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  1. Even Delores was able to cry kind of. From now on I will only refer to Milena now as Delores.
  2. Glad I didn't see it to be honest. It's almost not even worth watching good parties when VH is just going to fucking ruin it anyways.
  3. Do you know which couples were involved or were they all new people having sex?
  4. Since you saw it on that other site, put a screenshot of her in the tub with Eva so we can all tell you that it isn't her.
  5. When we take past tenants into account: Marry: Courtney Fuck: Juliet Avoid: Candy; aka the worst female I've ever seen on this site. @Folivora I'm curious to see who you would choose....
  6. Marry: Jennifer Fuck: Nikki "Avoid": Sofia BTW, you make this too easy by allowing the entire cast up for option. You're supposed to pick 3 and then have someone go from there.
  7. Did you really think she was going to keep inviting him back to the house? If she's not seeing him off cam then she's already teased him enough to her satisfaction and has ditched him off.
  8. Pffffff... I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since I didn't even see it. And I'm supposed to just believe what he says just because he said it, when he couldn't even get what was on cam correct? Give me a fucking break.
  9. Any proof of her having sex out of the apartment? Like I said, keep making stuff up.
  10. In the months she's been on RLC this is only the 2nd guy she's been with, but please continue making stupid shit up.
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