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  1. Have you ever been during your vacation in a adult only resort for young people during holidays ? That the way it is. Booze, sex and drug
  2. Relisez mon message avec les doigts ! Je n'ai jamais évoqué qu'il était un prince charmant.
  3. Tu penses sérieusement que c'est que la drogue son moyen de séduction ? Il n'est pas beau gosse ? N'a pas de charisme ? N'a pas d'aplomb pour caresser et séduire les filles ? Selon toi il n'a qu' à présenter de la drogue tel un marginal déambulant sur Las Ramblas pour séduire ces filles. C'est con que personne n 'est appliqué cette recette avant vu que c'est si facile 🤔
  4. it is a pure subjective opinion to detect if there is real pleasure or for cams performance. BTW both are not incompatible. By example i do think Masha's a perfect example But that will be an endless debate where some will worship some girls and on the other hand calling some girls cam girls performing only for bonus. Although the 2 girls are doing the same thing in RLC.
  5. I did not suggest anything .In the inital message i quoted you did label Ulyana sexuality. 100% fact. now i understand it was not your point.
  6. a lot of females and males enjoy anal stimulation. But according to your avatar i suppose you already knew the anwser
  7. that means nothing being 100% hetero. If a girl got pleasure when she has kissed a girl, or when her pussy has been licked by another girl, is it necessary to put a label on this girl ? At the final final we don't care if the girl is 110% hetero or 3.14% hetero and 96.84% lesbian. The most important is that she has had pleasure. When Piper had wild sex open with her male boyfriend 3yrs ago in RLC, who could bet that she was able to be in couple with a girl and have a very active sexual life with this girl. Much more active than some "genuine" lesbians like N&K or Carina&Sabrina or Katka/Lenka ? Are Dasha, Jane, Masha, Heidi, Eva 100% hetero ? There are no answers. These girls had strong pleasure when they have had sex with another girl
  8. no RLC never mentioned Barcelona or any city. But yes they mentionned hills
  9. or maybe partial hide of the cam with a kind of furniture or a shelf . By example there is a camera in the middle of the shelf in Kylie's living room.
  10. sorry but i don't see the correlation between the current "cleaning" and the fact that she has could kissed, be fingered or fucked by Cesar months ago before the lockdown and her new tenure in RLC. 🤔
  11. i also thing "something" already happened with Gina and this guy before.
  12. B4 is online and they are eating together as happy family as expected accoding to my previous message
  13. In my opinion RLC removed this morning content because the girls were talking about last night event in front of cams and RLC wants to keep the secret. - There are still a lot of content of the party untill 22:30 including the 3 guys (Rama, Lucian and the Weirdo ). If it was a big deal with authorities the would have removed everything at least since B5 people joined B4. - B5 might still be in B4 for a very simple reason : B5 people enjoy the big house with a nice pool and mainly because they can hang out with other people after more than 45 days of lockdown stuck in B5 - I think the local manager planned a visit in B4 to sort out things so UM again
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