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  1. I know some people don't like this thread but other people are saying things. So why the hell not?
  2. It was a good run. I can watch the highlights now, but it's not the same.
  3. See? The therapy group ain't all pissed of. We're one big, happy family.
  4. I already paid RLC until September. It doesn't benefit me to quit until I get bored so I'll hang in there. If anyone has any interest in what's happening I will gladly share what I see or discover. I do apologize to that poor bloke for spouting off like that. It's really not my way. You gentlemen have been very fair and I feel like I'm merely a guest in this environment. Whatever happens after this, thanks for the interaction. Just one question though. Any other sites like this that I might have interest in? I saw someone post something earlier but I can't find it. Not really interested in girls just masturbating on cue or something I would consider porn. We can see that anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Not going with the flow as usual. I will wait and see. Call me what you will.
  6. You can shelve it now. Funny thing is I was actually pissed about something else. RLC is something I've been waffling over quitting for a while now. At this point it's just morbid curiosity.
  7. I provide a dose of insanity. Otherwise, I get bored.
  8. See? Y'all needed therapy. Glad to be of service.😉
  9. I already have 70,000 videos and (not all Leora btw) they're better than what I've seen. Plus, I want to watch it live and interact with people. What works with that?
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