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  1. I am 62 years old and therefore I have lived long enough to realize that what we humans do best is to spoil anything we touch. I have not published many opinions here, but it has never occurred to me to insult, despise or anything similar to any of those who participated, we are in an entertainment place, we pay, for seasons in my case, to see some poor boys they have to broadcast their intimacy to earn a living, for me Jabath was a sensible Eintrach fan, Amy a girl capable of animating any party by I don't know what this club theme is about, today seeing the forum I have become depressed and I have the feeling of being a naive poor man He would have a beer (German of course) with Jabath and give Amy a pinch. I am not going to connect to this forum again, instead of entertaining me it confirms how small and mean we all are. We deserve what lies ahead.
  2. The same happens to me. This morning it has suddenly appeared on the list but this afternoon it has disappeared again
  3. I don't see the apartment, is it gone?
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, I hope you understand the meaning.
  5. A piece of crap that can only be seen with a microscope is fucking all of us. We should all learn to be more humble and love each other, regardless of the piece of land in which we live or are born.
  6. All the cameras of the apartment closed?
  7. It is always a pleasure to listen to Johnny Cash, thank you very much
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