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  1. miscvoyeur

    Jesse & Blaine

    What exactly has been going on with this couple? They seem so uneventful.
  2. miscvoyeur


    Heaser? Really...?
  3. Well for starters, I don't ever refer to anyone as queen or goddess. These are people like everybody else. And reading this post, I'm concluding that Nora basically did nothing for that title, because she damn sure wasn't or isn't my "queen" and there were far better and more interesting couples back then than Nora and Kiko.
  4. Crown of what? My point is what exactly has she done that gives her title?
  5. miscvoyeur

    Monica & Dan, Selma

    What the actual fuck is up with cumming on the goddamn floor? Seriously... what the fuck??? Bad enough these people are about as vanilla as white paint on rice but Jesus butt-fucking Christ, he can't even drop a load on his own girl??? For fuck sake...
  6. miscvoyeur

    Molly & Jeff

    Neither pair does anything special for me. I don't dislike them but none of them give me a reason to tune it.
  7. I've been around long enough to see Nora and Kiko in their original apartment. Different times back then for sure. I don't have ill feelings towards her but she was uneventful. I can probably count on one hand how many times they had friends come to visit. And even when she first appeared and lived in this apartment, she was just as uneventful because she was still with Kiko. But even if she wasn't, Nora is not the party girl type. It has nothing to do against her relationship. She's just not that kind of girl.
  8. You're hoping for the sun and the moon as long as Nora is there. In other words, ain't shit going to happen while she's there. On a scale of 1 to 10, Nora brings the anticipation level to a staggering zero.
  9. miscvoyeur

    Ruby & Calvin

    Ruby's mood has been consistent before and after visiting Zack's place. She also doesn't visit Juliet either or vice-versa. Her biggest change has come from the fact that since her and Calvin started getting closer, she stopped inviting friends over. Before she used to have some people over, have a fun night drinking and playing games and having a good time. ALL of that has stopped.
  10. miscvoyeur

    Roberta & Fil

    Doubt she's pregnant but she is offline for some reason.
  11. miscvoyeur

    Ruby & Calvin

    There hasn't even been any shred of flirting between them, not that I have seen.
  12. miscvoyeur

    Kate & Molly

    For the second time, the guy DID try to fuck Molly last night and she refused...
  13. miscvoyeur

    Ruby & Calvin

    Wow. How long has it been since they've had guests over?