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  1. I am not buying that previews crap.No way in hell are people watching this apt. VH’s software program needs to be coded better.
  2. Yup !! The uninhibited Juliet !!!
  3. They can free all the cams and still you won’t see anything happening here.
  4. Juliet was so better in her earlier apartments.Her parties were great.It had some great moments including the unexpected 3some. This is a lame ass version of Juliet.
  5. I like you and your crazy world. I like The crazy Heather too.Normally, I wouldn’t interact with the tenants but I I am glad to make an exception for you. Welcome !
  6. I don't even watch Grace if that's what you meant.I only watch Bonnie-Clyde,Alexandra,Ruta-Christian when they swap.
  7. What courage ? I have brains to earn good and handsome.I dont need this lifestyle to earn money.Being naked and stroking dick all day is courage ? You need to understand that your opinion is not the ONLY opinion here.
  8. Not demanding shit.Couldn't care less about what they do.They are a boring couple ..TO ME.I'll watch with glee when they swap or Dom gets banged good.May not happen in my lifetime and its ok.
  9. One more thing,Why the fuck does he keep on playing with his dick 24*7 ? I wouldn't want to shake his hand from a million miles !
  10. Not gonna happen in a million years till the time Daniel is there.Same goes for Melissa-Sergio.Sergio will do it in a heartbeat but he is on a leash.It's my wish to see Dom getting pounded senseless by a stud.
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