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  1. Tried to talk Kitty into hooking me up with her Mom. Obviously it didn't work out so well. Maybe Kitty is saving me for herself? 🤣🤣🤣
  2. He is not bad looking. They should try to get an apartment there. Us old dudes would love that shit. Finally, some mature people more like us. Well, some of us.
  3. Many guys here do not understand that Kitty has ambitions and a life outside of here. All we see is her on her phone or arguing with Smith. That is not all she is about. I am sure there is a lot more. It stands to reason that if she is happy with her life outside of what we see, she is happier in her home life.
  4. Bro, it was a celebration of my lady. From what I have heard she did something amazing and it was the first post rhinoplasty. That is why I believe she felt so good. That is why THEY felt so good. Let us hope this continues.
  5. And I will say that kitty had a VERY good day yesterday. Even Smith was happy. Ok was some drinking but there was a reason to celebrate.
  6. They were drinking and kitty had a great day. I don't know the details but from what I can tell she may have had a modeling job after her nose surgery and i would be led to believe that not only did she ace it, not only did she feel like a real model, she aced it and and I imagine she looked great doing it too. I hope I am right.
  7. Not even gonna apologize to Kitty. He needs to lick her to sleep. Make her cum at least twice and sleep on her pussy. maybe she will suck his dick in the morning or feed him an awesome breakfast. Or both.
  8. If there can be happiness for Kitty and Smith, I would be all about it. But make no mistake, it is her I want to see happy. The toxicity hurts me. I even care enough about Smith to hope for his ultimate happiness.
  9. Yes, I saw. Perhaps it is the start of something. There was a similar thing that happened in B1 yesterday. Did you see it? I happened across it almost by accident.
  10. The lady is happy tonight. It was a good day for her.
  11. If I ever had a gf that hot I sure as fuck wouldn't be here. I'd be looking to get my ass hurt again!
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