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  1. I'm out for today The shift is about to start, and you have to work from time to time 🏭
  2. The celphone are both a curse and a blessing. I can say that from my own experience😵
  3. Let's see what the weekend brings. Often it was a disaster when it ended
  4. I actually didn't notice that she was in contact with loverboy. I also didn't crave any signs, except of course that she seems very relaxed at the moment. But that can also be partly due to Malia because they were together the whole week. Sometimes a friend is the best friend ...
  5. You are right about loverboy. I also have the assumption that he is still present. I also hope that she is still tied to Paul. For L well-being he is definitely the better choice. Maybe we'll see Paul again in Prague after all, I think the servers will overheat then.
  6. In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether L reads the forum or not. L knows exactly what to do to get in position. At the moment everything seems to be relatively calm. I don't know exactly what to think of the language course with P together. Also, I can't quite believe that their relationship in Prague has ended or at least for the time being at a distance. I think that it will be back to the old ways with L Boyfriend very quickly, especially since the curfew will end on Monday. The next time will definitely be very interesting ...
  7. I'm afraid the apartment will be empty overnight. The way Leora prepares herself, she will be outside overnight. At least it was always like that. Pity
  8. I could imagine that L spoke to M outside the apartment. Incidentally, I also think that the corona rules should be observed a little more. They are both only tolerated in the Czech Republic. That can change very quickly if you are not careful. Ok, L goes out too, but she doesn't go during the blocking period or she is gone all day. As for the bate number "The Show must go on" I personally prefer to see L alone, it then looks more natural to me. Just my opinion
  9. I am pleased that new facts are posted. I can confirm some statements. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to look at everything in the replay, but what and especially by whom it was posted makes it seem credible. Thank you Jimbo
  10. It is up to the beholder whether to pay money for a soap opera like this. For my part, I make new decisions month after month.
  11. Well, I can't confirm the status of a queen at the moment. The times when she was the queen was, in my opinion, revoked in the spring of last year.
  12. I agree with many of your views. I mean, I've already posted it, can't it also be that leora + paul have an open relationship? It's hard not to have real sex for both of them over a long period of time. Corona made it all worse. But if both had really wanted to unite, there would have been a way even in Corana times. even if it hadn't been easy. A quick word about Paul again. many say he is a beneficiary of Leora. But these people should keep in mind that he was in front of the cam with Leora for about 8 years. In my opinion, they earned the money together, so it is understandable that Le
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