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  1. I have no idea how long the guests will be staying but I think the absolute (and I mean the ABSOLUTE) most you can hope to happen is that they all have in one bedroom, sticking to their own partners with zero interaction with the other couple. I have never seen even the slightest hint that either Carla or Yanai are into the idea of sharing partners, but I do they could be open to having sex in front of others. There have been a few occasions where they would have sex while guests were sleeping next to them.
  2. It wasn't even that long ago where 4 naked girls all in bed even semi fooling around would have generated multiple pages of posts. Nowadays it doesn't even generate 4 posts. Personally speaking, I think that's just great.
  3. The whole situation reminds me of Ary and the guy she used to sleep with for about 2 weeks before her and George got married, how every night they would spend more and more time getting closer. Then after she gave him the hand job, he was never seen or heard from again.
  4. I don't find it a coincidence at all that between the only two other guys Melissa has done extra things with, the first guy Connor almost never was able to achieve an erection with her and now this guy seemingly is not interested in doing anything with her at all... and Connor stopped doing sexual things with her altogether when he was able to get erections. Again, I don't find that to be a coincidence and I suspect that's part of the reason why Sergio gives the ok for them and Melissa to even do things at all. You'll never see Melissa with another guy like Aaron who would have fucked her straight into next week.
  5. If you pay $100 just to watch one girl that you already know what she's going to do or not do, there's nothing more to be said.
  6. She's always done it like a camshow, even when she was living with Marat in their 1st apartment. It only bothers me now because that's literally all she's ever going to do while she's here.
  7. Funny reading the complaints from her fans of this apartment being monotonous now with Malia there, when some of us have been saying the same thing about Leora for years and getting called all kinds of names from stupid people who regularly post here... because heaven forbid you say anything negative about Leora without being called a troll or something equally immature. Funny. Funny. Funny. Tenants on this site receive money based on the amount of views they get, and when Leora and Malia are constantly in the top cams they really don't have to do anything other than be monotonous because let's be honest, all the complaining you all are doing and it's not like you're going to stop watching. Same thing with the knuckleheads that post in the barca threads; all the whining and complaining they do about the girls there don't mean shit because they are still going to watch and support them regardless. Just like you all are going to watch and support Leora and Malia no matter what. For years you Leora fanatics have been burying your nose up her ass about everything she does. Don't complain now that she continues to do literally the same exact thing she's always been doing, just with a roommate.
  8. Kylie is not the one stopping Viola and Rus doing stuff.
  9. I see a lot of people saying this. This is not true. Kylie has no problems with Rus fucking with other girls.
  10. Funny how you're quick to call only him a moron but not the other girls that come to visit him....
  11. Guess you can thank the jackass that bragged about getting the apartments turned off. The only two apartments that had potential to be something good last night... both shut off.
  12. Funny coming from someone that claims he hates Hakeem...
  13. No you don't you liar because you're here everyday watching and commenting on what he does.
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