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  1. Everyone can make their own thoughts. I find it nevertheless remarkable what a short statement of a written SMS here in the forum triggers for hustle and bustle 🙄
  2. Leora doesn't need anyone to meet her RLC obligations. Neither Malia or anyone else
  3. I think the relationship is all based on sex. I don't think there are any big feelings either
  4. But it was just a text message I just want to say that LB is still there. He was never gone
  5. I just know it You have to look closely at her phone
  6. Shortly before texting in bed with LB. That can be a sign. Paul has done his job now, LB is probably back in business ..... sad
  7. Sorry Leora just can't get any smarter from the past Then let's wait for the next dispute with LB ............ I think it won't take too long
  8. I think you are right This situation has already happened a few times, unfortunately Leora just can't figure it out
  9. Who knows .... Maybe that would actually be interesting to see
  10. I really hope for Leora that she somehow manages to get Paul to Prague. Some don't want it but I would really appreciate it. Then we will definitely see a happy woman without any restrictions. Let's see how it goes on. At the moment, however, I like it better than in the past few months Nobody wants to see a sad Leora I think
  11. Hello Yes Leora called paul and also talked on Skype but ..... LB is still there, at least via text contact, unfortunately. Unfortunately it is the way it is but I mean without malia it is a little easier for Leora to take care of everything. However, it can be that the boredom will soon back and then everything will be turned upside down again. Everyone can make their own thoughts ...
  12. And certainly not without a shower and make-up
  13. that shows a little bit the true character of a person ...
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