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  1. sorry naga but if this girl reminds you of ginger.then she must be ugly.cause ginger for me was not a beautiful girl at all.
  2. yup there is and you know what i do when i see them.i yell out watch out with the pole and they jump.thats why you see alot of car accidents that are caused by cell phones are caused more by women then men.
  3. how many videos of megan out there of her fucking alot.how many videos of holly even more how many videos of leora and the other females on this site doing the usual shit they do even more.i rather see new faces doing this then the same old girls doing the same thing day in day out.
  4. another one who i didnt like just like ginger and milena.these 3 should get put threw the compactor of rlc.following serefina and a few others.if rlc are gonna bring back recycles bring back girls that are worth watching not some dead fish that isnt going to provide you guys with what the members are paying to watch.
  5. i like megan but all you will see from all these girls in this apt.is the girls stuck to their phone like all of the rest of them in the other apt.everything in their lives revolves around there fucking phones.can you imagine dating one of these girls.how can you go on a date with a girl if every moment of her fucking boring life she stuck to her phone.watch them carefully every moment of the day and what do you see?them stuck to their phones they should just make a cell phone in a form of a dildo since thats is their only addiction.ive never seen or heard anyone die of a phone addiction.but s
  6. i think the oldest participant regarding age was lola she looked like she was in her 30s
  7. it doesnt bother me i dont watch rls.i watch vh.
  8. it might be isp issue.we had this problem before with the servers.
  9. most of the guys these girls fuck are not their boyfriends they are friends with benefits.that dude fiona was with,was old enough to be her father.
  10. maybe they close down🤞if not i wish they would.
  11. your dick will probably fall off.or get some kind of disease.these girls fuck with all kinds of guys without a condom.so watch where you put your dick.kim fucked lucian without knowing that much about him so be careful.
  12. then milena can use that for her room.she doesnt do anything anyway.
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