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  1. nack

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    I’m doing fine. Thanks !! Work keeps me busy most of the time and I don’t get to watch any apartments like I used to do. Doesn’t feel like posting anything here anymore. Also, VH is not what it used to be. I hope you had happy vacations..😎
  2. nack

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    Hey ooopel ! How have you been ?
  3. nack


    Time to archive this @StnCld316
  4. Excuse me Ash but i eat,sleep and drink Cricket (The sport and not the insect..lol) I know not many countries play it,Americans haven't heard about it.Hugely popular here in India infact more popular than our National Sport, Hockey.It' league IPL rivals the EPL and NBA.Star India recently bought the media rights for IPL for a whooping $2 Bn Dollars !! BTW..How are you ?
  5. Heartbreaking for this crowd !!! http://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/hrvatska/varazdinska/varazdin/trg-kralja-tomislava.html
  6. France absolutely rattled Croatia in the second half like they did to Argentina scoring 3 quick goals
  7. Looks like curtains for Croatia.The Penalty was controversial.It didn't look deliberate. Doesn't matter now as France has scored another one.Leading 3-1
  8. Unlucky Perisic and Croatia. They are playing well though.