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  1. Sorry no new information there. Relocation of the places still in progress...
  2. They will be back soon. Just taking some time off. Alexandra & Chad left the project.
  3. What a "surprise". Was saying from the beginning Karina will leave soon. Thet only needed her for their so called "threesomes" Now she will only visit for shitty webcamming... @StnCld316 time to change names. New name Masha & Lex. Thanks 😉
  4. I was told they will return. Relocation takes a little longer...
  5. I guess that is the most we will see from her... Do you know what that round thingy is on the livingroom floor left to the sofa? Til now nobody has a clue. I thought maybe a speaker. But I do not see any connection cables...
  6. So what exactly is the purpose of Ju-Ju in that place???
  7. Well I agree that it was nothing bad and insulting the guy because of this was unnecessary but when somebody wants to talk about it or got shocked at first seeing it the forums is the right place to do so. Don't you think we should respect both opinions? And he's not a guy known for troll posts or anything like that. So we should respect his opinion and not making fun of him. I guess it was just a storm in a tea cup. Nothing bad happened.
  8. I guess it's sexual role-playing. Normally Bradley respects Jennifer and I think she is the "boss" in everyday life 😉
  9. We had super boring girl in shower already. Or something like that 🤣
  10. I don't know. The facefuck was pretty rough I agree. But nothing I would call violence. Saw Jennifer & Bradley doing the same some days ago. Even facefuck with dildo. Plus she didn't make any attempts to run away.
  11. The shy one is clearly Helena. She was the one who tried to cover with blanket repeatedly. The guy is not the problem.
  12. Anything interesting he said? I mean Ju-Ju is just the definition of boring...
  13. What was the talk with Mr. Shitty Cams yesterday about?
  14. Maybe Karina want to live on her own instead doing couch surfing all the time? Can you please listen to the conversation Mr. Shitty Cams had with Ju-Ju yesterday?
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