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  1. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Good question hes always got her bent over.
  2. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Believe it or not I prefer my fingers over anything else. My typical boring sexual choices. But I have what's called a Petite Treats rabbit that has a bunch of different vibrator settings. I prefer a steady vibration when I use it. But I move it around a lot
  3. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Well I dont have a BBC dildo. Just a little portable rabbit, which I getting if I can't wake him up pretty soon
  4. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Booo your rotten Cowgirls! They played a good game though, gotta give them credit
  5. ashleyxyz

    Melissa & Sergio

    Hi Amy, thanks a lot, that got Happy Trails out of my head someone posted earlier somewhere. Now I got this stuck in my head!! I dont know which is worse, and it's got SW airlines in it!!!
  6. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Probably the least DNA would be from Nelly and Bogdan, Nelly usually collects it in one opening or another
  7. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Lucky Nelly! Now I'm horny, and my Romeo here sounds like he sawing wood!
  8. Theres only 2 reasons I sit around like this at home, get to it dude!
  9. ashleyxyz

    Ruby & Calvin

    With a dick curved like this, it hits me in all the right places riding facing him, I wouldn't complain either way though
  10. ashleyxyz

    Paisley & Cletus

    Oh you just so symathetic!❄️
  11. ashleyxyz

    Paisley & Cletus

    Well that sucks. Any extra blankets at least?
  12. ashleyxyz

    Paisley & Cletus

    I would be very disappointed if that were true, but she obviously didnt do it because he's a hottie!
  13. ashleyxyz


    Catching up here. It would be really hot if these guests move this action to the bathtub!
  14. ashleyxyz

    Paisley & Cletus

    Ok, not knowing how his personality is I guess gross was an overstatement. First impressions are all physical, and lots of "grooming" could clean that up. How he couldn't get hard with Paisley blowing him is beyond me, I realize the Camara might be a problem, but looking down at her with your dick in her mouth, and whatever shes doing, isnt it nature he couldn't prevent getting hard? If some sweet looking guy was eating me, I'd still get aroused no matter how many cams were on me, wouldn't be able to not