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  1. www.camarads.com - LIVE 24/7 Private Life Cams

    @CamaradsOfficial I'm sorry to say this but your timeline is kind of horrible. It's too difficult to get to a specific time and sometimes the stream doesn't even load up. This needs to be fixed or updated or something.
  2. Mika & Layne

  3. Those selfies are hilarious. I wish he could post them somewhere.
  4. Voyeur-Villa "Clean-Up" Poll

    Does that mean they have the most votes to leave or the most votes to stay?
  5. This played out exactly how I thought it would. She talked herself to sleep right on top of him.
  6. He definitely wants to do something with her and she's just yapping away.
  7. I doubt she's gonna fuck this guy without Drew there anyway. No need for the guys to be undressed.
  8. Lisa

    Never thought of it like that.
  9. Lisa

    I don't even care that the dude couldn't even perform. It's just finally reassuring to see Lisa be active with someone. I was already convinced she was a bit of an ice queen.
  10. Yes. How dare her be tired and in bed sleeping... because she's tired.
  11. Nina & Alan & Serena - Part #2

    We got three couples and a single guy. I would hate to be in that situation if I were him. Talk about being a third wheel.
  12. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    bullshit hahaha
  13. Lisa

    Only two blue balls tonight?
  14. Zoi & Tim

    Well as far as I'm concerned, Lisa doesn't do shit either but everyone seems to love her. I find it a little hypocritical that some of those same people come here and give Sally shit.