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  1. Viki & Kate

    Me too, nobody likes clowns. Haha, pesky creatures is right!
  2. Viki & Kate

    What a sweetheart! Confused like me
  3. Viki & Kate

    Me too!
  4. Viki & Kate

    Let me get this straight, Kate is not Viki, Izzy is not Kate, but Kate is Kate, and Izzy is not Viki, and Kate is not Izzy, and Viki is Viki, and Viki is not Izzy, and Izzy is Izzy. I think i got it, but I'll forget who is who by tommorow
  5. Viki & Kate

    Oh sure, blame someone else for your screwup,
  6. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Ok, Grant is pretty good looking, cute ass, I only got a sneak peek of Grant Jr., so I'll be looking to see how that measures up. . By your pics looks like he lasted about ten minutes, not horrible. Did he give her an orgasm? I think he can do more on cam, they took the cover off at some point. Maybe he was afraid he might lose his hard-on or not be able to cum without being covered up at first. Lisa is so cute and has a really hot body, so I can't imagine why he would ever have a problem cumming covered or not, but we've seen it with guys on here before. Hope it works out for her!
  7. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Oh ok, and then he tried to kiss her, i saw your gif, nice work. I was cracking up laughing at your earlier gif of Nina, very artistic! Lol, What is her history with this gentleman? Have they been together like this before? Does he seem like a good guy that would make her happy? !
  8. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Looks like he's still ready to go, where did that cum go anyway?
  9. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Wow, bummer, I have to admit a lot of times we start out under a blanket, Its cold in my place in the winter, once thngs get going, it comes off and the cool air feels so great
  10. Misty - Part #2

    Even the bear is sleeping from nothing going on Even the bear passed out from all the excitement
  11. Misty - Part #2

    Hi golfer, She's been stalled on 32 for quite a while now
  12. Misty - Part #2

    You may now f the bride! Oh wait, too late for that
  13. Mira & Henry

    It doesn't sound like this girl is wet enough, Lol
  14. Mira & Henry

    Golfer and sparkles are famous for the good pics they put up on here
  15. Viki & Kate

    Thx jabbath!