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  1. Watching this apartment right now makes me want to see James come in the door and kick this dude's ass!! He clearly does not know what the word no means, here in this country no means no and if you cross the line then it is rape. I think he would try to force that on Chloe even tho she has repeatedly said no!!
  2. I hope they go outside and the nudity becomes contagious and all couples strip down and stay that way!!
  3. Sugar just needs to put on a new pair of socks to begin with!! Strip everything else off and just wear a new pair of socks!! lol
  4. Hopefully this will help others especially those outside the US to understand why we were so offended!!
  5. Your lobbying paid off!! Kudo's!! Way to listen VH!!
  6. Great choice!! Raya would be my selections to!! She is just one lovely female!!
  7. I've had a cousin and my Grandfather buried with honors and I can still hear the sounds of the 21 gun salute and taps being played to this day. I have the flag that was on my Grandfather's coffin and I cherish it and I know that any other family that has experienced this feels the same!
  8. I concur!! I think if more Americans here spoke up about the rug and how offensive we find it to be, VH would have it removed!! I've had several family members who have fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy and seeing a flag draped coffin carrying a loved one to their final resting place is an indelible image for me.
  9. I agree Amy, here the flag is supposed to be respected and not used as a damn thrown rug!! We have laws about desecrating the American flag. You don't see the Russian flag being used here to walk all over!!
  10. People that attack innoncent civilains going about their lives are just cowards!! I do hope that they don't die in their so called mission of martydom, but caught and forced to be held accountable for these heinious acts in a court of law!!
  11. I agree we must unite and find a way to stomp out these threats, but I fear that this is just a part of our lives now. We have to remain strong and committed to living in a open society no matter what the extremist want to take away from us! In the meantime I pray that the people in London remain vigilant!! I've had the opportunity to visit these places that were attacked tonight and I know from personal experience that I never thought when I was there that these kind of cowardly attacks would occur. But times have changed and we must aways be aware of our surroundings now!
  12. True, but we cannot give in and stop living our lives. We have to continue to enjoy our freedoms no matter how much radical extremist want to take it away from us!!
  13. Here we go again with another senseless attack at at this time three seperate locations. One at London Bridge where pedistrians were run over by a van, another location, Borough Market had a a knife attack and a third location, in the Vauxhall area. The terrorist just want to stop us from living our lives, but we cannot give in. If we do they win!! My heart and prayers go out to those folks in London and the first responders!! Stay vigilant and keep living your life!!
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