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  1. it's not to do, the smart one, but I predicted this two days ago that they were about to have an apartment
  2. we agree, I think the new RLC is this, I will be happy to spend my money when it changes
  3. I esteem you a lot, but you really believe that if there was not the boy something would have happened, please we are real, what you say is science fiction
  4. damn I'm really sorry not to see, surely in B4 there will be an orgy with 11 girls, I recommend you comment what happens
  5. it's normal, Kristy always talks about the size of cocks and sex
  6. Nelly & Bogdan

    I think these guys are applying for a flat
  7. even if you do not defend the girls for once, nobody blames you
  8. I am no longer a subscriber, but from what I see in the home of Mia and Lia are really trying to renew subscription
  9. I also wanted to tell you to get a life beyond RLC, these girls could be your daughters, you know that out of these apartments there is life, and then in Italy is said that if you masturbate too much, you lose the view, I would not that you remain blind
  10. I write a comment every two days unlike many who write bullshit every five minutes and I should be the one to get rid of, followed by a good psychiatrist
  11. two pages of comments for a day, maybe there's something wrong, for this RLC has sent Nora, but I think it takes 100 Nora to solve the problem