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  1. Oh Cable is big alright, if I'm thinking of the right guy
  2. Melissa is sexier in those shorts than everyone else in underwear or naked in this pic.
  3. Thx SPY, I'm the lucky one though. And that's the truth!
  4. Lol, hey mic! I'm guilty of that myself, but i wouldn't call it a wild party, just messin with maitre a little bit.
  5. Not too great right now, feeling better than I was. Winter fatigue, but spring is here, gonna be 80 today here! Hope your well! M&S are a couple of wild and crazy fun lovers aren't they? I haven't been on as much as I'd like ,I see Amy left again. I get annoyed how she portrays being on here or watching VHTV is a waste of her time, and kinda implies if your do your a loser. I may be misreading that. But I'm sure she'll be back. Thx for the caps you been posting! Between here and Domi and Daniel's place, there's plenty of material!
  6. Hi @MelissaSergio, is Alexandra always this horny, or does being on cam knowing people are watching drive her extra wild? I'm a nosy person so no need to answer if she doesn't want you to. You guys are great and I hope your making a lot of $$$$$, you deserve it!
  7. Hi jab, let me guess, his hot party would be playing with himself while watching Melissa and Sergio on his computer. 🙄
  8. He wants attention. Most of the time I have no idea what he's talking about
  9. She really is. And she gives the most beautiful bj to post mortem Joe, he has no reaction, its hard to believe she doesn't go on her phone
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