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  1. rather managers. Have nothing against the participants even when I pass on watching them. It is the managers doing shitty work. So that emoji is for them and they really earned it once again 🏆💩
  2. Guests from Elza place. And we see the shitty cam from Lolli Bolli place here again too. Seems it also passed the audition. Cam setup a disaster in living area. Well as usual with places from that manager I pass 💩
  3. And it is blocked when somebody sits there. And it is very shaky. It is mounted on some kind of flexible arm... Cam 5 is useless for sofa view and it is quite blurry Cam3 is an utter disaster.
  4. I do not see any cam giving a good view on sofa... Compare it with Demi & Ashton for example.
  5. I don't know. All I know the cam placement there is a disaster and the re-use of the shitty cam they took from Lolli Bolli place makes me think the manager is kidding us. Place moved right to my don't watch list 💩
  6. Of course they want to earn money😁. What I meant is that them having money problems is not the reason for relocation. In fact the new place costs more rent than the old one.
  7. They want to stay in their city. And money is not an issue. They still want to be on the project.
  8. Yes plans changed. The other people changed their minds
  9. There won't be any more participants in this place.
  10. This is right. They are always looking for new people. But Billie right now is not interested in joining the project. They found a very nice place. With one more room which is better when there are guests. I am convinced the new one will be even better than this one.
  11. Seems they improved Bitrate of the cam. Quality is a little better...
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