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  1. great preparations at home KKK, announces great night for girls
  2. I hope that what we see does not mean that Kaley goes away for a while
  3. this morning I saw Regina preparing a lot of clothes to take away, someone saw when he was out if he had a suitcase, I hope he is away a few months, but I hope Leona will stay for a long time
  4. VHTV inaugurated two gay apartments, I hope RLC does not follow this fashion, should create a dedicated site for those who want to follow this trend
  5. I thought, even though RLC gave Renata and Regina 200/300 euros for the show last night, in 5 seconds of replay he earned 1000 times more
  6. Look at Renata well, because who knows when we will meet again
  7. is there still someone who speaks badly of Leona?
  8. Victoria is alive and is standing, everything is resolved
  9. maybe someone should retrieve Victoria in the bathroom, I think she is not very well
  10. I think, as he removes pubic hair from pussy, Tim, there is no other person in the world
  11. Leona has put on her costume, she went to the pool
  12. Nita and Leona are beautiful girls, they are on holiday in Barcelona, they show nude, no problems, they did much more than many girls who were in B2