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  1. I'm really not trying to turn this into a which night was better thing. Both were awesome for different reasons and I guess it all comes down to what everyone's preferences are. I agree with phantom in that even if the B2 orgy was planned, it still came from a night that wasn't planned. Also in the orgy, you had more seduction with some girls taking complete charge and some being led and not knowing what to expect, which is something I'm generally a big fan of; watching the moment when someone decides to let another person fuck them for the first time. Tonight was more like a booty call. The girl came over and within a minute or two both were at it. That's not to take anything way from what was seen. Both girls were genuinely into each other and the session lasted for well over an hour. There's no denying. But for me B2 night is still champ.
  2. One of my closest friends doesn't like anyone going down on her either.
  3. The only thing better than a major event happening is watching all the video beggers popping out of the shadows.
  4. Well said.
  5. Very well said. I agree fully.
  6. If she started hitting him and throwing things at him, she's not only an idiot but she's fucking crazy and should be banned.
  7. After all the commotion made about violence and assault in VV, I hope the same commotion will be made about her. I hope she gets banned from the house for violence.
  8. please pm me the threesome video if you have it, i want it badly

    i will be thankful to you ::)

  9. Masha and male guest still fucking after all this time. Incredible display of stamina from both. And can anyone please explain how the male guest got the nickname TK and what it stands for?
  10. What I don't understand is why Sasha is so damn passive and soft when it comes to this female guest when he's a lot more energetic when it comes to Masha. I mean he did fuck her for almost two hours and that was before the two hour orgy. It's a shame because I prefer to see the female guest in action. Her body is incredible but Sasha refuses to be more aggressive with her.
  11. Sasha always takes forever to get something started. He was the same way the last time he fucked her in the bedroom. They were bathing together and she was masturbating while laying on top of him and he did nothing then either. That's just who he is and what he does.
  12. @Voyeur House TV I think it's great that you respect the feedback from the forum members, but also please keep in the mind that there are only a handful of people that post here and are indicitive of your entire subscriber base.
  13. Isn't it funny how much fun the girls are having.... WITHOUT Nicole? Like the day after she leaves, everybody gets together and does this. I'm not watching now but it would seem that my comment about Nicole bringing down the vibes for everybody else holds some merit.
  14. Alex was never trying to fuck Anita.