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  1. Yes that thing is to make selfmade alcohol. The guy there was repairing the fume hood on the floor
  2. Well as now our police lacks masks for protection we at first should save ressources and no longer put them out there to protect US facilities. Furthermore I suggest to confiscate all medical equipment made in 3M facilities in France and Germany. Maybe it would be a way to force these facilities to produce masks...
  3. Well lets hope all the other countries will remember how the USA behaved during the crisis... I am pretty sure other countries can supply us with masks too. When we alread talk politically here I think it is possible that even the world alliances may change after the crisis. At the moment the USA does everything to drive Europe and maybe even Canada in the arms of China and Russia. At least these countries do not steal already paid goods from their allies...
  4. Well we can call him Lucky. We have Funny so why not Lucky too? 🤣
  5. I do not get what trend you mean? I posted the numbers here earlier. VHTV is not doing bad at all...
  6. I can easily find screencaps of present participants resembling your caps of the "good old times" as well as I can caps from the "good old times" looking as bad as the present one you posted... I remember a lot of people complaining about the places you now said were so much better...
  7. Ahahaha you mean Clara. Can't say I miss her 😁
  8. I guess sorting clothes because of spring and summer coming up...
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