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  1. Sergio and his new girlfriend.."was a little too generous with that old one"
  2. it's am assumption.. Melissa is MIA as well Bernard. Sergio is home..
  3. I was kinda thinking she might have stayed there.. Sergio probably gave up.. ya this apartment is toast..maybe set up big dudes house..haha
  4. I think there is another type I see more often now..new ones come in with the notion all anyone wants to see is them having sex or looking at their bare ass..my preference is to forget the camera are there and let the chips fall where they may.
  5. Great point..there were some that they eliminated at their height..now it is like a revolving door..
  6. Quite frankly this apartment can get boring when it just the two of them..I welcome the new activity with the big boy but am disappointed they choose to do most of it somewhere else..I think the three of them should get an apartment together and good luck to them..
  7. She's a little hesitant to open the pearly gates until she gets the green light from the boss..but we will see it here..hopefully
  8. pretty sure the big guy Melissa is glued to isn't her brother..you are right if you don't count Sergio in..Hasn't quite reached the level of condor benefits yet.
  9. so Sergio eggs then on to fuck around..til he gets pissed because he has become the third wheel in this threesome..stay tuned
  10. looks to me like Sergio is ..ok I let you fuck this guy,,now it is over..haha.. just going be hand signals..lmao
  11. Seems like they found a place to party offline..sucks..
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