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  1. What the fuck kind of ridiculous comment is this? Someone please justify how Darcie and Stifler are the most antisocial couple VH have ever had when they are constantly having guests over and will occasionally even partake in naked games with them, meanwhile Nicole and Karl in the year they have been on VH have only had ONE guest over? I'm serious.. I'd love some kind of explanation behind this reasoning. If you want to say they're a boring couple because they're a monogamous couple that doesn't swap, I won't argue that, but like I said earlier, the same could be said about Melissa and Sergio and plenty others, including other couples in the past others used to kiss ass to. But that level of hypocritical bullshit has always been on CC from people.
  2. Who actually cares when she showers with a bikini and is a dead fish during sex? Sicilia still out classes her with her with how fun and adventurous she is.
  3. Belle is a grown ass woman and sleeping on the couch ain't gonna kill you. She doesn't even live here so if she doesn't like the couch she could take her ass on somewhere else.
  4. Wrong... wrong....wrong... RLC was here for YEARS way before Kristy even stepped foot in Barcelona for the first time.
  5. Kami's useless ass can stay where ever the fuck she is and never show up.
  6. As I have said in the past to someone else, talking to Budda about any of this stuff is just a waste of time. Multiple people in the past in different threads (myself included) have already told him about this notion and is something he refuses to acknowledge or pay any sort of attention to. This post will mean nothing to him.
  7. And there goes your silly obsession of giving everyone an apartment... ffs...
  8. If Alisa hadn't fucked this guy 3 times, I would have suggested she share him with her friend since the guy she was with so horrible at sex. The friend needs more of a good fucking tonight.
  9. Katrin home with 3 guys. Just saw her kind of flirting with one of them.
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