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  1. Happy New Year to everyone🥂
  2. I did not want to participate in this. Or to judge them. This is their business. Their life. I just wanted to say if they decide to break up, then I wish them the best. They gave me a lot of good moments. They would really miss me very much. But they know what's best for them. 😥
  3. I do not like Nina's blue hair. She is still beautiful but this color does not fit her. I hope she will soon change her hair color. Pleaseee🤞
  4. Exactly. I completely agree with you.
  5. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this
  6. When she changes hes hair color she changes her personality as well. But of course maybe that's just me.
  7. I hope you will not be right. Because then I do not think they will stay together and they would most likely leave the RLC.
  8. You joking? Yeah of course 😀🤣😉
  9. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    I do not agree with you and @bfaith Anyone who knows me on this board they know I was always Nina fan. I always admit the opinions of others. Because we are different people with different thinking. But it feels bad to read such negative opinions about Nina. She does not have a gun on their heads to "serve" her. Kira and DE likes to care about her. A little bit of them are wrong in this. If there is someone who always does everything for you, then after a while you will feel comfortable in this situation. We do not know them. Not only her bad qualities should be noticed in her. She is not perfect and I love this in her. Sorry my english.
  10. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    Do not deal with negative people. They have always been and will always be. Such people only want attention. It is a pity to argue with them. Unfortunately I do not have time to watch RLC and girls. But I hope everything is OK and that they are happy and successful. Because they deserve it.🤘😗
  11. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    Happy Birthday 😍🎂🍾
  12. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    It does not bother if they are not at home. they are living their lives. 😉But I'm a little worried about cats. I hope they got to eat something.
  13. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    They are a real pattern of eternal friendship.
  14. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    Not necessarily. Although sometimes they hate each other but in fact ... they are not able to "break up with" each other. There is a bond between them.
  15. Hayden

    Nina & Kira General Discussion #1

    Nina's evening dress today...BEAUTIFUL😍😍