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  1. Leora, how dangerous are you doing now, with a smarthone that is connected to the electricity in the bath, it's not smart, soon we'll all be widowers
  2. People write their opinion about the app far too little, afraid that they will be attacked immediately, but I think that this should be possible only the positive is good in this forum
  3. The previous app. was much more intersant to look at despite the presence of Paul. Now only sleep and use the smartphone. They have a nice life, give a party or invite friends for a pleasant evening.😘
  4. RLC Replay, beautiful all those empty rooms.🤫
  5. Laurel and Hardy - Funniest clip.mp4
  6. Don't respond, Pepe will soon be the only one on this forum 🙈
  7. I think Iwis is right, because nobody contradicts him.
  8. As long as her dog is with Paul, she will stay within the lines. 🐕
  9. Be patient, she is teaching Malia the tricks of the trade. I expect that we will see beautiful things. We are sorry that we do not understand the language, it would be even better. 😍
  10. Come on Pepe, you have been a member of this forum for a long time, then you also know that worse things have been written about Leora here. I think a translation of a conversation should be possible.
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