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  1. Yup ..lots of sensible word play most of which has gone over my head ..lol. That’s Amy3 alright !! Whats up ? How’s life in San Diego ? Have you vaccinated yet ?
  2. Lol... Yes .RLC pages multiply rapidly with comments whenever any kind of sex happens and if we get a threesome or orgy like the epic orgies of Sasha/Masha + TK and his GF, the page count goes through the roof. Truth is sex sells and everyone is hoping for it to happen. In VH, it happens more frequently. We get orgies and lots of vanilla sex as well. CC or RLC or VH won’t survive if we take the sex out. Period.
  3. Vanessa and her boyfriend/husband did nothing extraordinary when in RLC. However, during the end of her stay, she cheated with someone. Had wild sex on cam. Her partner found out and had a violent outburst and the feed was cut off. That was the end of it, Noldus might have more info
  4. Have never seen Sergio fucking Melissa 3-4 times a day. It was mostly blowjobs. With this girl, it’s sex 3-4 times a day. May be she has a magical pussy. 😝
  5. Hello Ash ! What happened ? Glad that you are ok now.
  6. Good riddance !! She does NOTHING
  7. Not really. As I said, 90% of Archives are done by me now. Name one event that was missed.
  8. 90 percent may be 95 percent of archives is done by me and I don’t think I have missed any. I leave out Freddy and other apartments that Jabbath prefers as he loves to name his tenants. If he misses them and it’s within 48 hours, I take over. Golfer has stopped creating archives. If I do the same, you will miss 90% of the content so show some respect. If you can’t find anything of your preference may be your preferences are shit.
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