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  1. she has found out more problems with the dog shelter, from photos sent this afternoon, she is not happy and worried about the state of the dogs.
  2. some calls were to paul , she also spoke to 2 different women back home to do with dog shelter, she is trying to sort out a little problem . She is much happier now with everything.
  3. malia went with her boyfriend last night. Both girls have had part-time jobs , as for paperwork both girls fill out forms on their phones from a website that deals with this stuff, and you have all watched them fill out the forms.
  4. Everyone has been told the same story, the salon friends are also friends of one of the boyfriends.
  5. Her kidneys are fine, they found it was something else , give her some medicine and anti-inflammatory pills. Must drinks lots of water , and herbal tea, also a slight change to her diet , and when she eats it.
  6. Leora has been complaining about not feeling well for nearly 2 weeks now , even when she stayed 3 nights at her friends apartment she was telling paul on the phone of feeling unwell when she came back for the 2 pitstops to phone him. She did say she would still go to the hospital for an ultrasound on monday after speaking to her old friend in russia for advice . They believe it is kidney stones and the vast amount of alcohol caused the discomfort. Also malia was never meant to be away for 6 days , mistake by RLC or a communication error .
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