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  1. Broke them deliberately as this content is mostly not going to be "stolen" by anybody. It is SFW and nobody will care when it appears anywhere else. Wait... Jax is naked 😱🤣
  2. They got better internet today. This is the reason the cams make problems.
  3. They were writing "free cam" on themselves. So I guess they do.
  4. They were not quite interesting before that contest...
  5. No no no. Me too. It just would be nice when they are a bit more relaxed with showing skin when others around. And I will totally "follow" J&H when they split into the bedrooms 😁
  6. But it is the least awkward of all awkward tonight shows when I do not want to watch do-nothing-girl in 18 😁
  7. Well let's see. I predict a split up into the bedrooms soon.
  8. Oh I only knew it as bad insult for a gay man.
  9. What do you mean? It is do-nothing-girl visiting. Do not get excited 😉
  10. Too bad the two together are quite boring...
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