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  1. he did not bring the other homeless guys wandering out and begging in the street of B1 neighbourhood . Strange !
  2. but this specific homeless person you are talking about probably have other homeless fellows in the street. why would not he share Numi ?
  3. there is a lot of homeless in Barcelona. Maybe Numi was involved in a orgy implying 3 or 4 theetless homeless
  4. tu parles de proxénétisme. RLC permet il de baiser des filles présentes sur le site ? Je veux bien casser mon livret A pour profiter de certaines opportunités
  5. they were in RLC since 2015 so that woul mean they were underage when they joined the project. 🤣
  6. in the other hand, let's be honest. If Leora was in a kind of couple in vacation flat like Ulyana/Marat that would be perhaps worse. Paul all day long with Leora in a foreign country doing nothing. He could not be focused on his electronic hobby. So Leaora had to wait he falls asleep to perform some kind of show for viewers. I agree Leora alone in an apartment in a foreign country is not perfect but with Paul i definitely don't figure out how it could be better.
  7. with some ISP your I.P. remains the same
  8. does anyone here need to prove anything You are free to believe that she in on Mars if you want !🙄
  9. il y a les fameux points clignotants sur la video donc celui qui a enregistré à la base cette vidéo sera banni
  10. Ceux qui occupaient cet appartement juste avant étaient tchèques , regardaient la TV tchèque etc ..
  11. you 're free to your opinion but i think someone promoting and catalyzing hate is more harmful than someone promoting and catalyzing positive messages. Sorry but these messages don't have the same impact surely RLC will gain many customers, doing these orgies, with girls who are small pornstars, but I think that many customers will leave, I believe that when Damira was born, if she cried, her mother instead of the pacifier, gave him a small dildo to suck and Oh Belle My baby Belle your are the all time greatest tenant. Oh Leora The Godess mother of all the godesses. You are the greatest exhibitionnist i admit worshippers are sometime upsetting but haters are definitely disgusting.
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