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  1. plum


    Can I just say... Ana.. you are superb.. Lexy and Pete leaving is a huge loss.. but Ana.. you are what this apt is about. My God I love everything about you..
  2. It absolutely astounds me the amount of cigarettes they are smoking.. one after another...their lungs will be shot to pieces by the time they reach 40 years old. ..and that apartment must smell like an old ashtray.
  3. I think you're right Misc... just need Lexy and Ana to start something.. there's plenty of potential here.. great looking guests.. Just hope something will happen..it's all a bit stagnant ATM
  4. The girl with the long dark hair dressed in black is absolutely beautiful...I would love to see her in action later this evening...😎
  5. Can I say here on record.. I would love to be Pete. Lexy is perfect. .... a perfect sexy body, everything about her drives me crazy. Really missed her on here when she went missing recently... I don't know the reasons why. ..and Ana in the apartment too.. Ana is beautiful too.. and hotter than a firecracker. What guy wouldn't want to share an apartment with these two fabulous females?
  6. fuck this shit.... I'm out of here... it's 2am in central Europe.. I gotta go to bed. Night all!
  7. I think it's about time lexy Pete and Ana woke these boring bastards up... c'mon ..get this party started ffs.
  8. I think I'll name this "lexy and Pete's insomnia cure party" It's certainly sent me to sleep.
  9. Is this the most boring party ever in the history of Lexy and Pete?
  10. Not enough fucking with each other...Too much time fucking with phones. It really pisses me off this apartment... the girls are both absolutely stunning.. always lounging about almost naked.. they have the most beautiful bodies.. and the guys ..especially the big guy.. just want to play on their mobile phones. What a bloody waste.