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  1. I've been saying for a long time that VHTV is much better than RLC, in fact I've always subscribed to VHTV, now that oriental girls are also coming, I'm really happy, of course I won't see the twins fucking the bearded guy, but I'll try to get over it
  2. It was just to say something, the charts don't interest me, boredom always wins
  3. It seems to me that the old glories, they do their job, Anna masturbates, Lola masturbates, one of the twins masturbates, Stella fucks compared to the young ones they win
  4. These "boys", will they have parents, girlfriends or sisters at home, do you think they're going to blow it to get laid, having sex in front of a camera, knowing that thousands of people can see it on the various porn sites that broadcast RLC footage, I think not, I think RLC organizes these meetings, by now RLC should change the title, from "real life" to "real shows".
  5. From the little I got to see, there was really a lot of love between Stella and the toy baby, three feet away from each other while they were watching television, so it must have been a long RLC search.
  6. Tesla masturbating with a vibrator and a dildo while Nana reads messages on the phone is one of the most exciting things seen in recent times
  7. now, she's free to fuck with the other guys, maybe she sees the future and had already anticipated fucking, at this point they should give a name to Bogdan's assistant
  8. it's true that there are many stupid people in the world, but I don't think anyone subscribes to a porn site because of what they saw in the night at this camera, they should have been more explicit, surely the right girls were not lacking, maybe RLC lowered the bonus price
  9. Shy Vivian, not so shy, the male hormone shakes her, maybe tonight is Mikelima's night and she finally sees an orgy and relaxes a bit
  10. These girls, like Anna, always have these quick appointments, they have to get ready in five minutes and go out quickly, I didn't think Anna also did this job, but as they say, youth is a blink of an eye...
  11. good morning all those who spent all night watching these girls hoping something would happen, I think Bruno supplied his girlfriend with every good thing to spend the night and she gave him the gift of finding two half-naked twins in his house
  12. Damn this evening we have the history of RLC in Barcelona, in five all together they have at least 10 years of stay
  13. Perhaps this explanation is more appropriate for the RLC audience, Mia is the one who shows her pussy more often, Lia is the more reserved one.
  14. I think Pam, has taken Covid, considering that it doesn't come out anymore, if so, Radislava and Stella, are infecting half of Barcelona.
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