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  1. I can say very politely, that these apartments have really broken my balls
  2. Hello, Rose, I'm glad you followed my advice, your family will be happy to see you again
  3. 8.35, big business in B1, these girls are tireless, even Lola, despite age
  4. You are all very bad, keep telling me that Rose goes away and then he's always there
  5. Rose is beautiful outwardly, and she is beautiful even internally, Nicole needs help and she has not done anything, fortunately Anna was there
  6. the girls finally realized that they are in a city full of life and begin to go out at night
  7. RLC is back in a confusing state, Nicole came back three days earlier, called Anna, Carolina continues to be a ghost tenant, seeing what she is promising voyeur-house, I think they are trying it all for everything
  8. Truth hurts, Rose has so many enthusiasts, there may be someone out of the chorus
  9. It seems to me that Gina is very drunk, I imagine the night that will pass, they have a great deal of urgency to come out
  10. I'm always late, happy birthday Noldus, I think Rose is a little frightened of Sofie, rightly seems to see the beautiful and the beast
  11. It's a very nice way to say that Rose is not the favorite girl in RLC