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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention, we covered all angles with the time stamp too.
  2. ok ..here’s the thing. Unless someone scans the timeline for All apartments and for all rooms whether it is mentioned in the forum or not,they are invariably going to miss a lot of moments. What myself and Golfer used to do was to check the forum first for the action and update moments. Then, we used to scan the entire timeline within the time span to cover the apartments/ moments missed and not mentioned here.This way we used to cover almost everything. 170,000 moments are proof for that. I Good luck for the newbees.
  3. Well..he is bankrupt and it’s hard to reject VH’s ‘lucrative’ deal..so you never know..😆
  4. Has been saved. Bedroom 3some and the living room action.
  5. budda

    Thanks Nack

  6. Looks like it's available for some hours and then resets itself.
  7. The timeline graph is gone again.It's ridiculous !! No moments will be saved without graphs and timeline.
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