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  1. No need to be sorry . I think I got all that.
  2. That must have been very sweet. Im still waiting. My Guy and I know were getting married some day but not official yet.
  3. Hi Ed, was that proposal live on RLC? Were they alone or was it during a party? I wish I saw that, not a lot of real romance on these sites.
  4. I've admitted lots of times on here I'm a nosy bitch. I'm the same way where I work. I don't spread what I found out around though. Keep it to myself. I'm just a curious person. I thought Linda masturbates quite a bit after sex with Tibor. He's a good lover but I think he needs her to tell him how to get her off. Maybe she did, he needs more lessons maybe.
  5. Aww thats nice. They seem like the perfect couple, so much in love. Tibor's such a gentleman. They're lucky they found each other. Do you think they read comments about them on here,? I'd love to know how they met
  6. Hi Ed, I don't get it, whatever could you be referring to?🙄
  7. What you prefer Ash. Soft or Hard? 😆



    1. ashleyxyz


      Soft are good for eating. Hard is best for all other purposes


    2. Slender Man
  8. Don't listen to me tonight, I don't know what the hell im talking about! 🤪
  9. You know whats funny about Intercourse PA. By the name you would think a bunch of sex fiends live their. With crude men proclaiming theyre going to " f the piss" out of their wives Its actually inhabited by the Amish who ride in horse and buggies, have no electricity, and probably have very proper sex in the dark in the missionary position only, with their religious men saying instead they will "intercourse the urine" out of their women
  10. Hi Naga, there's a town near Intercourse pa , believe or not called Bird In Hand. I think that's more Daves style than Intercourse. 😆😁!
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