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  1. Kinda sucks that there is no longer a single house for me to gravitate towards on VH anymore. Before there would be at least one house I could sit and watch while waiting to see if the other houses had anything going on, but now I don't even like any of them enough to even watch like that. Out of the 30 apartments, there are still only about 5 or 6 that I like but still can't even be bothered to follow those anymore. Foxy/Kira have become dull now, all the action has dried up in Ray/Polly's place, Ben has lost what made him awesome, Ben/Whitney don't even visit Patrik/Clair anymore which is really what made those duos interesting to begin with... it's like everything that made an apartment great to watch has just all of a sudden went to shit.
  2. miscvoyeur

    Cleo & Axel

    You'll notice that Oscar hasn't been since that last painful cock teasing session from Cleo. Hopefully he got the hint that he's never going to get anything from her and decided to stay far the fuck away.
  3. miscvoyeur

    Patrik & Clair

    Did the guest leave already?
  4. miscvoyeur

    Foxy, Kira - Part #3

    Has the blue haired girl had sex in the house yet?
  5. miscvoyeur

    Foxy, Kira - Part #3

    This house used to have some of the best moments ever on VH. Foxy was incredibly gorgeous... arguably one of, if not possibly THE most gorgeous girl ever on VH. And not only did she have sexiness on her side but she was so sexually liberated. She invited many friends over and was just as easy to fuck one of her female friends or fuck one of her male friends or take part in all kinds of crazy orgies. But sadly, she tarnished her good looks somewhat (in my opinion) by shaving her head, and on top of that has a girlfriend now and doesn't partake in any more sexual crazy episodes. Everything that made this house great has now completely vanished. I still have my fingers crossed that things may possibly be better in the future but I do not hold my breath for that happening.
  6. No kidding. So can you or anybody please explain to me why the fuck do they keep moving people from Russia here? Can you also explain what the argument was between Matthew and Cindy earlier?
  7. It's pretty obvious at this point that all the girls are doing all their sex outside of the apartment. It's not even worth discussing anymore at this point. Save yourselves all the frustration and just stop watching them.
  8. miscvoyeur

    Patrik & Clair

    And now he's asleep. I've seen all I need to see from this.
  9. miscvoyeur

    Patrik & Clair

    Patrik might just be another one of those guys that don't really want to play around with other people other than his girlfriend. Remember the last time Him and Clair spent the night here with Ben and Becca. Ben wanted to swap but Patrik wasn't down for that. In fact, if I remember correctly it was Clair that had to lead him on just so he would fuck her in front of Ben and Becca. So I wouldn't expect too much from Patrik.
  10. One of the girls in Taya/Will's apartment during the night when Will fucked that other girl blatantly turned one of the cams in the living room. They can be moved.
  11. It's shit like this that will kill any possibilities in the future. I hate stupid drama like this. @groomy if you can watch this, can you please tell us what happened here?
  12. Well night is over now. Things were moving along quite nicely but something happened, not sure what, and things rather just ended suddenly. Hopefully in the future things can go more smoothly.
  13. miscvoyeur

    Patrik & Clair

    I don't think he really lost anything. He didn't even remotely flirt with her while Clair was in the bath. He has no desire to do anything with her.
  14. Dean has already fucked Nyu a few times. Definitely would have fucked Cindy if given the chance, but he's been having a ton of performance issues lately so that's no longer guaranteed.
  15. miscvoyeur

    Patrik & Clair

    Nice little upskirt shot of the guest girl.