bullet, it would be necessary to question that women find sexi
  13. catalonia

    Ruby & Calvin (2019) Part #1

    I never liked this girl, physically or especially the behavior I saw with that boy, in fact I did not follow his apartment and I did not see what happened, but what I read does not surprise me. I do not care if he's still on VHTV or not, but if I'd be happy if Calvin threw her out of his life, he'll do himself a favor.