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  1. Heck yeah, with other men. Paul doesn't seem interested in anything but his computer. Don't think Leora has to worry about him straying
  2. Yeah, Paul should sell autographs, He's living a frat boy's dream life.
  3. Add to that Leora has to initiate sex and as he participates, in his bewildered way, he doesn't seem to know when he cums. Must be missing some crucial nerves down there. Hey, they're happy with the status quo. We don't need to understand why. Personally I shake my head. For some reason known only to her she doesn't need much from her man or life to be happy. With such low goals she won't be let down I guess.
  4. Think ddhm would have the precise #. Gotta be around 3,000. 11 years x 365 sometimes none for several days other times 2 sometimes 3 a day.
  5. Man, they were going to bed at get out of bed time. I get up early and she's in bed after 2:00 in the afternoon. She'd have a tough time with a couple kids.
  6. Think you nailed it. Different strokes for different folks...
  7. My comment was based on observations at the time discounting Russian conversations. Do you speak Russian?
  8. Cripes, Paul finally gets frisky and leora sends him straight to the shower. He gets in bed and she ignores him. Come on, Paul, go for it like a man instead of waiting to see if you might get some crumbs
  9. That was great. What I enjoy is when she looks at the camera acknowledging her viewers. Doesn't do it very much anymore
  10. Since Leora loves exhibiting why not a hand held 'mobile cam'? She be able to be innovative with that
  11. I think it's great but she could move the chair closer.
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