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  1. No, I just don't think they've moved it back from last night. It's already after 2 am.
  2. Yeah I saw that later and corrected it. He looked different because he was lying on the couch.
  3. Looks like there's a new guy there but it's hard to tell. Streams not loading for me and all I see is thumbs. Edit: nvm, I think it's just the boyfriend of the blond girl.
  4. If the blond girl with the boyfriend cheats on him, I'll be in heaven.
  5. Eric has stamina but he has no power or creativity.
  6. I only know the guy with the blond hair fucked her. I didn't see how big he was. But if it was the same guy, she must have got used to the pain because they were at it for hours.
  7. The blond guy is the one that fucked her throughout the night. I gave a lot of praise to Marna for her sex but he definitely deserves acknowledgement too for being able to perform so much. She definitely likes him but I he's gone now with the other guys. Don't know if he'll be back. My guess is he will.
  8. Damn, poor guy has to sit on the corner of the bed and watch Marna get fucked silly again.
  9. Kitchen cam is loaded but it took a long time. She's so loud that you can hear her through the bedroom and kitchen doors.
  10. There's a few recordings that are over an hour long. And a few that are about 40 minutes long. BTW, they're at it again.
  11. Spoke too soon.. at it again. Taking on both guys again.
  12. I think they're finally done for the night. I don't even know how many hours that was. Marna just single handedly put all of VHTV to shame and most of RLC. I don't know where VV found her but goddamn she's incredible.
  13. I feel bad for that 2nd guy. Looks like he's having performance issues. The 1st guy is doing all the work while the other just watches.
  14. And NOW, she's jerking both guys off. Trying to get them started for yet another round. At this point I've lost count.
  15. I don't think there has ever been a girl as loud as her on VV before and the fact that she's this loud with someone right next to them is just unreal. And it looks like she's still trying to get the 2nd guy involved again.