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  1. Oh damn. I thought same guy but different haircut.
  2. Nope the ones at the beginning were Debora & Yan.
  3. Yep their fans are abondoning them too...
  4. Well without N&K we now would have two places less. Not a catastrophe at all for VH...
  5. This place is a mole hive lately 🤦‍♂️
  6. Let's see. I have doubts...
  7. But only 8Gb is really not much nowadays. At least consider to go for 2x8GB...
  8. Let's see how the new participants will be. I hope N&K learned something...
  9. How much memory you have? Maybe it is time for an upgrade?
  10. This was for sure the worst place we had so far...
  11. Next ones for the archives @StnCld316 Let's hope this time they stay there 😁
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