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  1. I don't care if these people are a couple or not, but Hakeem has got to be the world's biggest jackass to agree to come into a house full of cams while having some sort of issue with letting Asia be naked on cams, outside of showers. The amount of complaints RLC is going to get from this couple is gonna be incredibly hilarious.
  2. Interesting that Baldy didn't show up. I wonder if he chose not to come or if he even got an invite. Is the girl in the blue the same one that used to tutor Eva in English?
  3. @Layne Welcome back for your short visit. Good to see you two again.
  4. Wow that really is Mika and Lane. I didn't recognize them from being away from cams for so long. Interesting that Sam and Eva are also familiar with this couple too. This circle must be tight knit.
  5. A poker night should be great to check out. Eva's progress on guitar is mind blowing. I still remember her earlier lessons from when she first started. I used to play guitar back in the day but quit to learn piano. Dare I say I'm a little jealous of her guitar skills. I think it's pretty cool that they write on the board to let us know what the night's plans are.
  6. True. I should have mentioned that. Thanks for correcting.
  7. She could or should accept that he's just gonna fuck a new girl every couple of months. It wouldn't really be a problem if she would occasionally fuck a new guy herself.
  8. Yeah, admittedly this is true at times. They are a very slow and inactive couple at times, especially for a couple that is a lot less vanilla than the other RLC couples.
  9. VV existed for nearly a year before Petra got involved. RLC existed for -years- before VV started. And RLC is still bigger than either VV or VH had ever been.
  10. It's not that the sound is low. The TV is right next to the microphone.
  11. I'm sorry but this is an incredibly stupid and presumptuous statement, especially coming from someone has no idea who these people actually are nor understands a single thing they say.
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