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  1. On a scale of 1 - 10, I can put my overall disappointment at an easy 100. Can't say I'm all that surprised though. One good thing did come from this week however; Eva and Sam and MSD were the last two apartments that I gave any sort of attention to on RLC strictly due to their openness and willingness to incorporate others into their sex life, but when you have two couples staying with each other, BOTH down for threesomes and both women being attracted to other women and neither of them don't even have an inkling to even play flirty games or even entertain the idea, that pretty much solidifies to me that there is nothing really left to look forward to with either couple. These two couples were the last things keeping me holding on to RLC but now I think I can finally put this site behind me.
  2. miscvoyeur

    Chris & Dana

    Clay is not so exciting in the sex department. Sounds like an excellent candidate for Dana to find herself a fuck buddy on the side.
  3. Can I assume that no sex happened, pretty much like I predicted?
  4. Well if they are in fact doing coke, the more coke they do, the less chance of then actually successfully achieving a good sex session.
  5. People in the bedroom.
  6. miscvoyeur


    Looks like new guy is gone.
  7. Can anyone post a picture of Emily walking into the house while she's holding her dress up?
  8. These are my sentiments exactly. For me, there's no point having your name put on the list if you're going to spend the majority of time doing things outside of the house. I don't believe that people should be "forced" to stay home and fuck for my enjoyment, but that also doesn't mean that I have to appreciate it whenever they purposefully have sex out of the house either. I judge everyone for what they want or decide to bring to the table. There are girls like Kamila and Angie and Emily who obviously only use this place to sleep, and that's fine for them. But that doesn't mean I don't get to call them a complete waste of time and that I think they should have never been invited to participate in the project. Kamila goes on vacation for sometimes weeks at a time... god knows how many times a year, and she is in my opinion one of the worst tenants in the history of RLC.
  9. I'm also rather disappointed in this visit so far. Granted the wish to see some mind blowing swinging action was more of a personal wish and ultimately not very likely, I'm still disappointed that there seems to be a rather noticeable divide between Eva/Sam and MSD. Aside from Masha and Eva talking the other night and then both with Sam, I hardly see much interaction between the two groups, let alone any sort of fun stuff like music, dancing, drinking or any sort of games or light hearted fun activities. Even without the sex stuff, I was hoping there would be a little more activity than this.
  10. miscvoyeur


    Is this guy new?
  11. miscvoyeur


    Did Ruby and the guy leave again or are they on the balcony?
  12. Is this confirmed or are you assuming?