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  1. plum


    I can't watch this anymore.. it's excruciating.. Courtney is playful and obviously horny... these two guys are a total waste of time. The blonde guy with the muscles should think about training the muscle between his ears.. what a total fuckwit. I'm off to bed..night all..
  2. Sorry Jab... I didn't know they both had surgery... wishing Lexy and Pete a full recovery.
  3. I've been away recently... I have been scrolling through the posts on here... This apartment has become a bit tame recently... I love Lexy and Pete.. they are always up for a wild night... it's all gone a bit quiet.
  4. I've been away on a weekender with friends and missed the Lexy Pete and Anica evening... Would love to see it.. anyone feeling generous and send a dissapointed camcaps regular a link? love and respect to all..😎
  5. I did shout very loudly...😂
  6. Thank you for removing the curtain..😎
  7. we should name this apartment not Reallifecam..but Partly covered cam. Get that bloody curtain moved!!!!!
  8. plum

    Romeo & Gloria

    😂 Sex robots...great description..
  9. plum

    Romeo & Gloria

    I'm glad I'm not the only one Jab..these two are like automatons. no spark between them IMHO.
  10. plum

    Darcie & Stifler

    Stifler is always putting a dampener to these parties...what a wet fart he is... why invite other couples round... get down to underwear, the night has real possibilities... and then Stifler puts the brakes on and kills the vibe stone dead. Beats the shit outa me.
  11. plum

    Romeo & Gloria

    I know they guys cock is pretty impressive size wise....but he never seems to get a full erection... it always seems to be at half mast..😄 Seems he's always "thumbing in a slackey" The girl is pretty insatiable though..she seems very highly sexed..and very beautiful too. The sex is always mechanical though.. going through the motions.. no real connection or passion. or is it just me?
  12. mealtimes are a real social event here... the guy is on his laptop, and has his earbuds in listening , I presume, to music. What a boring , unsociable lot these are.
  13. plum


    I love it when Ana gets together with Lexy and Pete...there's always real sexual chemistry between them... and beautiful Bree there as well... this evening could turn really special.. Shame, as a non subscriber I have to watch from a distance from the kitchen cam. These 4 people are beautiful fun people individually... as a group they should be fabulous.
  14. Hope something remotely sexy starts soon...I've been watching this for 6 hours now... losing the will to live.
  15. lucky Pete...I would love to kiss Lexy's arse...