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  1. I need to correct myself regarding the earliest example of male-male sex play on RLC...Before Yanai had his moment with a guest, During a party some time ago, Sasha let a male guest play with his balls.
  2. It's for the very reasons you cite that I do not "enjoy" this site (as much as I did Carla's first site)... they are unremarkable. Although they "don't go lesbian shows" , they are the first on RLC that I have seen to display male-male eroticism between Yanai and a guest. They are so unremarkable that they were not even the first on RLC to display male anal penetration. (Kylie and Rus were the first when Kylie penetrated Rus' ass with a big dildo a few weeks ago. But..to each his own.
  3. In all the civilized societies that I am aware of, guests are not given the privilege to violate rules. If I loan someone my car, I am responsible. If I loan someone my computer, I am responsible, If I invite someone into my home, I am responsible (as was deemed the case with Vanessa by the old RLC).
  4. So to those who are with cameras being covered by guest, please give me your thoughts about this scenario: What if guests decide to cover the cameras and to commit a sexual assault in the apartment? (This is not hypothetical...it is the actual allegation that led to the closing of Vanessa's apartment).
  5. I can recall that Venessa lost her second apartment because of the conduct of her guests. If Carla's apartment continues to violate the camera rules without any repercussion, it will confirm my suspicion that Carla has some kind special RLC connections. She is already amongst the few who have been given two different apartments with two different partners. That is rare. I can only imagine how may couples are lined up waiting for an RLC apartment who are willing to enforce the rules with their guests.
  6. As I said, I don't know what standards the current RLC owners are operating by. My observations was about how camera covering in the past used to be a serious infraction. As has been stated, many apartments in the past were sanctioned for this violation. I disagree that guest should have a different standard. All guests used to be vetted by RLC and that included a review of the rules...especially about covering cameras. I also understand that guests used to have to sign an agreement giving consent to be on camera. (This came about as a result of a legal challenge to RLC following a three way sex romp with Nina and Kia and a girl they brought home). I thought that problem had been solved but it seems to be reoccurring under the current RLC owners. I have to say I am surprised, however, to see some who rationalize that it should be ok for guests to violate rules.
  7. I know that for some, covering the cameras may seem insignificant. From the position of corporate policy, however, breaking the rules intentionally, and doing it more than once without any consequences, is a sign of poor institutional health. It is suggestive of a decline in the standards of the organizations. If I intentionally and repeatedly violated rules in my industry, I would be in serious trouble. But then, not all organizations care much about their own rules when it comes to an infraction by a friend or relative or a star employee.
  8. I don't know if the rules current RLC owner are the same as they used to be but apartments that blocked cameras used to be in big trouble. A little after 6:00am, the female guest completely blocked both camera #11 and #12 with what looked like t shirts. That used to be a big deal. I don't think I have seen anyone do that in many years. Another reason to be disappointed.
  9. So does that mean that Nicholas was bullshitting us?
  10. Nicholas just told you that Leora went on the roof to have a private phone conversation. Don't you believe him?
  11. They line of the song that Leora and Malia always sing together on "Love is ...'But now your ass is in my hands (Your ass) Probably its a love la la'."
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