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  1. I understand that the show must go on at any cost, but to me these girls can go to hell, if you want I can give you the money to Sofie, without requiring that at least tonight face his show
  2. Do not pretend not to know, we all know, that every night, girls go to homeless help
  3. I see that girls are destroyed by what's happened and are even more upset by the fact that perhaps, I repeat that maybe they can not go to work
  4. I hope one day you wake up from the torpor that is wrapping around you but where do you live? Anyway, I think the girls tonight will stay home
  5. I would not want to be wrong, but it seems to have already seen this scene in the B2 bathroom
  6. A reminder I have is that of Carolina licking the pussy at Lola, who knows if it will be repeated
  7. Meditation helps girls to face the night, I think it's not easy to do what they do
  8. I do not know if there is always the Barnum Circus, but B2 could enter the main numbers of this circus
  9. I've read from your comments that Queen Sofie has been dethroned by Vasilisa, it's like in fairy tales, the toad was kissed by the prince and turned into a princess, but I have not seen any prince
  10. thank you, if you were not there I would not know how to move forward in my life
  11. Poor Regina and Sher, they give me some compassion, are on vacation and they have to work day and night, I do not envy for them
  12. Certainly, Ukraine is a small town where all the girls know each other, you are truly unique