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  1. Tender skype with unknown correspondent (it was not Kristy)
  2. Joanna is very beautiful, and she is very hungry. But I miss Ariola ...
  3. Yes, old Stiffler and Darcie's. Stiffler mentionned it in messages above. Alisa also had hot moments here. Where is she ? Definitely out ?
  4. ` Now Ken has interesting pics in his phone. And Barbie still fond of mirrors.
  5. Maybe she will open an apt with the guy who helped her packing ? And btw, any news from Melissa/Harley, opening was reviously announced for end feb ?
  6. They were tenants maybe 2 years ago. Rather active, lots of 3somes, Otto is Bi. Example: Watch Orgy lola otto 4some may 31 | Naked people with Helena & Christopher in Living room | The biggest Voyeur Videos gallery VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch moment Lola otto 4some may 31 in category Orgy on realm Helena & Christopher camera Living room at Voyeur House HD videos...
  7. Harley/Melissa should show up in her new apt one of these days, nope ?
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