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  1. Can’t remember saving anything from this apartment. It is as boring as majority of other apartments. Only 2-3 are worth watching IMO.
  2. People watch these lame ass parties ..really ?? and they get paid too..unbelievable!!! Unless Val gets tag teamed by someone or gets fucked good..that apartment is worthless as is Ian and Deborah.
  3. If there are no banned substances visible on cam and the sex is consensual,I don't see any reason of VH censoring anything.
  4. So a wild party night will be censored and footage deleted. 🤬
  5. Marry - Violet Fuck - Sara and Linda Avoid - No One
  6. There is no video for 2nd Jul 2017 or 2018 as you mentioned.Are you sure ?
  7. Another good apartment with massive potential goes down the drain.
  8. Good Riddance !! Never liked this apartment and many others. Orgies, Orgies, Orgies, hookups, cheating, scandals is all that I want.
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