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  1. This is their idea of being "creative," exactly like how a child would think.
  2. That's obviously a lie because you're here every single day needing to know what everyone of them are doing. It matters to you so much that you had to try to lie to yourself by telling everyone that you wouldn't post here anymore and started your own barcelona thread so you can talk to yourself about the girls, until you couldn't hold out anymore and had to come back to the threads to carry on your obsession with them. So yeah, it matters to you a lot.
  3. This one guy generated 6-7 pages in about 2 hours and mostly from people who claim they don't want guys in the house. Meanwhile Holly Amy and Megan are doing their show in B4, yet everyone is in here "complaining." Isn't that funny how that works out?
  4. I didn't think anyone on this board could come up with something more asinine than some of the things that Harley says but you just got that record beat by a mile. Yikes....
  5. Nope, just like I don't give a shit that she doesn't give a shit. If I have an opinion about her, I'm going to post it.
  6. When we make the comparison between Leora and the barca girls, we are talking strictly about her putting on masturbation shows for the camera. She does it just like the barca girls.
  7. I like how you just threw in that little fact about him being black like that is supposed to mean anything.
  8. Don't you know on RLC, girls never invite guys over. Every time a guy shows up, he always does so unannounced and is only there to "freeload." This whole weird concept of girls actually having friends and inviting them over is nothing but a conspiracy.
  9. And that "something" is rampant and unhealthy alcoholism. Holly drinking wine for breakfast..... if any of y'all knew anyone who did that shit in your life, especially on a consistent basis, you'd have an intervention for them and tell them get some goddamn help.
  10. That depends entirely on the girl and how bad she is at faking. Some girls you can tell from a mile away. So this statement is just not accurate.
  11. I swear some of the ridiculous shit that people say on this board is just mind boggling..
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