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  1. this photo is curious Em, eats and sleeps, and does no cleaning but she's not lazy enough to mess with lisa's personal things really what lisa did to deserve these kids by her side☹️
  2. fasterboss

    Misty & Sara

    unfortunately it is not the evil of this house but the world, this happens everywhere the dining table in the cafe in the restaurant, the world walks to a strange way of living😌
  3. fasterboss

    Misty & Sara

    could be with the light on but it's your first time in vh so I'm going to enjoy it😍
  4. fasterboss

    Misty & Sara

    I hope the party starts, it's already late😛 just kidding
  5. fasterboss

    Misty & Sara

    Let's hope so, let's see how Sara moves in the party. I'm curious, she's so charming and attractive, she's got my attention.😍
  6. perhaps they have raised the parameters of what and the violence that gives the right to expel, maybe we need stabs or shots now🙄
  7. oh I'm surprised they're still here what did Vhtv do that anti-violence speech threw in the garbage👍
  8. Em and Bob, they were fighting.
  9. really,? You belong to vhtv marketing, I do not think it does.🤣
  10. Sorry Jabbat, and you're always defending😁 in some cases the silence is better than to publish lies no one likes lies vhtv should know this😕
  11. this drama has dragged on for a long time, they are not dolls, but people, vhtv or the manager should be more attentive to the signs One day we have a tragedy.
  12. in fact, this was a very long time since it was more than expected to happen I just hope vhtv makes the right decision that should already have been taken much longer and expel all 3😕
  13. fasterboss

    Misty & Sara

    Welcome, misty sarah and hot,😍 I still do not understand what she does here, she will have guests
  14. fasterboss

    Violet & Jeff

    [email protected]'s apt is offline for two - three days due to personal reasons. Stay cool with all amazing moments with Jeff & Violet from our archive: https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm37?&page=1 … #vhtv
  15. Em to cry again because Anna does not send everyone away, no longer the patience for so much drama😕