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  1. I believe Leora was seriously considering diving in face first. Well maybe next time.
  2. It's not rocket science Leora, crack open a bottle of wine, then let nature take it's course.😎
  3. Perhaps small steps at first,bating together would be a nice start. The buildup would be exciting!
  4. Leora clearly Paul doesn't have your drive. " It happens" Time to bring in a girl friend or a sister, cousin, mother (if she is a MILF), We won't judge.
  5. I think Leora and Paul are going to have to step up their game.
  6. :wtf:paying good money for premium service rcl fix cam6 in Susan and Hectors bedroom
  7. hoe Hum watch TV ? Let Paul do me? Watch TV Let Paul do me :screwy: :idk:
  8. This is frustrating to watch. Paul watch one off the many vid captures that the viewer have provided for you and learn what Leora likes.!!!!!!! :yikes:
  9. Geezz laying back with your arms behind your head while getting head--" THATS OUR JOB!"
  10. I can't believe she hasn't given him the courtesy of at least a snaky little lick
  11. so is she giving him the old don't worry it happens to everyguy
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