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  1. This is interesting. She has one man asleep in bed and another has just arrrived. Whos first to get inside her.
  2. I know I am a bit crude when talking about sex.
  3. Ihave different words. Getting fucked. Have been following her apartment ever since I rejoined about a month ago. She both amazes & fascinates me with the amount of sex she gets. Almost every other night she ends up with a dick in her. I cannot understand how she gets men to call on her at 2 3 or 6 in the morning. Very clean woman and makes the men shower before they can touch her sexually. She either has a lot of friends or maybe on the game. Love seeing her with a woman. My only criticism of the apartment is I wish she would turn the
  4. Excuse me being thick! Canyou explain " No messing around when it comes to getting the D... " Would be much appreciated.
  5. Back Home at 02.45 in the morning. "2 men & a women with her. Anyone recognise her?
  6. After the shagging she got last night I expected her to spend 12 hours sleeping. Instead she has gone out. Surely she is not on the hunt for more cock. After last night she must be walking bandy legged! We shall see who she arrives back with.
  7. Tonight is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Thank god I only took a months subscription.
  8. I keep reading about new software to allow the attachments to be downloaded. My question is very simple WHEN? All the posts I have rea you say it is coming soon. Problem is some if these posts are 6 months old. So is soon this year next year or never and we are just being fed rubbish so as to get our subscriptions paid.
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