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  1. I peeked in on B5 a night or two ago, quickly. It looked to me like Hanna was trying to get Tereza involved in some playful activities. It looked to me Hanna wanted Tereza to kiss Aaron, maybe a 3 way hug and kiss. Later, Hanna motioned for Tereza to join her in the bathroom. The timing was right, she had checked on Aaron who was busy playing a video game in his bedroom, and Timur was likewise in his bedroom. Hanna kept pleading, join me, join me, Tereza refused. At the end of the night, Hanna gave Tereza some full on kisses. Question. Is Hanna interested in making out with Tereza? Is this a new development?
  2. An observation: Martina has gone to the beach often and to B4 pool a few times. Last Friday, the 16th, Martina left the apartment (13.00) wearing her blue bikini bottom and the top packed in her backpack. She returned after midnight (00.24) wearing her blue swimsuit, top and bottom. She then took a shower. I noticed ...... she doesn't have very much of a tan. No white skinned bikini marks. I can understand going topless, but then there would be a white bikini bottom. But no. She wears her white watch all the time, but no white skin watch mark. I would think by now , mid summer, with the beach time she has had, she would have a darker tan or tan lines.
  3. I did, I did. I expressed my disappointment earlier and DD mentioned "science fiction movies". I pulled out two classic movies, Logan's Run (1976 Jenny Agutter naked) and Alien (1979 small Alien pops out of the guys chest). Blu-ray, sound system, big screen tv, pepperoni pizza, and Fat Tire Amber Ale. A good night for staying at home. Would have been even better if Magen could snuggle up to me, but no, I guy can dream.
  4. I could go for a science fiction movie! Mater of fact, I think I will. See ya at 11pm tonight.
  5. I just took a peek at B4 Gym. It is insulting to members that RLC put the girls up to such a ridiculous show. Girls, who spend most of their time in their rooms, suddenly what to strip down and rub up against each other. Especially Radi, no freekin way does she want to be there. Not only poor, but piss poor!
  6. What happened to the Nelly-Martina get together? Are they still at B4 somewhere sleeping? Found them in bathtub.
  7. So, I have a question. Why is it that Martina is taking the dogs for a walk at 2:30 - 3:30 am in the morning, while Alberto stays at home watching TV, and playing with his phone? Not cool! 😞
  8. As usual there is a chorus of " Monica must go, about time. " I will repeat a post from last week. I have thought of Monica as a real RLC trouper. Almost every day she has spent hours on her bed, bating before the camera. She seemed to be in bed / tub with everybody. Loraine+Anthony, Amalia, Amira, Claire+Carlos, Ariana, Pam, Radislava, Megan, Holly, and Vivian. No matter what lame event was being hosted, she showed up. She sure as hell has done much more than many RLC participants. I believe the last few weeks have been tough on her. Losing her room to a replacement tenant (RLC treated her poorly), a tiff with Amira, and an unknown event that had her screaming on the phone and crying. ( maybe another fuck over by RLC ) Each girls time in Barcelona must come to an end. Monica's time has come.
  9. Just viewed Masha's latest sex partner. Got to say ....non-impressed! Generally, what is with all this ass slapping? I didn't like him slapping her across the face, I understand not full force, but just the attitude...suck my dick bitch...slap. Classy move spitting into her mouth. And the choke hold ????. Even more disappointing, Masha went along with this shit.
  10. Nelly and Bogdan trying to get pregnant. I was thinking along the same line. I have not seen Bogdan cum in Nelly, he pulls out and cums on her back and ass.
  11. November 2020, Martina was at the villa twice. Girls in tub, Martina-Megan, Martina-Holly, kissing and touching. Martina ended up on the couch, alone. December 2020, night of the 21st. Martina at villa with Nelly. The villa is empty, girls are gone for the night. Bogdan is present but secluded away. Tub time, kissing, back massages, big bed, then the girl-girl sex starts. Martina and Nelly.
  12. Checked in on CC / RLC 10 minutes ago, read the post on B2 party. Bearded guy between legs of who....Lola or Anna? ( What a squirrel ! ) Please, somebody put something in Aaron's drink to make him sleep. Let loose the Hanna.
  13. You mean, she used her feminine wily ways to seduce the guy, and then use him for her sexual pleasure? The predator. 😉 ( where does the line begin? )
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