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  1. ashleyxyz

    Kitty & Smith - Pictures (2019)

    Wow, her boobs were delicious before this boob job. What was she thinking?9
  2. ashleyxyz

    Sina & Jules (2019) Part #1

    I knew that from the first day we saw him. He uses these women and they go along because they might not have a lot of other options.
  3. ashleyxyz

    Sina & Jules (2019) Part #1

    And after that, the girls can poke Alan one at a time with a strap on
  4. Good luck you two. You both seem like very sweet people. And you make each other smile and laugh. Wish you the best, and if you come back. You got a lit of fans that will support you!
  5. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

  6. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    Hi Robwin, I'm good, hope your well. Been working tons of hours on and off. Been cutting into my time on here. And I wish Guy was giving me more of a " hard" time than he is. He working a lot of hours too. Happy New Year. Hope it's a great one.
  7. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    Maybe yellow might be better if people are gonna be pissing on them
  8. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    Lol, you know you like to see that, peeking through your fingers with your hands over your eyes, or maybe like this. 😳
  9. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

  10. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    Lol, green couches and green blankets! 🤭
  11. ashleyxyz

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    I'd love to see George giving it to Alan in his backside with that crooked cock of his. They would hear Alan squealing like a pig all the way up the block!
  12. Getting caught up here, how the hell can Hunter not blow his load right away down her throat watching Paisley riding Cletus like that? I'm pretty sure if I was watching a couple right next to me going at it, and I had a hard dick going in and out of me, I'd cum in a heartbeat. Maybe someday I find that out
  13. Haha, your crazy! your gonna have to peel me and Violet off Jeff first before you can get your hands on him!
  14. Lol, in days of Maria and you were drooling over Grisha!