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  1. Thank you Adri 😍 Seeing a girl as beautiful as her going intimate ... just wow ! 😛
  2. Damn Adri, that didn't go quite as far as I wanted, but that was sexier and more sensual than many rushed bates 😍
  3. Just went back from a weekend away, to see two fantastic tenants leave : Goodbye to Nica and Monica, you both 'Nicas were excellent tenants and great fun to watch. Thank you for all what you did !
  4. Nica is really incredibly beautiful. The view on cam 3-2 is absolutely amazing, bate or not.
  5. I agree that Nica in B3 would be a good deal for everyone (tenants and viewers), they are really good friends, with good chemistry. Unless they plan to have a new couple soon, there is no point in letting a room empty, and it would give room to Belle or Blair. I don't think moving the shared room problem from B4 to B2 would be a good move, but I really liked the little glimpses we got from Tiana last night during the massage, of a playful personality, and well ... those other glimpses too She is pretty isolated in B4 ... Again, I think everyone will win if she would switch rooms with Monica, who seems to fit a lot more with Rosie and Jas than Sofie ...
  6. Yeah I was pretty surprised to see her during the massage, she went full nude and seemed very much into it. I hope she will relax a bit and continue on that path
  7. I will only do one post as I don't want to derail the thread into off topic, but I'm 99% sure it's them. Guess we will be sure once he gets naked
  8. The only guest I can think of in the Barcelona apartment who used a fake name, was the long haired hot girl that stayed for a while in Rosie's room in b2 (rosie's first tenure) and didn't want to be seen naked. The others called her Zahia, which is not her real name (that I won't disclose as per forum rules) Yes absolutely, though it depends on the tenant. For example Smith's mother call him by his real name.
  9. Of course. I was just offering an explanation why tonight's event didn't register high on replay. Like BB said, peak audience is probably around 10-12pm eu time, primetime for Europe and at least part of the U.S. population can watch.
  10. Yeah, last 2 nights (B3 and B4), all stuff happened around 4am for European people, so a large chunk of RLC customer base couldn't see it live. Many people like me who have day jobs won't have the opportunity to see it on replay until this evening.
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