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  1. for all those who believe that Megan, speaks 10 times a day with her "boyfriend" and the monster lesbian games, I would like to give a news, which I hope will not create panic, Santa Claus does not exist, it is the reality many things you believe they do not exist
  2. a good soul sent me a small video, Megan twice turns the phone to the telacamera and you see a huge cock, with qulacuno that is masturbating, of course it is her boyfriend, if she wants to earn even with the direct Skype , do it, but it has its home, for those who have not understood, there are sites with girls available to do live shows, pay with paypal and then you connect with the girl all here
  3. then the bad I was, from what I can see, Megan since she arrived was to his phone to make direct with customers, the members of this forum have become very tolerant, you are happy, everyone happy
  4. I repeat, someone can help me to understand what work is done by Emily, she arrived with a friend at 4.20 local time with a dress, now 4.50 local time is going out with another, say, dressed, I think she has only one jacket and underwear
  5. I get home now, I'm no longer a subscriber, but I see the free camera in the living room of B4 and Megan is at work, these girls are really greedy, besides making money with RLC, doing nothing, they earn more money with direct skype
  6. from today, have lost half of the subscribers plus one, me, I wish everyone good fun
  7. I believe that the student Mary has learned the lesson well, greetings to all, I step on VHTV, this evening is much more interesting
  8. first evening without the animator of the village Adri, let's see what happens
  9. my reference was for Megan, but I see that a new girl has really arrived and I confirm everything I said, the only thing I do not understand is all the euphoria for Megan's arrival now that I see her I remember and I do not it seems that deserves all this enthusiasm
  10. I see a new girl has arrived, I wonder if she's shy or not, maybe this time RLC sent us a lesbian girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. you're right, I always believe in what I see, especially at lesbian shows
  12. once I was young too, when I returned in the morning from a great evening where we had found girls, we were very happy and cheerful and we kept talking about it for hours, the thing that has always amazed me of almost all these girls is that when they come back in the morning from a night of celebration, they are always sad and do not even talk to each other, it seems that instead of a night of party, come back from a night of work
  13. no one will ever know what the girls do outside the apartments, maybe Noldus with his translator, but I think he would not talk bad about the girls even under torture