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  1. Leora has reached her zenith. There is little left here for me to watch. Time to either pack it in or do something unexpected. And I have been her biggest defender.
  2. Kitty, if you see this. You have been gorgeous the past three days. So beautiful!😘 Kitty, pokud to vidíš. Poslední tři dny jste byli nádherní. Tak krásná!😘
  3. You surprise me moos. Have you never been in a relationship? There is always turmoil. Just because we witness it does not make it alien behavior. And you know they drink sparingly. They are young lovers trying to make sense of whatever world they have. Yet, here we sit judging them while they entertain us. My point was that Kitty had a moment when she had less worries and it was beautiful to see.
  4. They're both drunk. i doubt he can even function. She is only awake now but in 5 minutws...
  5. Elle grandit et elle en a assez des conneries. Elle veut une vraie vie pas ça. C'est pourquoi elle a l'air "ennuyeuse". Elle est prête à avancer maintenant et je la soutiens. C'est un endroit pour les enfants, pas pour les femmes adultes ou les femmes qui veulent grandir. Elle est frustrée et elle a le droit de l'être. Il est temps pour elle de déployer ses ailes.
  6. My friend, she cannot talk to us. It is forbidden by RLC. They need to protect the participants, but more importantly, they must protect themselves from litigation and we must respect both. But direct contact is is a wondrous concept if it were ever possible.
  7. Well, they go back and forth in their relationship, and they push each other a lot, which is to be expected. But the bottom line is I believe they really love each other. One day they are very pissed off (and you can tell he is angry too) the next day he is caressing her and they are both smiling. Regardless, I have wished them happiness before and I will continue to do so.
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