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  1. Who looks in empty archive posts for videos? Hardly nothing new in current threads. Posting oldies gives newcomers an opportunity to grow there RLC video collection without having to hunt all over for them.
  2. Just read thru the posts. Martina is not the innocent, girl next door, young lady that I have viewed for the past 3 years. That's OK with me! Over the last 5 months, her B4 visits and affair with Nelly has generated some of the best videos on RLC / CC and other sites. This forum has been awash with posts like never before. Martina and Alberto are still together. Nelly and Bogdan are still together. If it's OK with them...... The "cooling off" period may have been added to as result of events going sideways. Twice in April at B4, the setting was good for a Martina and Nelly "get together" but
  3. Martina studying all night and early AM. Martina went to bed with Alberto around 4am something. 05:30 am....She is up, on the couch....in deep thought. 05:40 am on balcony...smoke or air. Can't sleep. 05:47 back to bed. Dam, she has some nice swinging breasts!
  4. What are the sleeping arrangements going to be, more people than couches.
  5. Curly / Bruno is home and Gina is kissing and hugging him. What a loving couple...ECH! Leaving ....going over to Linda+Tibor....Linda is folding clothes!
  6. The only thing she has on under that dress is a black thong and pantyhose. Her ass is molded by that dress and she is braless, her puppies are swinging free.
  7. How many time have we seen this soap opera......same story,same actors, same outcome.
  8. While I was typing....Gina let Curly back into the bedroom area / bathroom. That girl needs help!
  9. Gina is dancing now but she is emotionally hurt. She needs a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, someone to hold her, someone to reassure her she is a great person and should be treated better. Sooooo, when can Zac ( Curly's friend) make a move on Gina tonight? How long a wait time....20 min, 35 min, 1 hour? What is the proper protocol for a guy to make a move on his buddy's girlfriend?
  10. Gina could always try the clothes out the window trick.
  11. Sooooo, Curly has been providing a couch to sleep on to his friends......now Curly needs a couch (LOL)....his friends stayed with Gina!
  12. YES How many of your friends show up at your house / apartment with suitcases, flop on the couch, eat your food, and take showers. I have had plenty of family and friends at my house, Pizza night+beer, movie night+beer, dinners+beer, cookouts+beer, and the common thing is ......they don't bring luggage and stay.
  13. To the gentlemen who watched this seduction / teasing tonight. Pam and Pam's guy friend in bed. Question: of the two , who wanted to have sex, and who did not?
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