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  1. As I suspected, Helena and Seek broker. At least for VH. On the last days, they didnt even spoke to eachother. Maybe there is a hope for this apartmemt. If ONLY come back, Helena and Eva, maybe se Will see some guests and intersting moments
  2. O think so too. If Helena and Eva have there own apartment, with a lot of male and female friends they had visiting, i think that something interesting can happen. If Serj continues, i think its Lost this apartment
  3. i think serj and helena are no longer a couple...something happened. they dont even talk anymore
  4. maybe you saw. because if you go to old videos you can find Helena with other two diferent guys having sex in bedroom or even at the living room, Eva already had sex with guests too. i like apartments with lots of guests, sometimes they have sex, someother times they dont, the problem in this apartment, its all open, even the bedroom you can see from the kitchen and livingroom, the only place with privacy its bathroom, when this apartment open, there were female and guys guest, maybe if some, had privacy they went further. but i think you prefer apartments like Elza and anna, or poppy and nikki, or even ariel and charly, i dont think they have clothes at home...pass days "fucking" and show pussys to cam, so tthey can get pay and have views. if i wanted that, i have chaturbate, where i can find, much better woman and couples showing for the cams, with better cams view its not the best apartment this one, i agree, but far away to be the worth
  5. For me, i like this apartment. Ok, maybe could be more life. But Helena and Eva, are funny together and they are pretty womans, and are Open minded being together. And not all is fake. Most of the alpartments, are all fake,like some of the apartmemts, where people fonte even have clothes most of the day, and all of them "fuck" all time just to get views. Whats is the excitmente of that? At least this apartment haver some guests, and what que see its partys with happy people. Some partys haver more excitmen then others, but its more real, that most of apartmemts. For me, not all days are great, but i like Helena and Eva. They are two prety Open minded girls, sexual active, and not fake all time
  6. anyone have the video with Ulyana and the curly guy having sex?
  7. This house its a totally joke. Its really out of VH. They Starter as good fuck betwren Sicília and Pablo, and ir was enough, now they dont even sleep ir have any kind of affect, She santa the other guy, and to BE with him, She Will apenas nights out. And Pablo stays até home, all day and night looking at his phone...i have pity about him...looks desperate, and a totally child accepting the situation
  8. she want the guy its always running away because of pablo
  9. they will not do anything because pablo its there
  10. This apartments its a hoje, se Will never see anymore than this, Sicília its always Arlindo her BF, but inside the house and near Pablo, they dont do anything, they go outside, do what they have to do, and the come back...and pretende that noyhinh more its btween them...
  11. Anyone have some vídeo from Eva and BF at livingroom?
  12. Do you have anything from Kamilla? im searching for videos from her and the blond boyfriend thats she had. the one, that she stayed for sometime, not one night stand. anyone have videos from them? i cant find any of them on sites. thanks!!
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