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  1. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    I'd take Leora and the dog but forget Paul!
  2. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    I assume their friends will only visit in ones otherwise they may have an overcrowding issue!
  3. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    Why would you put potentially one of the top couples in one of the worst apartments on the site?
  4. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    Still have the same amount of space though!
  5. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    They are probably thinking "What happened to the luxury apartment they promised?"
  6. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    New type of view to give us something different?
  7. jjkopite

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    I think my spare room is bigger than this whole place!
  8. jjkopite

    Cleo & Axel

    Hasn't Ben every watched these two? He has more chance of fucking Axel then Cleo!!
  9. jjkopite

    Darren & Roberta

    Brilliant, thanks for that!
  10. jjkopite

    Darren & Roberta

    Thanks Mira and Henry. Now any chance of a camera on the loggia?
  11. jjkopite

    Whitney & Ben

    Ben and Whitney have already done more than Cleo and Axel, at least they have had a 3some and fucked other people.
  12. It's his choice provided he had let Lisa know, she seemed surprised and annoyed by him.
  13. He's not "sensitive", he's just insecure!
  14. Grant has now gone to sit in the loggia!!