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  1. Okay this is really funny. Hannah is the girl there now. The guy is a friend of hers. Tommy is the one who was there with the other girl the days before
  2. Maybe they already changed participants and they have same names...
  3. We have now been shifted to an alternative universe 😁
  4. Guess asking support won't work as they often do not know too. I will ask Felix when he is home. 😉
  5. Lol I thought the same. That the others were the guest...
  6. Yep Stas had. Felix & Felicia had too. Sergio kind of has too. He works as a DJ. Not daytime. Rather night time. And not every day. I think Bahus also has some kind of regular work. Misty boyfriend Kyle was also working.
  7. Thank fuck? Never heard that? Is that more than Thank you very much?
  8. JuJu never really arrived at the site 🤣
  9. Well we can agree it is a lot better now 😉
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