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  1. Effectivement il n'est pas présent sous Chrome. Mais bien visible sous Firefox. Le développeur n'a pas bien testé sur tous les navigateurs visiblement
  2. no one know about the contracts, but we do know that a lot of girls performing show opens ( bate, sex, 3 some) earned much more than girls just taking shower. That's a fact
  3. Except some electricity and probably 1 or 2 siliconne seals around some windows there was no visible change in B2. Ther was new cams but we know that RLC can add cams in 1 day.
  4. i suppose it is a little bit more work than the bathroom because the could close Olya's rooms only
  5. i agree with you. After the surgery Angie had a big visible scar under each breast.
  6. and with RLC management too 🤭. They did not give a shit to your complaints
  7. Did not you cancel your RLC membership after an allegedly rape ?
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