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  1. I agree with you it's really terrifying the cough. She shouldn't leave the house either. I hope she knows what she's doing.
  2. I think we won't see the good old days again. It's really sad 😢
  3. Maybe but I think she has a lot of fun with the new one. why does she always dress up like this? Maybe she and Paul made a deal too.
  4. I think as long as Paul is not in Prague he won't have a chance to win Leora back. They were a couple for over 7 years and there is definitely still a little affection. Without being there herself, Leora will soon forget him as soon as she meets her new boyfriend. It's always a shame
  5. This stupid imitation is unfortunately really just embarrassing and ridiculous
  6. I think you're right, in the near future the direction will show where the journey is going. Let's wait and see and hope for a few surprises. I will no longer take part in this discussion in the future
  7. Perhaps the new friend is well off. I would allow her but she should make a decision soon otherwise the shitstorm won't end here. Whereby it is probably also a shit what is written here. Some others think differently but I don't think she's reading everything here.
  8. I agree with your assumption. I also think that it will end soon, leora is not getting any younger and after a certain time she should think about where the priorities are for her. I would like to add that I don't want to intentionally hurt anyone with my statements.
  9. I think the change is already in full swing. Unfortunately, I can't translate anything from the conversations in the apartment because my subscription has expired. When someone talks about change, he should justify it in some way. Just so much Leora’s last action was on August 7th, 2020, I think she’s going to have fun outside the apartment. I don't care about malia, she can stay away completely. I don't think leora's new friend will come into the apartment either, otherwise he would have been there for a coffee or something else. I think she will keep him away from the apartment. I hope t
  10. Hello everyone This whole back and forth in the forum is a bit annoying. Ok, that's what distinguishes a forum but then everyone should respect the statements of others. That one or the other disagrees with some statements is also in the nature of humans. For my part, I think that in some statements from other members, sometimes what it is (also in those of Domi) I am also of the opinion that something should change in Leora's apartment. Maybe Malia should go home and Leora bring her boyfriend with her? Or should Leora leave the project and leave the apartment to Malia? Both options are
  11. the phone call is one thing the conversation with malia after the phone call is quite another. As I understood it, Paul cheated on our "Queen" and that was probably already while he was visiting her again in January. I can understand that leora is pissed off. she should take her new one with her and malia should slowly see that she comes home. sorry for me she is unfortunately only a very bad copy. This is one of my last posts from a thing what happend. My sub Ends and i dont renew it
  12. Leora dont love Paul She loves her new boyfriend You must change the line
  13. I can confirm your statement about the phone call I said it some time ago that malia is a bit of a hindrance. unfortunately it is very affectionate. the two will get along again.
  14. I don't think much is happening this week. These fake lesbian numbers are unfortunately not really interesting either. Real Live looks different to me. Ok some people think differently, for me it would be more real leora would bring her new contact into the apartment like a previous speaker said.
  15. I also think leora should leave RLC and malia should take her right away. For leora it is probably the best thing that she can then leave the apartment without a guilty conscience to have fun with whoever.
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