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  1. fasterboss

    Ruby & Calvin

    I could not be more in agreement with this, I also do not like to see ruby following the guide, but as far as my interests are concerned, this house is a bit boring nowadays, a routine that is much the same every day, without guests or many friends, everything is less interesting for me
  2. fasterboss

    Ruby & Calvin

    I arrived now, and for a moment I thought we could have an intriguing evening watching ruby groomy said that ruby when participating in some event is not her organizing I was glad that she was not yesterday to party zack organized but on the other hand, this house was losing a little interest, even though and I still like to see ruby
  3. fasterboss

    Alan & Evi

    Where can I buy tokens?🙄
  4. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    Yes😁 but I doubt that I was able to impress myself but the truth and what tastes are not discussed, each one has its own
  5. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    I do not know, I still saw little of it, by the appearance maybe but in the attitude I doubt there are girls who transpire sensuality, do not need to be the most beautiful,
  6. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    well Josie and much prettier than these guests, there is not much to confuse😊
  7. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    yes this la la many guests, this party certainly not interesting, maybe for the end of the night something interesting happens
  8. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    yes it looks like it. Meanwhile, people continue to arrive, and more girls
  9. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    Yes, a lot of guys came in, and one of them and the one who fucked juliet several times in the other house
  10. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    zack is here, solve technical problems or getting involved with Juliet
  11. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    I also like it, but to be fair in my opinion a good cam close, it helps a lot in order to be able to assess although this apartment is small and very good because the cams are very close to the people
  12. fasterboss

    Ruby & Calvin

    I accept your opniao, I also said yesterday that it was not good to watch Now you may want to believe it, but all the time I've been here I've seen many popular people fall You have very good example misty almost a goddess in vhtv arranged a boyfriend, and from the top, went to the bottom, ruby has fans I'm one of them, but you do not think people here from cc represent statistics
  13. fasterboss

    Ruby & Calvin

    I agree with almost everything, and she really should not have played that role yesterday, now do not think she's just living with kevin she'll be able to attract the interest as we have seen many couples here, after a while people stop attending, call it ruby or any other Of course you can look for alternatives, as did Lisa, also Dana and Cris has attracted interest with some guests I think she should have her own guests, but as a couple, she will not be able to, before she goes to zack, the movement here was already little, and the law of vhtv, just a couple, there is not much future here.
  14. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    the kind of girls that right here, and totally different from the house of zack and there we know that they are paid, here I really think they are young and know a lot of people, I may be mistaken, but here I believe they well just for the fun
  15. fasterboss

    Juliet & Pablo

    it may be, but the truth is that she was already very daring and irreverent at the beginning of the party we can not understand how pablo can attract so many girls, but the truth and that he has to have qualities, he has had many hot girls and now Josie for me the hottest of all