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  1. I'm not trying to attack them just because they didn't perform. Maybe the three of them did have fun and it's always better for them to have fun that not. I'm just stating that it was horrible as far as viewing it goes.
  2. This was a horrible threesome. Again the guys couldn't even get or stay hard long enough to actually do anything.
  3. Same thing happened the other day with them and the same thing happened with the guy she tried having sex with in Barcelona. She seems to have real bad luck finding guys who can perform.
  4. You tuned into the living room knowing he was going to be there, so no I will not fuck off. Instead I will continue to think how stupid people are for pretending to have such a problem with him but keep looking at the apartment that they know he's going to be in.
  5. I guess the better question is why do you and so many others keep tuning in to see him if you claim to have such a problem with him.
  6. The threesome was nice and unexpected but I hope in the future she has a one-on-one with them. Threesomes tend to get messy and busy and unfocused.
  7. I'm more or less tired of all of them. I used to really like Holly but if she's going to be influenced by Ariana and now want to only chase rich guys then I have no more interest in her. Ariana is a waste because she's just like Leora who wants to keep most of her life outside of the cams. Megan has a nice body but if she's going to be controlled by Rocco and only do fake shows with zero passion, then what good is a body if she has zero interesting qualities?
  8. Look at all the assholes here that now want to turn on her just because she showed a side to her that you don't agree with. The lot of you are even more fake and full of shit than you claim her to be. Martina has always been Martina and you all can't even deal with it. That says more about you than anything else.
  9. Because instead of girls actually saying they don't want it, they fake it like it's the best thing ever and then turn around and complain to their friends about it... so the guys don't actually learn not to do it.
  10. Until Gina reads one post here in english... then you'll act like she's the greatest girl in all of human existence and go on and on and on, post after post after post about how great she is and make any and all excuses to acknowledge every arbitrary thing she does and somehow try to turn it around to make it look like just another example of how she's the greatest girl in all of human existence. Of course I'm just talking nonsense because you've never done that before.
  11. You didn't even see anything and you're making these kinds of silly assumptions?
  12. Also not the first. Past tenant Eva had a threesome with her husband and a friend.
  13. Can't say for certain how much of this applies to Holly but basically this applies to the majority of Barca girls that come through here.
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