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  1. right now, all the apartments, are repetitive, but I prefer to watch two beautiful girls massage instead of other apartments, where we surely know that something will happen, orgies, fake lesbian shows, then the new entrance, piss on anything, but this apartment seems more natural to me, surely they are working for the cameras, all the apartments, they are working for the cameras, but at least they do it honestly
  2. If Electra and Olivia were to compete over who handles the most drugs, I don't know who would win.
  3. Elettra and Babi are bringing in the apartments their method of porn shows, but honestly, in this apartment they seem to me quite prepared, maybe B4 needed it more, however, it must be given credit to these girls who defy the virus, for our fun
  4. I would like to talk about Irma's change, in the other ten times she had been in these apartments she had never done anything similar to what she had shown in the last few nights, clearly there is a little help from drugs, but I can not understand why face, she seemed to me an intelligent person, showing herself as a normal slut impressed me a lot, maybe RLC offered a lot of money and she couldn't refuse, strangely Ginger didn't surprise me
  5. Even tonight, Irma's having serious trouble keeping her mouth shut, she used to be in charge, now she's become a regular showgirl, I don't get it, it looks like Electra's running the show.
  6. You're right Naga, I should be more serious, like you and seriously comment on these girls.
  7. We in Italy, we are in the shit, at least I have a laugh, seeing the shit these girls do to earn some money and tonight I think they are very much in the mood to do other shit, it depends on how much medicine they will take.
  8. I saw the bonus list, pee on the floor gets paid 80 euros, these girls have to fight the coronavirus crisis, when they get out they will not have any work, and try to replenish their bank account
  9. Irma, with her mouth, she reminds me a lot of Angie on the best nights...
  10. looking at the girls, RLC must have spent a lot of money on drugs tonight.
  11. in this situation where the world is going, everything we see in these apartments seems to me senseless, surely we could all open and run a gynaecology clinic.
  12. as I said before, if there is divine justice, the idiots should be the first to be affected, the absurd thing is that this idiot is Italian and if he has a neuron still functioning he should know, what happens here in Italy, this also shows that the little consideration RLC has of its empolese
  13. off topic, you happen to have news of Harley, it's been a while since we haven't heard from him
  14. We had to wait a month, but finally Kapitolina shows us her real work, she's the queen of peep shows.
  15. The girls must be putting on a great show, they've been secretly talking to each other's ears all night.
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