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  1. One of the things than has not changed over the years is the character of some of the people in the forums: There are those who comment on the happening in the apartments and there are those who comment on the commenters. I will leave it to you, the audience of both, to determine whose contribution has merit and whose does not.
  2. Just a word to the newbie critics: RLC would not be here today if it were not for the likes of Kristy and others. For several years, she and Kammi were to subscribers what Leora is today. Like it or not, the fact that you can enjoy your favorite apartment today is because of her contributions more than seven years ago. Peace!
  3. I love it that RLC has chosen to bring back Kristy and Amber as a tribute to some of the pioneers of RLC. Not only to I appreciate the sexuality of older women but I appreciate that the new RLC owners and paying homage the founders of the brand and institution that they now are the beneficiaries of. I don't expect that many will share my appreciation because they have not experienced this period of time, and therefore have not a clue about it's significance. Kristy existed for five of the early years of RLC without a hint of a boyfriend and without any expectation that a man was essential to the existence of a woman in a modern world. Thank you RLC! Now it is up to Kristy, and the women of her era, to show what human qualities were essential in the creation of the brand that we now experience as RLC. This opportunity is also Kristy's (et. al.) to be a big disappointment and to show the shallowness of the early days when fake sex and under the cover masturbation ruled the day. It's their chance to demonstrate (or not) what Real Life can be in service to their fans and subscribers.
  4. I've been watching interactions between Taylor and Bodgan for a while. Taylor is quite the exhibitionist for Bodgan and he is the sly voyeur. (I don't know if it started first during the strip poker game where they both got to see each others' goods, but Taylor gives him every opportunity to see her side boobs and fanny that she can manaage.) For example, when Piper was giving Taylor a Brazilian wax and Bodgan walked in, Piper tried to get Bodgan to turn his back but he soon came in to see what could be seen and Taylor seemed to love it. Now, Taylor alternates between either letting Bodgan look at her side boobs or her ass cheeks. I'm enjoying the display so far and can't wait for the drama to begin, where someone either gets pissed off or something else changes the dynamic.
  5. After a cheerful welcome home, Bogdan finally seems to confront Nelly (13:40 replay) about her visit with Masha. (I don't understand their verbal language so my assessment is based upon body language). Nelly cries and Bogdan consoles her and they seem to have some good make up sex. Several years ago, It was understood by many on the forums that Nelly, Masha, and Dasha's relationships preceded any of the men currently in their lives. Their closeness over the years has provided many examples of evidence to support that. Bodgan once confronted Nelly in a similar manner a few years ago while she was bathing and after she returned from a solo vacation. Again, they had good make-up sex and were married shortly afterwards. Nelly is a grown assed woman and Bogdan seems to have accepted that but is required by the code of machoism to make a protest whenever she asserts her sexual freedom.
  6. Nelly has been captured on camera bating to Lesbian porn for a while now. I capped a amateur session from Nelly's laptop that looked like Masha and Dasha when they were young and before Dasha had tattoos. Obviously Nelly wanted the camera to see it or she would not have turned her screen in that direction. So my comments about Nelly is that some people watch more details than others. It's not a criticism...it's just an observation.
  7. My assumption is that when a visitor goes through the RLC vetting process (that RLC old timers know about. )The vetting and the liability waivers etc, that they are subject to suggest that there are no surprised guest. ) when they do something camera is probably not the first time they have done it.
  8. (Sorry..my keyboard). If you mean she never went so far on camera? I agree.
  9. Nelly has made out on camera with two plump women while in her " on camera? I agree.
  10. Some may need to re-read the RLC tagline..."THE PRIVATE LIVES OF OTHER PEOPLE LIVE 24/7 SINCE 2011"
  11. It matters because as a subscriber I have the right to wonder why any apartment is not occupied for most of the time I have available to watch. My question does not warrant a debate...It's just a simple question.
  12. Has anyone made a guess about where Leora is spending all of her time when she is gone all day?
  13. Nora was also a DJ and mixed the sound tracks that we hear music at B1. I think Nora must also be involved with B2 because it's the same style of music and the girls visit each other.
  14. I think that Nora just got Kristy back at B1/
  15. Leora used to go out on the balcony naked in her old apartment with Paul but some guy used to argue with me that he knew there was nothing but a mountain outside of her living room window. Either he worked for RLC or he was just an asshole.
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