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  1. nack


    Hey Naga..don’t follow RLC at all but came across your post. I wish Cheesy a good recovery and may God give him strength to bear the pain. Hope he find peace. Good Luck !!
  2. I had Plantar fasciitis once.Luckily,it reduced with the right exercise and eating habits.
  3. nack

    Sonya & Clint

    Hmmm..she looks like a young Nicole Richie.
  4. They are planning to reroute ALL the Russian Internet traffic through a local Russian telecom watchdog and making sure that NOTHING goes outside of Russia. All this has been supported by the Russian telcos and Kaspersky. Even Yandex and Mail.ru are in agreement. ..😯
  5. Do they swap ?
  6. Thanks. Nothing to watch then.
  7. Wish you all the best lets. Get well soon.
  8. Do they have a replay ?
  9. This is THE apartment to watch now.
  10. nack

    ip cam found

    That's a C Class Private IP not routed over Internet. Commonly used in LAN's in other words wrong IP.