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  1. You do understand there isnt any real money in the program? It's all IOU's. Its paying out more than is being collected. with excess amount coming out of tax revenue collected for other nonsense our govt wastes money on.
  2. That's one ugly ass cock right there!
  3. Is this from some horror film? 😬🤯
  4. Not to be a killjoy, but 2 guys switching back and forth from one of her "openings" to the other can lead to UTI's, dangerous infection and increased risk of getting an STD. That concludes today's sex tip from Dr Ash.
  5. I can watch men's asses and enjoy that! Just not these men's asses. Not my type at all.
  6. Haha, what lady would want a man with empty semen sacs?
  7. Agreed 100% Stn. Neither party here in the U.S. is in it for the voters who sent them to Washington. We need term limits here to get rid of the reps who have been in office for decades ,with some new folks with new ideas.
  8. Hi Dakota, the so called trial and the impeachment were both shams, with both parties having their minds made up before a sentence of "testimony" was uttered. It will be interesting in November for sure, with most of the democratic candidates decrying the rich for all the "problems" in this country, while all of them are rich themselves. They think the average person sees a difference between billionaires and millionaires. By the way, I love millionaires and will be one before it's all said and done.
  9. He loved it! Desert was better than the main course, if the way he was slurping it is any indication.
  10. Haha, gnight. I just posted the same theme for that topic!.
  11. Yeah, same theme alright. Thats on my playlist now also. I gotta run, Guy just got home, and I dont want him laying down and falling asleep on me. I got much better plans in my head than that!
  12. Hi Dave. Its sickening to me how the sacrifice made by the vets and their families isnt held in a much higher degree. I'm with you, most disputes between countries or cultures are not worth going to war over, with all the death and maiming and families destroyed. I see a lot of homeless and addicted people around where I work, and wonder who they are, and how they ended up as they are. And I know some of them are vets who have lost their minds from what theyve seen and things they did serving. But there's not enough effort to get them off the streets and get the help they need. All those organizations are great, but they mostly help vets who are looking for help. As usual I'm off topic again., as almost everything I post is off topic. Guess I'll get "put in time" out one of these days. As for Dolly, that's not the country I like, but I'd love to see her get blown off the front of the stage vocalizing for Metallica!
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