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  1. And I'm assuming that just like with the other girl, he didn't last long did he?
  2. VH tried to make themselves out to be so much better than VV yet they're just as bad as they are. How in the hell does anyone think they can run a successful voyeur site and have shitty streams, even to the paid users? It's been months now and VH still has not addressed this extremely fundamental and basic aspect.
  3. Because an all girls apartment would be even worse.
  4. There is nothing wrong with the formula. It all comes down to the tenants involved and what they are willing to do and not do. I too am not a fan of couples but a couple like Anna and Alex who are open to partying and engaging sexually with others is never a bad thing. Having said that, I must express disappointment in this decision to move Bobby and Nina into Volga (I'm no longer referring to him as Kojak since he now has an official name). I was under the impression that Volga was going to be a testing apartment for potential tenants or people who just wanted to get a feel of living in a cam house, which would have been wonderful, but obviously we're not getting that now. The tenants are allowed to have whatever guests they want to have. Not every single person that enters an apartment is someone set up by the voyeur managers.
  5. @VoyeurVillaNews is there a reason why there are videos in the archive that are over 8 and 9 hours? One video is over 80 hours.
  6. VV also said that Kojack and the girl are now an official couple and want to come back. There names are Bobby and Nina.
  7. According to VV, this apartment is going to be the testing ground apartment for a lot new potential tenants that want to test out living in a voyeur house. So I'm thinking we're going to be seeing a lot of new faces here periodically.
  8. I don't know how crazy the parties are going to get with Sonia there. She acts like a buzzkill and is antisocial. Greenwood is a really nice apartment but you put the same 4 people in it that was in Voro. Nothing is going to change with these 4. Can you tell us if Greenwood is in close proximity to the other apartments? So if there are nice parties if the other tenants from the other apartments will be able to join? Will there ever be consideration to fix the blind spot in the hallway of Tula? Will you be finding new men for Marna and Zoe?
  9. They only started posting here last week and just created this thread 4 days ago and you're already trying to compare old VV and new VV? Learn some patience. VVN has already stated that most improvements should be made within a month's time.
  10. Holy crap. Even I must admit I am amazed at how wonderful the new apartment looks.
  11. I couldn't care less about any of this crap. What annoys me is why people don't tell their guests not to touch the camera. They don't live there. They have no right to do that. It's the tenants responsibility to tell that to their guests and it's VH's responsibility to make sure the tenants tell that to their guests.
  12. Their servers have always been bad.
  13. There's nothing wrong with Tula aside from the blind spot in the hallway.
  14. So Kojak apparently will be coming back with that girl. His name is going to be Bobby.
  15. Ok thank you. I don't follow this couple so I don't know who either of them are.