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  1. Oh lucky you! I love to get a pedicure now that I'm feeling so much better. I love getting my feet massaged!
  2. Hi Foamy, you have it exactly right. Everyone who posts here has their minds made up, or made for them, and there's nobody going to change it!
  3. I try to avoid cable news, it's all biased one way or the other. I give Hannity credit for admitting he's not a journalist and he straight up says hes a conservative and doesn't try to hide it.
  4. I'm a young dudette, am I allowed in?
  5. Pa is a beautiful state for sure! I live in Philly burbs, I only work in the city. It's a real shame it's such a mess in so many areas. I liked the conveniences when i lived in the city. Walk up the corrner get a pizza or a hoagie. Gotta drive to get anything in the burbs.
  6. ashleyxyz

    Gia & Anthony

    Goodnight Robwin!
  7. ashleyxyz

    Gia & Anthony

    Not much passion tonight. It happens I guess. I'm in a 4 year relationship, and maybe less frequency, but just as much passion
  8. ashleyxyz

    Gia & Anthony

    Is that his tongue sticking out? Or an optical illusion?
  9. ashleyxyz

    Gia & Anthony

    It was some good natured fun, only a few times it got nasty. And the few that got upset prettymuch were speculating about stuff themselves.
  10. ashleyxyz

    Gia & Anthony

    I know what you mean. Not knowing for sure, and speculating what we thought was going on could get pretty funny.
  11. No, I'm not sure about that. Including myself!
  12. Haha. We're all pervs on here right? Doesn't mean we're total freaks! I think..