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  1. Considering, that the kitchen camera is one of the few that are free, they should do Gina, head of communication
  2. I hope Piper and Taylor haven't quarreled, Taylor, he's like a cat glued to your balls with his nails, he's not very pleasant.
  3. Harley, you're smart, because you're wasting your time answering to these two people, they're the only two left to fight against windmills, don't consider them, as I do, they live in their world
  4. Great choice of RLC on three apartments, only Elettra and Armando, this will surely bring a few million new subscribers
  5. Sorry, did something happen between Leora and Malia? They seem to ignore each other.
  6. If, the RLC managers still had a functioning neuron in their brain, would they see that this unknown girl, many times is the top cam, lying on the sofa, doing nothing, could these idiots have doubts about what subscribers want to see?
  7. If Leora reads CamCaps, she'll be very happy to see that there are at least 20 psychologists working for her...
  8. Actually, I don't understand, it's not heresy to say that Leora's out doing what everybody wants to do with her, gyms, dinners, pubs, what's wrong with her being out getting laid.
  9. Poor Bogdan, he had to come in person to shake these apartments, now we also have the certainty of what they are doing, almost all these girls, outside of RLC, I still hope that there are no people who claim that these girls are social workers, or maybe yes
  10. I just sent a protest letter to RLC, how can you say to organize a party in Hawaii, if people don't wear straw skirts and flower necklaces, the other little night drama, Ginger was very angry with Elettra because he had done come Piper and Taylor, she complained about not having her room to masturbate, really ridiculous, in fact they left, so Milena joined her boyfriend in the hotel, now I can go back to work
  11. Mauri, I heard the phone call, I understood that the boyfriend does not go to the villa, but Milena goes to his hotel, he had already done so the last time he was in the apartments, I understand that he arrives by plane, so I do not know if he lives in Spain or Italy, she explained the weather, so I think it comes from Italy, I think this is of little interest to everyone, the thing instead that will surely interest everyone that tomorrow night or Thursday at the latest, there will be the Havaiana party, so let's all get ready
  12. Surely, he'll have to prepare the other girls, when he arrives, he always tells her so much crap on the phone, he doesn't know what he does, Milena really in these apartments, I'm curious to see him, on the phone, she treats him like a child.
  13. Excuse me, what are these blue bars marked "hidden content"?
  14. in the other apartments, it is normal for many girls to go away for one or more nights, in this apartment it is forbidden, Leora, she had got used to it well, the strange thing, at least for me, is how she left, without saying goodbye and saying anything to Malia, knowing that she would have been missing for a long time, sometimes I think that the friendship between Leora and Malia, is not so strong, it seems to be made only for us, blessed, Leora's friend
  15. Diane, she is a very intelligent girl and surely knows how the world works, if she does not use condoms and drinks semen, she is 100% sure that the boy she is going with is healthy, so everyone takes their own conclusions.
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