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  1. jabbath1987

    Ruby & Calvin

    No luck for Juliet
  2. jabbath1987

    Ruby & Calvin

    Thanks I did not know that. Funny she is back now where she joined 😉
  3. jabbath1987

    Ruby & Calvin

    You mean the loggia without cam at her old place? That was at the very beginning there.
  4. jabbath1987

    Ruby & Calvin

    No people there are known to hide on purpose. So I guess everything good.
  5. jabbath1987

    Angelica & Claus

    If anybody can then it must be him.
  6. jabbath1987

    Paisley & Cletus

    Add at least one more cam for showing the sofa better and move the existing one closer to it. Possible of course. @Stawr11 is it that place? And if yes will the sofa cams be improved?
  7. jabbath1987

    Ruby & Calvin

    Actually that pic does not show the truth. The two girls are smoking there near the window. That's all. Before and after they sit on the table together with Calvin.
  8. jabbath1987

    Paisley & Cletus

    I was saying they hopefully do not get the place of Ajax & Daisy.
  9. jabbath1987

    Melissa & Sergio

    Ah that's too bad. 😉
  10. jabbath1987

    Melissa & Sergio

    Of course I did. How long did they used it? The jingle?
  11. jabbath1987

    Melissa & Sergio

    Me too. Fresh cut wood really has a nice smell. But nothing better than the smell of new computer hardware 🤣
  12. jabbath1987

    Paisley & Cletus

    As long as it is not THAT place every place is good 👍
  13. jabbath1987

    Melissa & Sergio

    Nah. But I am pretty good in making things. Building furniture for example 👍 And all tech stuff like network cables, network infrastructure but I did some tiling too along with some water installations.
  14. jabbath1987

    Melissa & Sergio

    Sure go on.