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  1. The same shit they do every other night.
  2. In my opinion it was pretty scummy of VH to put them in this "hole-in-the-wall" apartment in the first place, and then tell them they'll get a better one if they get more views... all while they have to compete with a summer complex of apartments all intertwined with each other and all with couples that frequently visit each other. How the fuck are they gonna get decent enough views if they don't even have the privacy of a bedroom, let alone able to compete with Alex/Lina's group houses, Alex/Anna's rotating doors of random people fucking, and Layne/Mika's open swinger house?
  3. How much exactly did you see between Chloe and the other guy in the bathroom? What specifically happened?
  4. This and Alex/Anna's apartment are the only ones worth watching so I'm glad it is.
  5. It should go without saying that I don't wish any physical harm to any of the tenants, whether it be self harm or harm from one of their partners, but the difference between me and presumably a lot of people here is that I don't get emotionally invested in anybody on cam. Ever. I don't know them. They have no impact on my life. My "job" as a voyeur is to simply watch... and that's it. I don't get sad when people leave nor do I care if people break up. The situation at Vanessa and Thomas's place was fucked up, I agree. Anytime a person gets cheated on in any context, it's bad. It's made even worse when it happens in front of an audience. And while I did feel a tiny bit bad for Thomas, he handled that situation like a real bitch and his over reaction is what made that incident worse than it actually was. Him getting that worked up is what really closed that apartment down. Getting THAT emotionally attached to people to that level is always a mistake in my eyes, to the point where if they're for whatever reason not in your life anymore you ceased to function as a human being and I find it pathetic whether it be to a man or a woman. As for the situation with James and Chloe, like I said earlier, we don't know what the situation is and it doesn't really make sense to comment about anything about it until we get more information, as I'm not one of these people that likes to make things up in my head. I was simply raising the questions that I find intriguing about everything that's going on right now. But even if this the worst case scenario, I would at least hope that James doesn't lose his shit to the point that Thomas did.
  6. But then again, that's exactly why RLC sucks. Because I'm not one of these people that complains when someone isn't getting naked or having sex every 8 minutes, I actually find this situation between Chloe, James, and this new guy quite fascinating. Anyone can tune into one of the other 8 or 9 apartments to see a pair of tits if they're so inclined to see them, including that poor excuse for a camsite Casahot which is specifically made for camgirls to do their camgirl shit. Even if you or anybody is one of those that HAS to see sex and/nudity at all times, I will never understand why people continually watch an apartment that does not offer them what they want. Why is the concept of "if you don't like it, simply don't watch it" so hard for some to grasp? I have ZERO respect for casahot or anything that goes on there, but you don't see me making posts in that thread everyday about it. I just don't watch it. Simple as that. These types of moments for people are what make these sites interesting to ME. It's a real moment that isn't so clear what's to be expected. It's the only apartment outside of Anna and Alex that has any sort of unpredictability to it. Will James come back like everyone says/thinks? Or is he gone for good and Chloe and this new guy gonna wind up in a relationship? OR is James actually coming back and is Chloe on some scandalous shit right now? OR in some other possible situation, does James actually know that Chloe is fooling around with another dude while he's away and doesn't care? Will this new guy ever get to fuck Chloe or will she endlessly cock tease him? And if he does fuck her (finally), what will be the consequences? These are the types of things that are fun for ME personally as a voyeur to figure out. Like you said because they're so rigid with their vanilla bullshit, shitty RLC would have put the apartment under maintenance and probably closed it, killing any sort of intrigue behind the situation without any sort of clarity. And is the exact reason why there isn't a single apartment on RLC worth looking at nor will there ever be again.
  7. He's already an idiot and a moron? What has it been like 10 min? 20 min maybe?
  8. I've been saying the same EXACT thing since forever.
  9. Seriously, why hasn't this guy been given an official name on the site yet? This is ridiculous.
  10. It's not harassing when he's the one that's invited and being teased by her and is allowed to sleep over.
  11. They have enough issues to deal with in their own relationship. The last thing they need is have to deal with people that watch them bothering them with random requests.
  12. Everything that's been said about Silvia and Josh are things I've been saying about them way before they even moved here. They were hermits that never had friends visiting them and had a boring monotonous sex life back in the old apartment and throwing them with a bunch of other couples wasn't going to change that. Sorry if you like them but facts are facts.
  13. We've seen Anna DP"d multiple times before she even got with Alex. Outside of water sports, I'm not sure she has any limits sexually.
  14. Hard to say. Anna has no problems having sex with other girls but not sure if she'll do anything without Alex present. If anything it might not lead to full on sex but just kissing and light touching, but like I said it's hard to say for sure.
  15. It's possible Anna might be trying to slowly get her out of her shell.