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  1. Third threesome of the day. If I am correct, same guys in the same order as monday.
  2. Wow. Her best quality is that she is pretty manageable. She can be moved one way or another. That's hot !
  3. Thanks. Do you know whether Iren will come back some time ? Or she is lost. Her presence was not as hot as when Beatrice was here, and there were less parties. But I liked her.
  4. Since she's not Iren, does she have a name yet ? if not, I propose Gina. She reminds me of Gina Gerson.
  5. Slutiness continues. Second threesome of the day just now.
  6. The answer is I liked it a lot. It was a surprise given your previous statements that nothing like that would happen... Hoping it is was a true pleasure for you two, but it seemed to, and was thus exciting to watch ! I would love to know exactly what's on a woman's mind in this situation, it will remain a mystery for me, unless...
  7. Isa and Bart must live in the same flat. K&A left their apt at 1:53, and arrived at M&S apt at 1:57. No stuff, no bag.
  8. Sorry, didn't see your request. From what I recall, she visited alone, Korben was here I think, she had a look everywhere, somewhat as if she was looking for a place to live in. She stayed one hour or so, but I didn't watch the whole visit.
  9. Thank you Melissa for these two amazing nights. Thank you Krista also, but Melissa was the goddess of the week end and she surprised us so much. For me, this kind of party is the best VH can offer. Bianca was very emotional, and Ellis grumpy and naughty as hell. I hope K&A don't look for an apt anymore, they have a very positive influence on their hosts ! (a joke ...)
  10. Yes. And she is more and more interesting. Two threesomes, almost three, in less than 24h. She sucks with a divine smile. She seems happy to get fucked with masked men.
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