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  1. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that which seems illogical may actually have a very logical explanation. Whatever the case may be. Both came back from the store together. Then both left together. I will leave it up to those who fully understand the female of the species. To give those of us, who do not, the answer to this event.
  2. So that I don't catch myself quoting an inaccurate temperature. The weather app I use, is showing 64 F. currently for Prague.
  3. There you go. Changing the subject. The discussion was about the balcony temperature. As it related to Malia covering herself, and the possibility of her being unwell. Although, I agree Leora is " hot ". However, she seems to be on a warm up mission currently.
  4. Thank you for pointing out that RLC can not even get the balcony temperature correct. 😀 I did not check Prague weather before I made my post. That also explains why Malia is covering herself.
  5. I am not going to get into a scientific discussion . But I do not believe that the temperature is/was 70 Celsius . The conversion table shows 70 C. = 158 F.
  6. Judging by the way Malia has been covering up. With the window open to outside, where the temperature is 84 F. I definitely agree that she is not feeling well.
  7. Just goes to show. One does not see everything they are looking at. I have not recognized it, for what it is. Its color matching the couch perfectly. Verified, and thanks for the heads up.
  8. Nick, You know that kind of logic is not allowed in this " the Leora, and Malia thread of the forum. 😀
  9. Wishful thinking on your part StnCld. I can make another post that will keep you going all weekend. if you wish. I will also keep it on topic. ALMOST !!!🤣
  10. Actually, the rumor I heard , was that they are going to be leaving tomorrow morning to visit friends. With their plans of being gone from the apartment until Mon. morning. !!!😁
  11. I just verified your opinion of yourself. Wikipedia agrees with you. Koala bear , is inaccurate. 🤣
  12. As usual with these to ladies. It come down to a wait, and see on our part. Again, it is possible that the Koala (Aussie). Has been told what he is to do !😁
  13. That there is. Two bottles as a matter of fact. !! Hopefully this is in preparation of their activity later. To soothe sore muscles, after all the cleaning they have done. !!
  14. Just to be sure that I did not imagine it . I took a look into the past. Replay 22:04 cam 10. The top of the bottle is just to the right of the curtain. On the aforementioned table. ☺️
  15. It is possible that it wound up in Malia's room. I have not been watching constantly. In either case there is a fresh supply in the apartment .😁
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