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  1. Wouldn't all that drama be between her and Paul? Zou al dat dramma niet tussen haar en Paul zijn?
  2. Can anyone, who understands the language of Leora, explain what is going on in this app. . Will the Queen soon leave RLC? Does she have another boyfriend? Is it over with Paul? These may be boring questions, but Leora fans would feel a lot better with the right information. Thank you
  3. Yes indeed. Jimbo4 we would like to take a look on the spot where the camera is best.🤣
  4. On the balcony right in front of the new seats
  5. I have been following leora and Paul since 2014 and you immediately had the feeling that it is special here and it was, now in the new app it is also interesting, but if I got to know her now she would fall into the same category as all other RLC girls.
  6. Er zal toch wel eens iets moeten gebeuren, ze kunnen de rest van hun leven niet blijven telefoneren. Het worden spannende maanden. Hopelijk kunnen we nog lang genieten van leora. Hou het veilig, zonnige dag gewenst vanuit Belgie
  7. In the old app. she also often made us wait a week. After that it was all the more beautiful, be patient, or she is kicking off and she is already preparing for a return to Paul because recently they have been in contact a lot.
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