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  1. lets remeber whos in charge of these apt.and i remember when nora wanted kami and some other girls to do escorting or hosteses for some clients so if the girls are doing this its because nora is putting them up to it and filling there hopes up by saying they will get paid alot of money.
  2. we cant post personal information like that on a regular forum.
  3. hi everyone i had a feeling sophia will be coming to visit just the other day on chaturbate she said she will be in rome visiting so i knew she was going to visit masha.
  4. thank you maxfactor for the info.
  5. thats because the girl is not very pretty to look at.does anyone know where masha is located like what country shes in.
  6. lets remember who is in charge of the gov.apt.thats why they have turned into shit.
  7. i was going to subscribe for sophia but when i came back online this week she was gone so no i didnt subscribe.and now i found out shes a cam girl.so now i see her everyday.just like sofie and stella from vh.they are porn stars in real life not cam girls.
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