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  1. Yo Sergio, put that down and give her a good tongue lashing , she'll love you back for it
  2. Yo Sergio, she was blowing you for half an hour, how about getting off your ass and give her some tongue? Did he ever do that, I see this was 3 hours ago
  3. That must be his thing, Isa would rather have it on her than have to wipe it up off the floor! We work hard for that cum, to just pull out and shoot it on the floor would be a big letdown to me.
  4. Gee, what a terrible thing to be ready for, Melissa soft wet lips, and slippery tongue. Sounds awful!
  5. Haha, I guess I'm boasting a bit, but you gotta keep it wet giving a handjob. that would be enough to put him in orbit 😋
  6. They play football, and they playing the Dallas Cowboys. I call them the Cowgirls. .
  7. Cowgirls!, the fun never ends here. Does it? I got a bunch of friends here to watch my beloved Eagles tonight. I wonder if it will turn into an orgy with lots of swinging dicks. And women getting poked in every place they can be. If it happens I cant take my eyes off the game. I guess I could sit on somebody's face and still watch. Hahahahaha, don't mind my ramblings, I'm getting pretty crapulent over here. Lol
  8. How dare you, I've been drinking margaritas all day, so my spelling will worse. Big Eagles game for us tonight against the stinky rotten cowgirls!
  9. I hope you take your time down there, a couple of licks wont do it.
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