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  1. Can they refill the tub? or is it out of action until fixed?
  2. Whoops..sorry Jab..my bad..😁 Posted on the wrong thread..happens when you got VHTV and Camcaps running on your browser at the same time...😵
  3. Does anyone else think that Roberta's guy looks like Lurch from the Addams Family?
  4. There's a lot of "looking at phones" action tonight...
  5. Mira seems a bit miserable tonight..
  6. There seems to be a total lack of sexual chemistry this evening between these two couples..hope this improves.. I want to see some action here.. Lisa was well up for it a few days ago.. just got to persuade Grant to lose his inhibitions.
  7. Mira won't let Henry be alone with Roberta..... Mira is Henry's shadow tonight..
  8. I just love seeing Roberta showing that luxurious body of hers...😍
  9. Hopefully , in the few days that Lisa and Grant have been away, they have discussed the idea of swapping partners with Lexy and Pete.. and Lisa has convinced Grant that it would be fun and would probably enhance their relationship. ...Hopefully...😎
  10. Many thanks for the reply.💓 I am loving the playful games you two wonderful people are playing tonight.
  11. Where are Lisa and Grant? Haven't seen them for a few days.
  12. I can't take my eyes off Lexy... that fabulous ass clad in tight Denim... those boobs ..braless in that figure hugging crop top.. I am totally in awe of this gorgeous woman. Lexy...you are pure perfection. That is all .
  13. Lexy looks fabulous in figure hugging jeans and a sexy crop top.. Man...Lexy is one top class lady.💗
  14. That's my kind of "all you can eat buffet" 😎