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  1. Ummm. Maybe shes just bored...
  2. Really wonder how long Freddy is gonna stay there... Fun is below zero since he arrived. Even the maid was more fun.
  3. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Great. Mira and Henry really one of the best and nicest guests they ever had over.
  4. Anna & Alex Part #3

    One of the nicest couple they ever had over. I am out guys. GN all
  5. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Personally I like Mira better. VH will give her a name when she will be a regular or even more...
  6. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Damn. Right. But shes long gone and Mira fits her perfectly
  7. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Food break:
  8. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Mira wasnt used before Amy
  9. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Really wonder what was wrong with Lisa? What did she expect when living with Anna and Alex? I guess AA learned from the Ashley slow down and now guests must adapt and not the other way round
  10. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Guess I was right. Just saying
  11. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Smalltalk until round2? Jesus what a cutie Mira is
  12. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    I liked them. They were a genuine loving horny couple. When they were at home more they could have had a lot of potential.
  13. Voyeur-House.tv

    Huh thats a strange bug... Maybe try a different browser or try if a reboot solves the problem
  14. Anna & Alex Part #3

    Yes shes one of a kind.
  15. Anna & Alex Part #3

    I like Miras little bush. So cute