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  1. Who is this elderly gentleman with a dick standing in this apartment?
  2. for Monica, masturbating is like for us, going to the bank to make a cash withdrawal, he understood everything from life
  3. oh my God, there is still this story, in RLC there are good actresses and bad actresses, Sofie and Naomi are part of the latter, but they are always actresses
  4. the one between Amina and Nil is definitely a great story, it seems to me that RLC in these apartments bet everything on Rose and Amina and is undoubtedly winning
  5. I have not seen and I have no replay and today is a wonderful day
  6. surely to succeed with Kristy, you have to have a wallet full
  7. even if Amina, a few nights ago has sex with others, I think Nil can be happy, with him she is very sexy
  8. how soon it is possible to pass from the stars to the stables, poor Sofie
  9. luckily I have better things to do, the apartments in Barcelona are really depressive
  10. do not waste time with these people, it is cyclical on this forum, occasionally a person appears who defends the girls regardless of appearances, everyone has read the translations that talked about the bonuses, RLC is not a charity
  11. it must be the spring air, all the girls have become lesbian
  12. I imagine that many members have great arm pain, let's say, that when RLC wants to create the best shows, we can say at this point that the girls are lesbian
  13. well, I lost even this night, for what you say wonderful, I'm sorry, I understand that this time RLC will prepare a great show, a large number of tokens, will be used
  14. there's definitely something wrong with me, I love Kaley, but when a beautiful thing becomes like a job, I'm bored, all the holy evenings, always the same thing, it's like Monica, after seeing her masturbate fifty times, I'm very bored
  15. the life of these girls is really hard, going from a temperature of -4 ° C in Moscow, to 30 ° C of some beach is really difficult