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  1. Anyway, but I understand what you mean. Regards
  2. I think Leora missed us. I would be happy if she continues to share her life with us. I do not care where Paulina stays. Paulina was never home from Leora Queen therefore welcome
  3. Did Leora and Paul ever have anal sex if so, is there a video of it? Best regards
  4. Somewhere in the German TV was even a report that the RU authorities have found and closed some (Illegal) Cam apartments. Whether this is related to RLC is unclear.
  5. Can you please predict when a second wife will join, or a man when good Paul is gone.
  6. Leora has to find a wife and a second husband when Paul is gone. Everything else stops Leora's brain and her open mindedness. Leora, if you read this, understand it correctly and for you.
  7. Did I miss something here? The topic explodes so quickly xDD Paul has a new technical device Or he drills his nose again ? Please update me
  8. Or she is simply annoyed and longs for something else z.b 15-20 cm and high performance athlete genes
  9. Since I can remember, Paul has fewer needs (and I've been watching them from the beginning) Can I even remember a scene, because Leora got makeup, put on beautiful lingerie and waited a long time for Paul. After that she got dressed normally again. Meanwhile, I think that Paul is doing her other good. And the rest she heaves herself.
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