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  1. fasterboss

    Romeo & Gloria

    I was here to think about it, it was funny😁 anyway Romero fucks like a champion, unlike many soft sticks that walk around here in vhtv
  2. fasterboss

    Romeo & Gloria

    she is hot😍 but fuck it let's give food to this girl😁
  3. yes it seems that her time here in vhtv has come to an end I hope the time will come now for her to be happy, everything has a beginning and an end, I hope everything goes well for her, in real life😘
  4. I understand that this is not the case for a vhtv ticket, because we have seen much worse and nothing is done but also a threat and violence, you can read any pamphlet on domestic violence, and that fits perfectly what I regret and that is not the first time, and how lisa is going to leave, I am sad for her
  5. It was a few minutes when she was on her knees at the table, nothing special, just reveals that he can be your boyfriend
  6. the guy went to her and gave her a little kiss, it seemed natural, maybe it's her new boyfriend
  7. me too, she is very sexy and natural, it would be really intriguing
  8. he gave a little kiss in the mouth of chloes, maybe james and past😁
  9. and has had a sexual party in the apartment of candy and Dean,
  10. oh a good way to get away from this apartment, I'm not intrested in any sexual party of the kind I've seen them do
  11. Grant left the group even Lisa calling for him, he is not prepared for it
  12. everything would be possible but lisa and grant are of exit, I think they will want to follow your line and comfort I think they will not risk outside their safety zone.
  13. anna and that is not for sure Your performance is brilliant, nothing has changed😍
  14. looks like the guest looks at the leak, maybe found some hole in anna😀
  15. me too but I also consider that everything has a beginning and an end, I wish you happiness, apart from vhtv🤞