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  1. That guy never shows his face and he is often hanging around, the place is dead at the moment, desperately needs some more girls to come and stay
  2. I bet the girl felt really satisfied after this mornings performance 😂
  3. Lika has left the house, she was the only one i enjoyed watching from time to time. I think Tory and Sam left with suitcases too. House becoming quite empty now.
  4. So we probably know why Burberry was a bit upset then haha. i need to catch up on the action.
  5. I thought id seen another guest turn up, she is there now,
  6. Burberry left with her things and the other guest, hugs and kisses from Stifler so the departure seemed on good terms. Katrin is still there and the young couple and i thought i saw another guest arrive but lost her now. I hope we see Burberry again she is hot.
  7. They just spoke in the hallway then she went in the bedroom and started crying, consoled by the other guest. Doesn't look very good for her sticking around.
  8. I think i will give her benefit of doubt she seems maybe a bit unwell or maybe having regrets 😃. I hope he doesn't scare her away
  9. My god Burberry can sleep some hours. She was with Stifler in the living room bed all night but she rejected his advances this morning and moved to the bedroom and he tried his luck in there but it seemed a no again. Every time i look she is asleep
  10. She is certainly very easy on the eye and super cute. I would like to see her in some natural action like the girl who was in her bed before her i forget her name. I doubt it will happen though unfortunately.
  11. A little maybe, she talks to others mostly her room mate the tall Brunette with the awesome long legs. She doesn't seem to know anyone in the house very well.
  12. Spent the odd few mins here and there watching, i find it quite interesting up to a point. All the girls that come here are either established Porn models or starting out etc but a majority of the time you wouldn't know. Lika for instance seems a really sweet girl that kind of keeps herself to herself a lot when she is in the house. You wouldn't know by watching her that she is a porn model. Phones never leave these girls eyesight though.
  13. Zack totally at fault for the way he treated Ruby. But the guy cant be all bad. Jade is still with him. But his management was way off and unacceptable and also the threesome with Ruby was planned by him. But it was the Blonde and Tattoo that disrespected Ruby in a way I would never forgive. Damn right disgusting the way they made her feel. I dont watch VhTV any more but will always stick up for Ruby.
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