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  1. buenas:

    perdón por molestar, pero creo que la calve de la salida de leora, anoche, esta en la conversación telefónica, que mantuvo antes de irse, creo que esta la clave de su primera salida, a las escaleras, y la posterior y definitiva.

    es por ello, que le pido, por favor, y si es tan amable, me traduzca esa conversación,

    gracias por su paciencia.

    un saludo


    1. GAG-HER


      They wasnt  the same people,  she said the person was gone when went downstairs. 

      The call at 1.30am was LB , she was annoyed and told him she will go, but wanted to have shower.  then said OK. 

    2. taxio


      gracias; un saludo

  2. Hope the operation goes well aussie.
  3. Yes she speaks german better than english, but i believe the shops etc know englsh more. She also has asked on the phone if the person speaks english before as well. Now she will try to speak czech if possible. She has mentioned a few times in last few months how she has spoken czech in shops and spa etc and surprised the people working there.
  4. Her friends are mainly all from russia and ukraine , but when in shops etc she speaks czech, english and russian.
  5. Exactly, it was all rushed, even where she has been in ukraine things are moving quickly.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but its to do with her boyfriend and friends.
  7. Just to confirm , Leora was texting malia all afternoon for about 2 hours before she left late afternoon in a rush yesterday. She was helping out with a problem, this has been going on for last few 3-4 days.
  8. Just to clear something up, leora nearly always speaks to paul by skype now, video and phone calls, they cant get good connection by whatsapp, telegram , facetime etc..
  9. ✔️ she asked where he was , i think he is with his friends , said she would walk and meet him there .
  10. Long phone call was paul. I've not had a chance to listen to anything else.
  11. 1st time i heard her speak of her permit was earlier in the year , then again when she was doing online language class with paul, last time was around time malia was leaving or left when speaking to her friend back home on skype. . she mentioned ' czech statehood day' on her phone call to paul at the weekend, and talks about everything will be closed on tuesday.
  12. correct yes, she was learning about st nicholas day etc.
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