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  1. Or you could just watch another apartment until they get back.
  2. The only time Sonia ever showed any shred of energy was when she was stealing Ivo away from Dizi. Once she got him, she became the most anti-social woman in all of VV.
  3. Either they're not home or they're sleeping.
  4. When they first met, they were both in Tula and couldn't keep their hands off each other: making out all over the place, playing grab ass, they took a shower together, the whole nine. Now that they've moved into this apartment, all the chemistry has completely fizzled and have been reduced to him following her around like a little puppy and her being one of the most aloof women I have seen here in recent memory and the fact that she barely shows any sign of energy or a personality doesn't help things either. I don't kid myself into thinking that people will always automatically fuck like animals when placed in front of each other, and I don't compare one couple's dynamic to another couple. But this couple so far is sleep inducing. Like I said in another post, I don't always need to see sex. Sometimes I like to see how thing play out, but these two aren't even giving anything worth trying to anticipate. At least not now. If their ways continue in this direction I can't see myself being invested in more than another day or two.
  5. I seriously can't believe they lost the two girls that was here before and replaced them with the snore fest couple that's there now. Watching them is like watching milk turn sour. They're like an old married couple.. and they only just met two days ago.
  6. Read the past posts. Everything is already explained.
  7. At this point I just really want to see someone other than her BF fuck the shit out of the brunette girl.
  8. Brunette girl and Alex about to fuck in the LR. I think Anna and the BF are in the bedroom. Edit: nvm, Anna and BF are back in the LR.
  9. I'm sure they left by now.
  10. He started after him and finished before him. What a shame, but at least he did a hell of a lot better this time around.
  11. Brunette BF left his girl with the other couple and she immediately ran to the other guy. I KNOW she wants to fuck him.
  12. Other couple is starting round... 5 I believe now.
  13. BF came quick again. Too bad his girlfriend couldn't join the other couple. Really wanted to see her getting fucked the way the other guy is fucking his gf right now.
  14. Surprised nobody mentioned that they started back up. Duel blowjobs now.
  15. Not vocal but she was super horny and her boyfriend couldn't perform. She kept inching closer to the other guy while his girl was riding him rubbing his arm and face and looking for an opening to join in. The other boyfriend didn't seem to bother trying to stop it. I think he might have even wanted it to happen.