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  1. Was Vita & Tom's realm number.
  2. Allison & Roger – Living room camera Voyeur House TV (cam13) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch Living room camera in private voyeur show of Allison & Roger at Voyeur House TV Squirt
  3. Happy to see Krista regularly. One of those vh girls I miss the most. Maybe she will come back ? Maybe she lives in the vicinity ?
  4. She knows where the cam is ... Did we see her in the past ? I don't remember.
  5. Am I wrong, or Bev already did it with the red head girl ?
  6. New couple in the gang ? Or just a cam test ?
  7. A smile I am happy to see again. Welcome back Melissa/Harley.
  8. Is it a bad sign ? Their twitter doesn't exist anymore.
  9. Is she doing what I think she is doing ? If yes, Kahti is indeed open minded ...
  10. https://twitter.com/SinaJules/status/1306254836686610432 Yes.
  11. Tks a lot. So they broke, that's why they won't return. I didn't know.
  12. Tks, but the other info you seem to have, about emotional ride ?
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