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  1. I'm expecting the dishwasher flood to beat everyone else aswell
  2. thank you... now go and get me a beer Camarero
  3. get back to your waiters job you jealous idiot..
  4. leora has an iphone and malia has a samsung, so you couldn't be more wrong .
  5. i believe she has one in her white bag.. i think i saw her put it in yesterday. But she only wears it on the metro.
  6. i see a new member of 'the micro penis club'
  7. tomorrow 'the micro penis club ' will be out in force again
  8. exactly , both girls technique was good last week. They used to keep their socks on for massages. The old massages used to be about rubbing oil and cream over the body, now they go more deeper on the muscles .
  9. 4 weeks ago they started having massages at the salon . they go about 3 times a week as both have back problems . Also leora has been having lessons on how too massage.
  10. i would put my money on you jimbo, she has a few appointments during today . Also malia went to HER hairdressers yesterday.
  11. yes i agree , and this weekend will be the same i believe
  12. i believe you will find that her problems that she is dealing with are back home..
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