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  1. The camera doesn't matter per se. To johnny's point, it is about her relationship with the cameras. How far do we go? I don't know the answer and I suspect none of us do as this is still new stuff.
  2. I think maybe she saw some advertisement on youtube, and you know there are certain ones, that showed some social issue or more so, animal issues.
  3. Snoop dog, she was only momentarily sidelined by something but now she is back!
  4. She probably saw one of you all guy's dick pics!😂
  5. So sad but very beautiful when she cries. You know she is human and not just a doll we play with sometimes...
  6. She's reading the ingredients: contains pieces of jugghead. Eat slowly
  7. Time to install another 25 cameras So I can get absolutely nothing done, ever. Except go to work to pay for this shit.
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