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  1. I like a good sausage party now and again. Depends on who the sausage is attached to.😇
  2. Yo max, depends on the audience and how good looking the guys are if the ship is sinking!
  3. Many insist there is no point of contact between the extended and unexpected, I'd like to know Cartesian realism resists the reduction of psychological phenomenon to a physical state by which great opponent or opponents. That is the question that I put forward here tonight!
  4. Yuck, that's gross, smelly feet will make me 🤮.
  5. That's amazing. I'd be sleeping the whole next day!
  6. I know he has a reputation, but who can blame him in this instance. She comes in and strips and is smiling and all sexed up and ready to go. I would bet he came in his pants right there! If anyone reading this would be kind enough to send me a couple minutes of their romp, I would owe you one big time. And Robwin keep you're dirty comments to yourself. Living, let them rip.
  7. My dirty sex manual is to keep you informed, make you laugh and make me laugh because you thought it was funny
  8. Feeling better, went fishing with my Dad yesterday and we had breakfast first and it was a wonderful day! Thx for asking. It makes feel better knowing I got people who care.❤️
  9. Of course. And bigger is better, and if he don't know how to please a woman ill just use it and please both of us. I know how to use it! When it's in it what he doing with rest of his body that counts.
  10. He's one lucky bastard. It must be more than luck though.
  11. When you say 8 rounds. Did they just stop for awhile, then start sliding in and out again, or did someone actually cum 8 times. I'm sure it's the former and for fun we call them rounds because it's still awesome if they came or not. This woman is so pretty no man would have much trouble f'ng her 8 times!!
  12. Quick and out the door? What woman wants that? And how you doing sparkles. Hope all is well
  13. Thx Jawis ! Great pics , I really enjoyed them!
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