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  1. miscvoyeur

    RealMyCam.com voyeur news announcements

    For the point in bold, even when the site was freetocam there was a couple that stayed there that also visited Kate and Molly. I still think VH started this site and made all the rooms free as a way to advertise to VH. You can even see a link to VH in the top section. It even uses a lot of VH fonts. It's possible that Anna and Alex runs this site but is less likely because I think they're still manage people on VH. Plus that wouldn't explain why Darcie and Stifler are there wearing VH shirts. What doesn't make any sense to me is why have these parties when fuck all happens in them, especially when you invite another couple from the parent site over. My thinking is that you would invite the most adventurous and party happy people. I like Darcie and Stifler but they're not exactly the wild and crazy type.
  2. miscvoyeur

    Eva & Sam General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    I can't comment on whether she's into it or not but I do agree that it's been boring and rather infrequent. But they tend to go through spurts. When they first started Sam and Eva had some really painfully boring sex. Then for a good while their sex as actually great and Sam was really giving it to her good. Now it's tapering off back to it being all that hot. So maybe at some point when they get the spark again, it'll go back to being hot. They seem to have really hot sessions (in my opinion) when they are sneaking off or trying not to get caught, like those times they would literally fuck next to someone who is sleeping. It was a shame that it was undercover but they are also not afraid to fuck in front of people like they did on the living room couch at Masha and Sasha's place when they visited. It was one of the hottest things I seen in good while. These two are definitely exhibitionists but there's never really any opportunity to really see that. What I don't understand is (I'm sure they have their reasons) being as how they are obviously open to sex with different partners, why not every once in a while invite another open couple and get to know them and see what happens. It could add some spice. If anything will definitely be exciting to see how everything plays out.
  3. miscvoyeur

    RealMyCam.com voyeur news announcements

    Anna and Alex have been huge disappointments lately. It was the same thing when they were here last time. It was great to see Darcie and Sitlfer here along with their friend meeting Anna and Alex for the first time (at least on cam), but tonight was just a huge waste of time and a total fucking snoozefest. It's also clear to me that VHTV owns this site or is working with them or whatever. I hope in the very VERY near future that the next time they organize some kind of party that it goes better than the last two stalemates they've had.
  4. This is actually very exciting. It's been a long time since I've been exciting about watching an apartment.
  5. That apartment is boring and becomes more and more disappointing.
  6. I'm not going to watch anything involving this guy but let me guess or predict that he's going to have performance issues.
  7. Tenants have been reading CC for years. Literally isn't anything new. You can even see CC on some of the phones and computers when the tenants get sloppy.
  8. And that still doesn't address that they are only 3 apartments out a site of 25. So again.. for the third time... the statement is still inaccurate.
  9. 1. There's only one other roommate apartment and it isn't common behavior there. 2. Barca is only 3 apartments on site of 25 others. So again, statement is not accurate.
  10. The majority of women on RLC don't even do this. So this statement is not accurate.
  11. I hope that other couple comes back in the future.
  12. If Elise left the project, who manages Cornelius and Riley? Or did you mean Elise only left as a participant/tenant?
  13. I couldn't tell if it was Ark or a different guy but some dude fucked her earlier today.
  14. He used to post here with various translations of their conversations.