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  1. I find it really funny that it's the ones that are so obsessed with having to talk so much shit about tenants are the first ones to run to mods when others call them out on it.
  2. Such a blanket assumption from someone that doesn't even watch RLC.
  3. Diva and Yuna are the same person. Diva was her RLC name.
  4. Not sure "transformation" is the word I would use. I think Moos is on point in that it might have more to do with her being in her own country now rather than being in a new country where she didn't know anybody. Regardless, it's still cool to see her fucking a guy for the first time.
  5. Geez, half the couch is cut off. I can appreciate the attempt at trying to change things up but that view is not good at all when all you see is a pair of legs.
  6. The way you moan on and on about Ken is also like a child.
  7. Let me see if I'm clear on what's going on here: Barbie and Ken have never made any hints that they were wild sexual people and mostly everyone complained about them. They go offline and people hammer on about wondering when they'll return. They come back online and have one party and people go back to complaining about a couple who was never wild to begin with. Is that it?
  8. The place hasn't even been open for a week and she isn't even a tenant.
  9. The evidence is in Freddy and Harley's thread.
  10. Kristy, yes. Kamila, not so much. And even Kristy was rather selective.
  11. It still really annoys me that nobody bothered to record Connor fucking Harley.
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