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  1. Marley also fucked Zahia but nobody thinks Marley and Monsoon are just fuck buddies.
  2. No. There was a different girl in the guest room on the 14th. https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm58/cam17/hot-evening-3somesep-14
  3. When it comes to these types of sites, it's all dependent on types of tenants involved. And you're always going to have routine when you're dealing with couples, regardless if they are monogamous or if they are swingers. Of course the monogamous couples will always be the most boring but even with couples like Christian and Ruta or even Henry and Mira, after a while you've seen all that they are capable of because all of their interactions with other couples and people eventually all look the same, just with different people. I like swingers, I like watching people have sex with others, but after a while, the group sex dynamic will all start to look the same anyway. Of course it's going to be worse with couples like Melissa/Sergio and Domi/Daniel because they won't even go that far. I have been against seeing couples for years now and I don't think any couple can offer anything exciting to watch. I only recently started to like Nikki and Archi, but that was only because of what Archi did and now I'm curious to see what will develop there (and no surprise that it involves him wanting to do stuff with other women). Single people is where all the excitement lies because all their situations with different people can be different. What this site needs is a house with a bunch of singles living together that are social and adventurous; who have friends of their own and not afraid to mix things up with new people. Even the single woman living alone fucking a bunch of random guys has gotten a little stale. It was nice when Misty did it because at the time we have never seen any other girl like that before, but fast forward 2 years and about 11 or 12 girls who have all done that and even that gets a little uninspired. To be perfectly honest, after Juliet and Ruby left, there really hasn't been anybody worth investing any time into. I do like Katrin at the moment but not enough to keep me invested.
  4. One of these days I'd love to see Archi fucking the girl on the couch. The guy she's with now is kinda uneventful. I also wish she'd move into the guest room and they move the useless cam girl out.
  5. I was watching this last night. After about 3 or 4 minutes I just tuned out. I think maybe the guy was too nervous to fuck on cam or something. He was taking entirely way to long to keep it to the next level and Katrin didn't make any advances either. Both were way too passive.
  6. If this isn't one of the most uneventful BJ's I've ever seen. Holy shit...
  7. ...and they could have just as easily removed it if they wanted.
  8. Ante didn't wreck anything. He didn't force anybody to do anything they didn't want. If nobody wanted him there, they could have told him no and any of the 4 could have told him to leave the bedroom, 6 if you include Mira and Henry in the beginning. And he didn't prevent anybody from doing anything that they wanted to do. I didn't see any of the 4 trying to get to one another and Ante blocking them. Melissa and Sergio have had a million and a half opportunities to do things with anybody they want. Don't blame Ante now because they didn't do anything with Isa and Bart tonight.
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