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  1. Still think Alex is an absolute wanker. Old rubberdick shows up on here less and less these days.. wish he would fuck off for good.
  2. this session sounds fabulous from the kitchen cam...wish I could see it... thanks for the pics..wouldn't mind a link...😃
  3. This is the longest I've seen Daniel keep his trousers on for.... and he hasn't played with his dick for hours..must be some kind of record..😀
  4. The behaviour is bizarre.. wtf is going on? Enlighten me.😄 The whole site is full of strange behaviour this evening..must be drugs night. The guest couple in Billy and Samanta are completely shitfaced.
  5. What is this with Russian guys ? They are always playing with their cocks..Daniel does it ..this guest guy is doing it..even when they are doing mundane things ..even when they are at the dining table eating.. Didn't they have toys when they were children? 😄
  6. Ah well....back to watching Daniel eating spaghetti and playing with his cock...😁
  7. Dominessa always sees to get the raw deal..the guest guys are studs.. Daniel always has a semi hard dick..and he's hung like a pencil.
  8. The guest girl is so bloody hot..wish I had a subscription..I would love to see her in bedroom action..
  9. what happened this evening? Stiffy is a bit pissed off..he's actually pushed Darcy ..
  10. Can't stand anymore of this boring crap..I'm outa here..night all..
  11. Why does everyone keep disappearing into the hallway?
  12. Looks like Darcie and Stifler have fucked off...can't say I blame them. This lot of neanderthals haven't got a brain cell between them.
  13. For god's sake VHTV...bring back Lexy, Pete and Ana. This apt is full of uninteresting juvenile alcoholic wasters.
  14. Foamy.. I agree totally with your comments about sexual orientation.. In this context "faggot" is totally wrong . People should be able to enjoy their sexuality , whether hetero , bisexual or homosexual, live and let live. ..............Pecan Pie..never heard of that one..got to give it a try.
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