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  1. Now, I just wait. Some people here need to learn that I know wtf I am talking about.
  2. I think the dogs did pretty good alone today. Was worried they would have problems but I think that will not be the case. Even better, Sven didn't whine the whole time. He was a good doggie. I think next time she will leave a piece of her clothing out for him to lay on because he kept going to her sweat pants in the bathroom.
  3. I should use chopsticks on sushi. It looks easier.
  4. I would agree Naga. It was nice to watch her tonight. Haven't watched for a bit as well. Closeup was very nice.
  5. First of all i don't worship her. She is my friend. I know things you guys don't and I'll leave it at that. You all can speculate all you want. And ddhm, I'm surprised you would even say that shit. You didn't listen to a damn thing i said
  6. Are you done? Sounds like you are anything but a Kitty fan. Where is the shit Smith said to HER in this tirade? You sound like his mate.
  7. Look pal, you can post your emojis all you want. I tried to reach out but you choose to laugh at me? Nobody knows kitty better than I do. And yeah, she thinks most of the posts here are dumb as hell. All that shit about a sugar daddy and her getting free stuff. She is a good person and I like her. Go ahead and challenge me. No one else will
  8. I think they will argue again. I'm sure Kitty knows it too. For now I'm glad they're happy. Her modeling career and the other things she is working on are showing some promise. I think the result is that her and Smith are more relaxed. And so what if she works a lot and he doesn't so much. I think she enjoys modeling but it is very hard work and stressful. She comes home exhausted sometimes. And Smith is not a huge help but to support her. However, if that is how she likes it I let her be about it
  9. I apologize1./ I called you and a bunch of others here dumb1./ Sometimes I get too big for my britches1./ I also apologize for my keyboard1./ I need to replace it1./ Just know that is is real that Kitty reads our posts here1./ Others may verify but I cannot prove it1./ But she reads it1./ All of it1./
  10. Laugh, Pete 1960. She will think you are just as dumb as everyone else. Listen and learn.
  11. You don't really know what you're talking about. She works very hard and she gets jobs. You won't see her on TV but she gets jobs. And they are getting bigger. When her and Smith leave here she will be making enough to support herself and perhaps even him. Ever notice they are not arguing as much lately? I believe it is because she is succeeding.
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