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  1. Violet & Jeff

    RLC has its fans, VH has theirs and there are some loyal fans for VV too. Competition is good, copying isn't.
  2. Violet & Jeff

    I am happy to be in the minority. The day they change it to RLC, I'll sign off.
  3. nack, you told juliana on 16/09 that you prefer to record tab recording. Can you please explain to me what it is. I use bandicam.com but my pc does not work very well with.

  4. Violet & Jeff

    Have to disagree here. Violet and Jeff are in a different league than Nina-Alan and I am not sugar coating anything. I may not be an expert on ratings but it is hard to believe that Tim-Zoi are doing better than them. KPLP bore me and I don't remember watching that apartment in a long time but it could be a personal thing. I agree that it is very difficult to sustain momentum without guests or something 'different' but V and J can be an exception. I can go on and on about other apartments but that would be unfair.
  5. Voyeur-House.tv

    I hope a lesbian house is in your scheme of things as well.
  6. Edda & Joe

  7. Yes..and it got me hooked.Watched VH live for an hour..that's a new record..
  8. she is getting my view for sure.
  9. Me...I cant remember when was the last time i watched anything Live...