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  1. It comes from Domi, as we have seen numerous times Domi presented with opportunities to play around with other guys and she always turns away when it gets to a point. So that guy talking shit about Bart and Daniel has no clue what he's even talking about.
  2. You always make good posts. Once again I agree with your opinion.
  3. Same. I'm only interested in Darcie and lately Isa/Bart have finally become worth watching. And I like what's going on with Bart and how he fools around with other women when not around Leonie. Outside of those three, literally not a single apartment on this site worth a lick of time. Forgot about Katrin and Hitklif. I like that apartment as well.
  4. Shame nobody posted anything to see from it but thanks all the same for the info.
  5. It's a shame Courtney doesn't have more friends on VH. It would be nice to see her visit another apartment during times when her and Cadon have arguments. I was hoping her and Darcie could have been friends after visit back in January. Especially nowadays when Darcie and Stifler are inviting so many new people.
  6. Courtney has fallen in the same camp as so many other girls on this site: goes from being sexually active and having great sex with different guys to ending up with one guy who can't fuck his way out of a paper bag. This has happened to a LOT of girls on this site.
  7. We weren't talking about you specifically, but this has been an on going topic in other apartments.
  8. Holy shit.. Stella in a Woodman shoot? That's actually pretty wild. I'll be on the lookout for that video for sure.
  9. You're right. It's totally better to ruin apartments with moral bullshit and not let grown ups do what they want because you can't mind your own business. "VH has rules and blah... blah... blah..." and it's up to Jabbath the random CC member to make sure that the tenants who have no effect on his life whatsoever follows the rules.
  10. Julia only does things on chaturbate for tokens. Other than that, she's an absolute snooze fest.
  11. 1. I don't require anything from Domi or anybody else. I only comment on what I see. 2. For all I know those girls were actors or prostitutes hired to put on a show.
  12. Lisa's hired actors are not in the same category as Melissa/Sergio and Domi/Daniel. I don't know anything about them and they've only been on cam once.
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