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  1. ashleyxyz

    Alice & Spartak

    Omg, You're such a girl! I mean that in a good way!
  2. ashleyxyz

    Molly & Jeff

    Hey Amy, I see a few things I like, they're both long straight and hard, and full of seaman, and I'm not talking about submarines! Did the ladies have anything to do with making those ducks in the condition they're in, or are these 2 guys hard because they know what's cumming? Hope it's the latter!+++
  3. ashleyxyz

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    Haha, I can't count that high, but it's one of my favorite things to do! Had to look it up I admit
  4. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Thanks @Hope85 for all the pics and other great stuff you put up for us!
  5. ashleyxyz

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    I love these 2, I wish I would be invited for some fun. I'd sit on Bogdans face, and then lean over and kiss Nellies neck shoulders and breasts while fingering her downstairs and caressing her body on all sides. Then I would wake up and give myself 10 minutes!
  6. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    Hi Robwin I laughed at him about it. Were together over 4 years. We don't hold back much anymore. Learn something new every day!
  7. ashleyxyz

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    I took French in HS. I can count to ten, that's about it
  8. ashleyxyz

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    Bearded clam?
  9. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    If it "flops" out, that's probably a good thing!
  10. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    Well I reached into Guys bathing suit recently when we got out of a cold pool, and I would say it's TRUE about George's excuse for his shrunken member. The science behind it I wouldn't guess. Nice tight balls also I might add, probably TMI for many on here
  11. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    Lol, ok smartass!
  12. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    Haha, I'll take that as a compliment Robwin!
  13. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana

    Hi Amy, if i said that to Guy he would just laugh at me. Then i guess if im giving him head hell try to shove it in my throat and make me gag, to prove it not any smaller!
  14. ashleyxyz

    Chris & Dana