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  1. I too like her a lot, she is cute and is bringing a good vibe to the place.
  2. Что ж, Полина горячая, она мне очень нравится, я очень рада, что она осталась с тобой.
  3. She certainly isn't, never keeps still 😂 Interesting how the translate has made it sound like i hope she comes to visit me, now that would be nice 😃
  4. Жаль, что Burberry - моя любимая девушка, у нее прекрасный характер. Я надеюсь, что она все еще навещает меня время от времени.
  5. I like this girl, i think she has potential and looks to be staying a while (big suitcase)
  6. I think he will be back they talked of arranging something.
  7. Its maybe a mix of things that has made this place untenable, if the covid situation is making it difficult to get girls to come to shoot then they won't come. Can see why Julmodels decided to stop renting the place if its just not needed. Wont be missed based on the last month etc but i did enjoy it at times, Lika was a joy to watch and i found Emi entertaining before her.
  8. It could be a week before we see her again, she will have to sleep it off 😴
  9. Seems a very unstable relationship with Burberry, they had a long discussion in the bathroom before she left, he wouldn't hug her when she went. Much more sleep required i think 😂
  10. Whats worrying me is when did he last sleep ???? up all day and all night for the last 2.
  11. It was actually slightly better than last time, she moves around too much to get into any rhythim 😂
  12. When Burberry comes to visit i will get interested, unless of course she only comes to sleep for 24hrs !!!!!
  13. Horny little devil she is 😈, ive lost count of how many times she has masturbated and her naked Yoga is impressive. Pity the cams are not that great in her room.
  14. New Girl is cute and goes bottomless so that's a nice improvement.
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