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  1. Foxy, Kira

    George is a really creepy guy to me, I'm not going to spell it out though, I don't want to startr any controversies
  2. VHTV Quiz

    Lol, see easy! Im gonnacome up with a few good ones tommorrow, This was fun, everyone have a good night, talk tommorrow!
  3. VHTV Quiz

    No guesses to my quiz questiom?
  4. VHTV Quiz

    Love you ooopel, I love everyone here playing this game now, you all make me look forward to coming on here every day!
  5. VHTV Quiz

    Here's an example of a dumb question i have with no chance to research it, Who had large breasts with one nipple pointing up and the other one pointing down? duh
  6. VHTV Quiz

    Oh no, all my questions would be so obvious, I need time to come up with a good one tommorow
  7. Maria & Mari

    more butt play with Grisha, he li kes it for sure! I would love to know what happened between these 2,
  8. VHTV Quiz

    I'm stumped also, more clues jabbath!
  9. VHTV Quiz

    No kidding, did you used to wear an outfit like Tara was wearing? Lol, My parents we're Catholics and i was baptized, I completely done with the Catholic church though now
  10. VHTV Quiz

    We all had it wrong about Tara, if she was a mormon girl, there would be a lot more mormon guys joining the religion!
  11. VHTV Quiz

    Wow, this is all way before my time on CC, sounds like a busy apartment!
  12. VHTV Quiz

  13. VHTV Quiz

    Now that was a good one jabbath, he certainly watched a lot of people having sex
  14. VHTV Quiz

    haha, it was a living organism, or at least coated with living organisms
  15. Foxy, Kira

    Of course it's still against the law there, so it would be a big problem still, but some of these folks get loud, obnoxious and violent with excessive drinking, and have dick fails, none of this would happen smoking a little weed