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  1. I think that RLC should give Radislava psychological assistance, I think she has serious psychological problems, a girl cannot spend her life doing gymnastics, and with questionable results, I hope that the nightclubs will reopen soon so she will have something else to think about.
  2. Communists used to eat children, but now they invent viruses, and I always pray that this (invented) virus infects some asshole who denies it.
  3. I humbly apologize for putting Babi's real name, but when I wrote it, RLC, hadn't shuffled the cards yet, really, I wonder why RLC, doesn't ask VHTV for help, there, they change girls every day and needless to say they are exactly the kind of girls RLC needs
  4. two empty rooms in B4, who knows what old girl will call RLC to fill them, I bet on Irma and Ginger
  5. This is devastating news, Gina is leaving after ten years, she will be forced to return to her flat, but the most devastating thing is that we will no longer see ( I hope ) Cesare, the person I hate the most since RLC existed, I would like to be in Barcelona to say goodbye to him in my own way, who knows maybe one day it will happen
  6. I heard that Radislava contacted the RLC technicians to have a camera implanted directly into her pussy so that she doesn't have to put herself in strange and uncomfortable positions to show it.
  7. Maybe Amalia, moves to B4, Pam, has already moved to B1, Holly, maybe goes to B2, Monica, moves to B5, Loraine, goes to B4, Ariana, goes to Rome instead of Masha, Masha, goes to Martina's house, Martina, goes to Nelly and Bogdan, gets engaged to Carlos' brother etc, etc, etc,
  8. they have already masturbated as a couple, what more do they have to do to make you happy, really, maybe Irma will come back, this is an endless story, but if people keep paying RLC is right
  9. I am sorry that Serafina has left, but it seems to me that everyone likes the new course of B1, every evening a nice masturbation of Radislava and Pam together, really something new, however I also wonder, but the clitoris of Radislava, does not wear out, masturbating 20 times a day? is really a very shy girl 🤣 😂 🤣
  10. If one day RLC will have a competition for the best actresses in all the flats, surely Malia and Leora would win the first prize
  11. If you can help to understand what work Carlo does, in a phone call to his mother he had said that he was going to collect rubbish in Florence to earn some money, at the moment he is an aspiring porn actor, rather shoddy.
  12. at the end Serafima too, has entered the club of serial masturbators, just wait and everything goes back to normal, she for now uses the natural system, I wonder, if the other girls use rechargeable batteries, it would help the environment
  13. Maybe this discussion convinces the few people who still weren't convinced that Bogdan and Nelly manage the flats in Barcelona, anyway it's strange that Nelly allows that asshole of Gina's boyfriend to live in B4 and doesn't allow Masha to bring a boyfriend, maybe Masha's boyfriend doesn't provide enough drugs like Cesar, Masha is a bit anarchic, Nelly on the other hand is a person who plans everything, maybe she's afraid he'll take away the limelight, after the real story with Martina
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