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  1. miscvoyeur

    Elise & Jim

    Ain't this the same guy she fucked last time?
  2. miscvoyeur

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    If Misty came back she wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as she once was.
  3. miscvoyeur

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    I made this post in Bonnie and Clyde's thread but I will copy it here since they are now officially returning: It'll be nice to have another fully fledged swing couple back but their orgies became very formulaic towards the end which happens a lot with these couples, even with Lexy and Pete. I may not want to see everything Bonnie and Clyde do (trannies and gang bangs like tonight) but at least right now they have proven that they are willing to be a lot more open and switch things around. Remember when M/H had a night with 4 other guys and Mira? Remember when Mira and a guy fucked in the bedroom while Henry watched? Things like that only happened once and they were great when it happened. Then it was the same group sex with one couple over and over. They couldn't even be bothered to invite more than one couple at a time. Valerie/Glen and even Courtney/Jason when they were living together set the bar higher when they were willing to have separate partners in separate rooms. Bonnie/Clyde have set the bar even higher. Hopefully Henry/Mira will be able to shake some things up a little in their routine. I still want them to be successful on this site.
  4. This couple has been very disappointing so far. Yes they have good sex and the girl is hot and all that but it seems these two live as a bunch of hermits which is a huge letdown after the initial party they had when they first moved in. I don't think they've had a single person visit them since then. I was hoping this place would be more of a party house which is something RLC is sorely lacking right now. All these hermit couples with zero social life; it's no wonder why RLC numbers are down by almost half.
  5. miscvoyeur

    Gia & Anthony - Las Vegas

    I understood what you meant. I was just reiterating your sarcasm with a more defiant statement.
  6. miscvoyeur

    Gia & Anthony - Las Vegas

    I don't know about that. I think it's pretty hilarious how awful that cam is.
  7. miscvoyeur

    Gia & Anthony - Las Vegas

    @StnCld316 they're back.
  8. miscvoyeur


    Not for a while. They met the end of last month. But the amount of time of knowing him isn't the issue. Just the fact of cumming inside her without any safeguard of pregnancy.
  9. miscvoyeur


    The pregnancy concern is legit but STD's aren't as prevalent in Russia as they are in other parts in the world. Or maybe they are and they just don't care. I do know that for some girls, condoms are just as desensitizing as it is for some guys.
  10. miscvoyeur


    Right... no surprise there. Came inside her? For fuck sake she better be on the pill or some shit...
  11. miscvoyeur


    @Sparkles I didn't see this performance tonight. Was there any improvements?
  12. Eh.. no. Amanda and Pablo will never be awesome in my eyes.
  13. Holy shit.. this new couple looks lame as FUCK. I can't believe this is the couple they got to replace Kim and Kenny. First we go from the snoozefest Leona to the even bigger snoozefest Jenn and Frank. Wow...
  14. miscvoyeur

    Kiki & Mike

    Is it really too much to hope for to see Julya with a guy who actually knows how to fuck? I'm glad they start to have group sex without the need to charge tokens for it but why always invite the same sluggish couples who have these lame sex sessions? Mike and Kiki are the only ones in this house who ever have decent sex.
  15. miscvoyeur

    Hunter & Piper

    Making excuses for one group while criticizing another group for the exact same action is the hypocritical.