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  1. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    VH has explicitly said "now theirs and our plans are different," so all this nonsense about trying to blame one person who had nothing to do with this apartment for its closure, is just that... nonsense. Please try to use common sense when making posts. Please.
  2. Misty

    They're out. That's all you need to know.
  3. Volga Apartment - Split #1

    So how much longer do they have to stay before you add their names to the bedroom? Jeez... why does it take you guys so long to update this?
  4. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    Sad to see this place go. Hopefully we'll still get to see more of Teya, Dasha, and the guest couple either at Layne's place or Nelly's place. Still holding out for all of them to party together one day.
  5. Volga Apartment - Split #1

    I was waiting all day to see if Inna would fuck one of the guys and she fucked one of them twice after I had stopped watching.
  6. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Marna reminds me a lot of Christy from back in the day how they both have no problems going after other girls' boyfriends. Marna is a lot more aggressive while Christy was more subtle and conniving but at the end of the day, they are the most cold-blooded women I think that has ever been on any voyeur site.
  7. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    @VoyeurVillaNews Thank you for clearing that up. This is the kind of the stuff that is interesting to watch. I'm very interested now to see how this will all play out.
  8. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Not sure. She's currently in Greenwood visiting Ivo and the bunch there. Greg and Marna fucked again while she was there. Not sure if they broke up or if this is full on cheating. Finally there is evidence in the archives. Looks like they've been fucking all over the house. Edit: It's kinda looking like Greg and Inna broke up. Him and Marna are sleeping together in her bedroom.
  9. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Seems like I was wrong about Greg and Marna. He's fucking her right now.
  10. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    Just thought to add in Efim and the foursome couple that visits Masha and Sasha in that group. I think that would be pretty cool to see. Nelly, Layne and Efim are all musicians too so it would be cool if they could all play something together.
  11. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    I would love to see Layne, Dasha, Maya, Boris, Nelly, Bogdan, Teya, Stan, Masha and Sasha all party big together at least one good time.
  12. *Maria* and Grisha.
  13. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Not according to the archives.
  14. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    Let me guess... nothing happened, right?
  15. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    This is the only thing in the archive from the 15th.