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  1. Hi jabs, Haha, when I read back what I've posted, I get a little embarrassed sometimes. I'd like to hear some more dirty talk from you guys on here! I'm a pervert myself you know!. 😊
  2. Maybe they're exhibitionists like a lot of tenants on here are. It would be exciting to go at it in front of viewers. Guests are always showering at other tenants homes. Either to have sex shortly thereafter. On somebody's bed, sitting on there pillows,, and getting cum and other juices flowing from the ladies on the bedspread...or just getting naked in front of horny, slobbering CC viewers.
  3. Oh my, now thats one I'm not gonna touch! Or smell for that matter!
  4. Lolol!!! That is so funny when that happens! A lot of times she'll after him after he finished and goes for tissues. She'll take it like a trooper but has no interest in swallowing it for sure.😋
  5. Lol, yo Mark, I love pineapple myself. Pineapple upside down cake, pineapple on my ice cream, pineapple juice and rum, and if cum tasted like pineapple, I'd be a fan of that also!😊
  6. Playing games like this in the house doesn't have to be boring. Add some new rules and go for it. Like the winner gets 5 minutes of sexy slow oral from the loser. Or gives oral to loser, which im inclined to do. Then everybody wins!
  7. Hey Mark, my Guy has tried pineapple, it doesn't work. His cum doesn't taste terrible, it tastes like cum, and pineapple would be like eating desert! A lot of women wouldn't eat cum if it tasted like ribeye. Its not all the flavor, Its what it really is and the overall texture of it.
  8. Geez, she really arches her back when she's getting plowed. Allows for all size dicks to slide right in to either porthole back there this gentleman desires.
  9. Hey budda, great caps, thank you! She really has a super sexual wow factor. "Poor" Timotheo has all his energy focused on her and nothing else, good for him!
  10. None of us won't get tired of looking at them. Thx life!
  11. Was there a particular reason she split with Jules? They were such a cool couple with their totally open sex relationship. And he seemed very kind with her. Just curious if you know what happened. He seemed kinda cruel towards her before they split
  12. Just an observation of the guys on CC and guys I work with. And most men prefer no hair. We should start a poll on here, but I forget how to do it.
  13. If she was totally shaved she would look like a 12 year old, I know, I was 12 years old years ago. Having a modest neat bush, she looks like a pretty sexy woman. What is it besides " getting hair in your teeth", which is goofy, the reason you want your woman shaved bald as a 4th grader? Its weird!
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